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  1. Merlin The Mage Blaster Fire Blast/Ice Manipulation Baron Samedi Defender Empathy/Dark Blast Doctor Who (Thirteenth Doctor) Controller Electric Control/Time Manipulation Deku Midoriya Scrapper Street Justice/Invulnerability
  2. This is the topic I will use to save and share all of my game characters, whether they are their own creations or copies of something that already exists. Enjoy 😄 Playing on Everlasting. Character Creations & Costumes Fire Fox Controller Fire/Thermal Radiation Behace Scrapper Broad Sword/Shield Defense Pingu Tanker Ice Armor/Ice Melee Stevonnie Brute Broad Sword/Shield Defense
  3. The guy stole my topic...
  4. Oh truth, Nocturne is his daughter! I had forgotten that. For us Brazilians he is known as Nocturnal. And thanks for the compliments, I tried to do my best.
  5. Post your best custome based on HQ characters, movies, series, anime, etc. Psylocke X-Force Costume Cyclope Phoenix Five Magneto Cygnus Hyoga Nocturne GoldBalls X-men Wiccano Marvel Angewoman Digimon Uraraka Boku no Hero Geo-Force - Young Justice Dimaria Yesta - Fairy Tail Nebula Songbird Chamber - Xmen Dondarrion - GOT Doctor Who Diamond Head - Ben10 Invisible Woman Lux - League of Legends Armor - Xmen Jessica Cruz - DC Ranger Slayer - Power Ranger Beyond the Grid Bakugo -
  6. Okay, I saw several people creating the Might Morph and Go-Buster saga. But, we can do the other ones? Like space, lost galaxy, ninja steel etc.
  7. I am shocked! I expected some minor changes and some bug fixes, but not those changes that improve the look, powers, even the makeup and badges. This is amazing! You guys are doing a great job, I can not wait to see what you're going to do in the future.
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