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  1. This patch includes all the changes from August 11th and August 17th. Legacy Client There is a new option in your launcher, "HC Beta (Legacy)". This will launch the old 32-bit client, adapted to load the 64-bit data files. It is a stopgap measure for players who have issues launching the new client, mainly old Mac OS versions. It does not have any of the new features introduced in the 64-Bit client; its purpose is to make sure that players can still log in if they run into crashes or incompatibilities with the main client. You should still report any crashes and incompatibilities so they can be fixed! The Legacy client is a stopgap measure that won't be around forever.
  2. It means Mac users will be able to play the game after the Catalina upgrade. The changes that are noticeable were made in order to support the 64-bit version but apply to both 32-bit and 64-bit, like controller support, new physics parameters and so on. If you want to continue running the 32-bit version due to aging hardware you should have no issues doing that, and it is staying for backwards compatilibility down to Windows XP.
  3. Cyric, the beta client binaries are inside the hc-bin32 and hc-bin64 folders. They use new DLLs so we had to get them out of the main folder to keep the original game files untouched.
  4. Mac users need to upgrade Island Rum for the 64-bit client; see this post:
  5. There is a new patch, so make sure to read the Patch Notes for August 17th, 2019.
  6. There is a new patch, so make sure to read the Patch Notes for August 17th, 2019.
  7. There is a new patch, so make sure to read the Patch Notes for August 17th, 2019.
  8. There is a new patch, so make sure to read the Patch Notes for August 17th, 2019.
  9. Reminder: if you just want to play on the regular servers, you do not need to wait for the Beta download to finish; just double click "Homecoming" in Tequila to log in. Do not try to log into the HC Beta options this way, though, or you will be missing files and probably crash a lot. Note: Antivirus software will probably freak out when the new client executable is downloaded; make sure you add it to your whitelist if you get an "access denied" or "file not found" error when trying to start the HC Beta client. Please continue to use the existing Focused Feedback threads: Focused Feedback: 64-Bit Client Focused Feedback: Snipes and Dominator changes Focused Feedback: Devices, Stealth and Misc Power changes Focused Feedback: General Changes
  10. Unless otherwise noted, this patch includes all the changes listed in the Patch Notes for August 11th, 2019. Make sure you read them first! General Added a roleplaying tag which will flag yourself as currently RPing. This will change your character name to appear in purple as well as adding a "Roleplaying" title. Use /roleplaying to toggle the flag on and off, or use the dropdown in the helper window (H by default). Increased Supergroup membership limit from 150 to 300. Bug Fixes Fix enhancement tables not properly displaying % signs (and possibly crashing) The boost and boostset commands now only allow you to get enhancements that are level 1 to 50. Fixed printscreen key not working. Fix a potential crash when displaying power info for effect groups that don't have any tags defined. Input Remove what was left of DirectInput Joystick support and replaced it with new Game Controller support. Instead of a simple "Joystick Input Enabled" toggle, you can select which device to use from the options menu. Native support for XBox controllers as well as other XInput compatible controllers. This is not available on Windows XP. Controller vibration support for XInput devices: Damage received Environmental effects Turn on vibration on the options menu, or you can choose to only enable vibration effects from one of the above sources. Raw Input handles non-XInput devices and replaces DirectInput. All DirectInput-compatible devices should be supported, including traditional joysticks. Physics PhysX simulation is no longer frame-locked to the game. It now runs asynchronously, so if PhysX is processing too slowly to keep up, it should not slow down your framerate, but instead use larger simulation steps to compensate. If it falls too far behind, the number of PhysX objects in the scene will be reduced by removing the oldest objects. Adjusted object collisions to reduce processing overhead on Medium and High physics quality settings. Some insubstantial objects like leaves and floating paper no longer collide with each other and stack up. Large objects (i.e. gravity control) now always interact with all other objects, even on the Low physics setting. Bases The red and black floor grid should now be hidden outside of the base editor. This was a popular request, so if you are against this change, please voice your concerns against it if you have any. Nature > Grass Valley has had its alignment corrected and should now be usable with other floor plate details (e.g. all the other grass). Existing bases will not be modified. Simply moving any existing Valleys will update their position. The following details have had their selection box fixed: Arcane Teleport > Carnival of Light Portal Arcane Teleport > Magic Portal Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal Arcane Teleport > Summoning Portal (Inactive) Tech Teleport > Interdimensional Shard Tech Teleport > Black Hole Tech Teleport > White Hole Tech Teleport > Small Portal Bathroom > Bathtub Water Peacebringer FX Peacebringer customizable FX have been updated in order to actually use the secondary color. The glowy eyes have been reined in: All buff powers use the same eye glow VFX, so they will no longer stack. Attacks still spawn extra glowy eyes when used. This will get fixed someday. Conserve Energy will now have glowy eyes. The humming noise has been reined in: It no longer plays when activating attacks. It no longer plays when one VFX expires and transitions to another one. Being mezzed with the toggle sheilds on will no longer blow out your speakers. Inner Light now only plays it once instead of twice. Other stuff: White Dwarf Step no longer uses Warshade graphics. Quantum Shield's "No Bubble" setting no longer has fuzzy rings. Powers Earth Assault: Mud Pots: Increased radius to 15ft. Lowered endurance cost slightly. Hurl Boulder: hit timing improved. Electricity Assault: Thunder Strike: Cast time lowered to 2.5 seconds. Now knocks enemies down. Energy Assault: Total Focus: sound has been synced to match the new faster animation. Icy Assault: Chilling Embrace: increased radius to 15ft. Added -10% damage str to affected enemies. Martial Assault: Shuriken Throw: Was doing less damage than intended. This has now been fixed. Thunder Kick: Recharge increased to 7 seconds. Damage increased to 86.4. Spinning Kick: Recharge increased to 10 seconds. Damage increased to 78.4. Envenomed Blades procs now ignores damage buffs and enhancements. Savage Assault: Savage Assault changes (except text changes and feral charge range) have all been rolled back. Pool > Concealment: Invisibility +Def component now completely suppresses while in combat. Thorny Assault: Skewer: Recharge lowered from 8 to 6 seconds. Damage lowered to 77.1 lethal damage. Impale: Recharge lowered from 12 to 10 seconds. Damage lowered to 103.5 lethal damage. Ripper: Recharge increased from 13 to 15 seconds, arc lowered to 60 degrees. Damage increased to 136.5 lethal damage. Thorn Barrage: Recharge increased from 14 to 18 seconds. Damage increased to 42.8 lethal damage per tick. Misc: Fixed some stacking and enhancement issues with multiple powers, especially Devices. Burn > All versions: should no longer spawn more than one burn patch per activation.
  11. I am not sure how much support is there for leaving the flag there vs removing it. I get the benefit of it while you have damage auras running, but I don't think that this is normal usage. We could make the Invisibility toggle show a popup tray (like Mystic Flight does for the teleportation power) with a button that puts you in OAS mode and put some defense back in there, maybe. Call it "Infiltration" mode. "You are running in super quiet mode, and your powers will not affect any foes. You are harder to detect, and as a result, harder to hit if noticed."
  12. I have added this issue to The List, however it is low priority because all the code efforts are being spent on the 64-bit upgrade (some things like physics fixing and gamepad support might feel like working on a low priority thing, but they were actually needed because the old PhysX and DirectInput libraries were not working in 64-bit). Once we're back to regular code fixes we'll go through The List and hopefully find out what's going on here.
  13. Recipe > PVP IO Set > Sniper Attacks > Experienced Marksman
  14. The dealine is whenever Apple releases Mac OS Catalina, that's when we're out of time and may have to deal with remaining glitches on the Live servers. We're trying to get as much testing as possible before then.
  15. This question pops up from time to time for various small changes and in general there is no good answer because no reason was explicitly looked for. For this particular case, the physx libraries needed to be updated in order to support the 64-bit client, and while upgrading all the library calls it was noticed that the simulation parameters were out of whack. They were corrected, Propel objects now behave a lot more solid, commit and move on. From a technical standpoint it was broken, so there was no need to have any other reason "why".
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