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  1. I see, ok and I guess that means I won't be able to try the 64 bit beta client for a while then. Thanks very much for the quick reply guys.
  2. Hello guys, Brand new player (in every aspect.. I've never played CoH at any time so this is entirely new to me) -- I was able to create and login just fine using the first, regular 'Homecoming' client. However whenever I select the 'HC Beta 64 bit' client and try to log in, it says 'the account name or password that you have entered is incorrect'. This is after closing out, selecting the regular 'Homecoming' client and logging back in with the password just to make sure (it worked). Why is it not allowing me to log in to test out the 64 bit client? I even changed my password for good measure, logged in on the regular 'Homecoming' client with the new password, and had no problem. I could not log in using the 64 bit beta client however. Just a heads up, not sure what I am doing incorrectly if anything, but it seemingly does not work for me. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to get this going.
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