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  1. Thanks for the help. Appreciate the information! Are the Flashback missions instanced? Are you going to parts of the world to do missions that are instanced only for your group? Also, if you have the Ice and Fire portal in your base, can you do everything from there? Or do you still need to go to Ouro to start things?
  2. Hi everyone, Like most, was a launch player long ago. Had a couple of questions about doing missions and keeping track. 1. Are people doing every mission from level 1 and on? Or are they skipping past the beginner levels and only doing important arcs? 2. You out level areas and missions so fast, it seems not worth it to try and do them all. 3. Is there a master list of the major arcs you should do? Where they start, how to get them and so on? 4. For Ouroboros, can you do every single mission from the start? If so, where is the NPC that starts you off? Is there a mission completion guide in Ouroboros? At some point, I'd love to do all the missions and arcs I missed long ago. It feels a little clunky to manage and you miss so many contacts just by outlevleing them running DFB a few times at the start. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi everyone, For Bots, do the repair and upgrade powers apply to all of them now? Or do you need to do one at a time? Does the upgrade ability only need to apply once if they stay alive? Do force fields apply to all bots now when you cast it on one? Any other things where you might need binds to avoid tedious casting and buffing? Thanks for the help!
  4. Dester

    Spines Fire Advice

    Thanks, so are people doing +4 / 8 runs with bosses on in a group where the groups door sits and they are clearing it in 3 to 4 minutes? That seems really tough. Or are they doing something else when they take group members along and bring them on a farm that they do while the group sits there?
  5. Hi everyone, I have a pretty decent Spines / Fire (I know everyone does) and I had a question. I can do +4 / 8 in about 3 1/2 minutes no problem solo. When I group with people the HP on the mobs skyrockets and takes forever to kill them? Even at +0? Do you need to change a setting or something when you have other group members? I've been on group farms where they still kill pretty fast. Do I need to do something for a group to make it easier? These are mostly for door sitters who want xp. Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi everyone, Reached 45% softcap Fire, have a pretty good build with a few Superior Winter sets. For AE farming on Comicon or Big Dog, I can clear it in 8 to 9 minutes solo at +4. When in a group, It takes forever! The mobs must get way more health. How are people in full groups clearing things super fast in AE farms? Are people taking Damage inspirations during farms? How are they getting their Bonus Damage up to the hundreds? I can get 150 or so with no inspirations and no Incarnate (just starting that). Are there other things I am not doing to get damage? Nothing is hurting me in group AE farms, but my damage seems low. It takes probably 20 minutes to clear a group run. Any suggestions on what to check? What to add that I haven't yet like Alpha slot and Lore pets, other things besides Incarnate to up damage? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, Got my Pantheon pet. He died really fast at level 1 of course, level two he made it a few seconds. He tried his best! : ) 1. What tier or level does he still attack or heal, but is now invulnerable and stays alive the whole time? 2. Can you get more than one pet? 3. Can you get both trees for one pet? Would I then have two Pantheon pets?
  8. Thank you! One thing. With powers like Maneuvers, putting a Defense enhancement in it does almost nothing. You are increasing a 2% def by 20% so it becomes 2.2%. That seems totally like a waste to put slots in it. Unless I am doing it wrong.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a Scrapper / Fire build (yes I know, everyone's farmer of the month!). What are the ways I can add defense to him? 1. Leadership ---> Maneuvers Put in a few Defense enhancements?. 2. Any other powers I can get? 3. What are cheaper enhancements sets that have defense on them I can put in a few regular powers? 4. Anything on the P2W vendor? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated and thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks everyone. So those 3 (or 4) zones are on all servers already? They are already PvP flagged zones on the other servers? Meaning, there is no difference between any of the servers, except people who want to PvP will know to go into the zones with a chance to meet like minded PvP players?
  11. Hi Everyone, I made a new character on Indomitable, which is the unofficial PvP server. I am not a big PvP person and like PvE in this game. Is there any difference on this server versus the others? Are you automatically flagged or anything in any zones? What is different on a PvP server? Is it just people can PvP if they want to? I don't want to get ganked and don't plan on PvPing much. Thanks for the help.
  12. So, does everyone get a badge for a mission even if they don't have that mission in their log? Is that what the above is saying?
  13. Wow, probably the best responses to a thread in a gaming forum! Thank you for all of the great information. One more thing. Not everyone plays at the same time and some might have missions other don't. If a group of us go on a mission and only one person has it (the leader), will everyone get credit for it at the end once it is complete? Or does each person have to go to the contact, get it and make sure it is active when the mission is run? Thanks.
  14. Awesome COH is back. Been a long time! 1. For leveling, we're having fun just killing mobs and leveling up. Will we miss much in the early levels if we skip doing missions? Is there anything we can't get later? 2. Do you do every missions, how do you know who to talk to? Just speak with everyone? I know we have contacts, but there are other missions all over the place. Is there a list of all the important missions you should complete? 3. For missions, are there any that are chains for the entire game? meaning, if you don't do them low level, you won't be able to access higher level missions? 4. Can you share missions with group members? Thanks for the help.
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