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  1. Ever since I started playing on the Homecoming servers, I've had an urge to do some RP in City of Heroes. Never really done it before on any MMO, but had started to take an interest since making my first character, which is a dual pistol/martial combat blaster. He's space-western themed, too. There is an issue in that he's just level 12 right now, but I'm working on it. Any good Roleplay Supergroups that take a character like this?
  2. Big thanks to the dev team for making this happen. Now, if you don't mind, a short story of my time with CoH. I was really little whenever I saw my dad play this game (I'm really close to graduating high school now), and I remember asking if I could sit in his lap and watch him play for a bit. He said sure, and I ran around with his characters from time to time. Even though my memory of this game is extremely hazy and clouded, it has always had a place somewhere in the back of my mind. In fact, I think it was my dad showing me this game that got me into MMOs in the first place. It feels nice to be able to jump back into this game and see just what I missed when I was a wee lad. So thank you, homecoming team. You're all awesome!
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