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  1. the unfortunate truth is there is no population, almost everyone starts in atlas park. rogue isles doesnt have enough players for teaming at your level and in going rogue, you are shocked to pass another player on the map - its that barren. now i know in ouroboros you can run any mission and you can also switch between good/evil later in the game, so i guess you are covered for accessing CoV content. But if you start in CoH, is there any way to go thru the Going Rogue content? i dont remember the loyalist/resistance arcs from way back when, but its just an empty shell of a world now. so empty, i dont find myself playing those alts at all.
  2. be careful if your hero has "corona" in its name. it must violate the code of conduct passage "Anything involving sensitive events, both current and historical" what makes this painful is it was a great cosmic name for a warshade, created before self-quarantining. but it did take on another dimension when everything changed and many, including myself, are stuck at home Dont bash gamemasters over this silliness, they have to deal with enough and we dont pay them salaries.
  3. yes it was leandro https://cohsplasher.blogspot.com/ last updated in 2015, so good luck with Homecoming compatibility. let us know how it goes!
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