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  1. You know, thats not half bad an answer lol. I guess underneath it all I'm questioning if I should invest the time it takes to farm (something that doesn't fill me with joy) to build a pvp toon that isn't cannon fodder if the scene is as weak as it appears. I'll think about it.
  2. So I'm interested in zone PvP moreso than Arena in a zoom around and fight casual/fun/non-organised kind of way. I joined the unoffical PvP server and since hitting 50 have gone to RV at various time of the day/night to see what's happening. Assuming there are a handful of people there, all I ever see are people just standing around Atlas Park statue comparing e-peens and talking smack with the odd 'duel' now and then. Am I missing something? Is that really the extent of what zone PvP is? Should I just toss in the towel and accept that PvP here isn't really much of a thing (maybe outside some dedicated small pvp community that organizes matches in arena?) Would moving to a different server be better? I know this sounds harsh and my intention isn't to insult anyone, I'm just very disappointed in what I've seen as I was looking forward to some zone PvP fun and people just standing around talking the usual 'my dad can beat up your dad' stuff is very much a big turnoff.
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