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  1. I know many trans folks in CoX, some open and some not so much. The GMs have always been supportive and said if anyone gives you crap, let them know and they'll sort it out. There really is no room for bad behavior like that on any forum/game but knowing that people with the power have your back is encouraging and why I'm so willing to be open. I haven't had any really negative interactions, only one was a friend who tried to be supportive but just couldn't handle it after we'd been hanging out for like two years. That was sad but you can't change people that don't want to be changed. Oh, and there was someone from the LGBTQ community who told me I was wrong about how I felt about the trans thing. They are blocked and why I cannot be part of at least one LGBTQ channel on Torchbearer. Never tell someone their wrong in how they feel. I think that's been the one thing that has ticked me off more than anything else in the game.
  2. I'm openly trans when I'm on the game and have had few problems. And, the ones that were problems are no longer on my friend's list or are blocked.
  3. I hope so since 95% of my toons are dressed in trans flag colors and my powersets all use trans colors! Though I don't think I have any that have 90s music vibes. I can sort that out though!
  4. My global was @Sheepswench then @Wench. Trying to remember some of my toons ... Huge Mounds was the one that always attracted attention. I ran with a few different supergroups and crowds. So many toons were plays on words--Impfomanic was another. Moundsy Cryo was another.
  5. My global was @Sheepswench then @Wench. Trying to remember some of my toons ... Crafting Wench, Nefarious Nan, Plump Enough, Red Hawt Stuff, Nurse Nan (far too many 'Hello, Nurse' comments back in the day!).
  6. I don't mind the caves other than the cake room. They need to be bigger though, some of the larger toons literally don't fit. Make them roomier and have more bad guys (going through 2/3 of the map to get to the second group of bad guys then only having like four other groups is just annoying and frustrating). The base caves are not nearly as annoying except for that giant room with all the levels where that one last group is hiding and you spend 20 minutes looking for them. I like challenges in the game and maps but when it is just a time sink or makes the game play too annoying then it needs to change. I like the change of pace of the caves but they need work. @Number.One
  7. I would love to see AE go away completely. I know, not reasonable. It just takes away from the whole idea of it being a game that you're supposed to work your way through. Having a new level 50 toon in a few hours just seems counter to the whole everything of it being a game and takes away from the whole purpose of playing a game. Yeah, the slog can be sloggy and unfun but there should be solutions for that other than to run through a farm 10 times. Neil @Number.One (Full disclosure, I have never made an AE farmer but have taken advantage of those who have to reach certain goals and to get toons I don't want to keep playing to 50 so I can reach the finish line then move them to the list of no returns. Or when I need an influx of influence.)
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