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  1. Indeed. It was an adventure getting to this point (as someone new to linux removing the version I had turned into a comedy of errors - much more so than it probably should have) but I am now on 5.0.2 stable (what dnf gets me when I go for the stable branch), and as an experiment I turned the graphics slider back on and turned the slider to Ultra, overriding all my changes. Atlas park loads, and no issues with exiting the dam in faultline. I do wonder how that bodes for future wine stable releases. Thank you both for your help.
  2. No worries, I agree it is interesting. I think shader units may be the connecting feature. Water effects, environmental reflections and medium or higher shadows are a problem because they force shaders to high. The occlusion being a problem needs more testing on my part...the thing that does not yet fit the pattern. I started with my settings the same as windows. Other than going to a black screen and appearing to hang on leaving certain locations (overbrook dam, hospital elevator, power upgrade screens at trainers) it was fine. (Annoying, but I was jyst dealing with it.) Atlas Park is special. I have hanging and crashing unless I use these settings. What is *really* weird is that I can get away with somewhat higher setting *if* i log a character in to another zone first. Actually, atlas isnt wholly unique. Ouroboros has crashed the game, but only sometimes. Steel, skyway, faultline, talos, indy port all good. It may be worth trying a different wine release. Or just going to forums related to wine to see if anyone can figure out the connection. I dont know how different gnome vs kde vs kde plasma are for issues, that could even be a connection.
  3. wine-5.15 staging. Hmm, it is what I got when I used dnf, I hadn't considered type, I don't know the difference between staging, stable and development so I will do a littler reading. I was following one of the install guides for city of heroes on linux when I did it. It turns out settings matter. So far the following are problematic: water effects, ambient occlusion, advanced occlusion, shader quality. I have water effects off, occlusion off and shaders are set to low with world bump map and I can log in to atlas fine now. Also, no more hang on leaving the dam. I haven't tested hospital elevators (faultline at least) and trainers (independence port at least). At this point I *think* I have all other options at fairly normal levels (as found when using set default) or higher. Curiously, I can get away with better settings even on the problematic options *IF* I log another character in first. Quick edit: some of the settings turn shaders up if you turn them up and don't inform you. I'm assuming those are all low, but I forgot to list them. Shadow Quality when higher than low, Environmental Reflections when on. Another edit: I need to read all the responses carefully first. I did check DXVK (thank you for mentioning it) and it is enabled. At this point I'm pretty satisfied with my workaround. I hope if someone else has my issues this information will help them out. I will be keeping an eye out for updates and I will be checking here, because I would like eventually to have some of these effects back (it's just losing them doesn't break the game for me).
  4. Well, I downgraded to 440.100. And it is...sort of the same issue? Crash instead of making it in to Atlas and then locking. Leaving the overbrook dam worked, but the video went choppy and then locked. So you also think video issue. And I think the behavior I saw on leaving the dam just now supports that, too. I can deal, more or less, with hanging and needed to restart the client. But not being able to enter a zone is a problem. Not that it would fix the issue but I could swap the 1050 in the linux box with a 1650 in the windows box. I might just to see what difference it makes. I'm planning to retire the windows box entirely someday soon anyhow. EDIT: I turned all the settings for graphics as low as I possibly could and made it in to atlas park. I'm out of time for tonight but now begins the slow 'turn things back on/up one at a time' process to see if I can narrow it down. I wish I'd taken a screenshot of the settings before I started this...
  5. Whenever I try to leave the dam in faultline the screen will go to black and not recover. I have experience the same thing when trying to use the elevator in the faultline hospital (mission elevators work fine) and the trainer in Independence Port. Annoying, but a quick kill/restart gets me where I need to be. Last night I found I could not log in to a character who was in Atlas park. Or rather, I could log in and the sound would play, then loop, and then the game would hang, or even crash. On the off chance it was a video setting issue I tried changing slider to minimum and entered Atlas with another character. The result is I now have two characters stuck in Atlas. I am using Linux so . . . I guess I'm looking for the handful of rare other odd ducks to tell me their thoughts and maybe an answer will present itself. I am using Fedora 32 with the KDE Plasma desktop, I use Lutris to manage starting the game in WINE. The processor is a ryzen threadripper 1950 and the video card is a nvidia 1050 Ti (that is probably an odd combination, but this computer was built for a particular purpose and a powerful video card wasn't needed for that purpose). The video driver version appears to be 450.66. I keep trying to think what do the places I am having issues have in common. I've visited other trainers but only in Independence Port can I recall having issues (I will test this with my next level up). I have only been defeated in Faultline lately, I will test in another hospital in an older zone. I know the new atlas park is a bit different than most zones (I've seen a warehouse burst in to flames then go back to normal and I think someone indicated the zone had been remade such that it could change with events), but I can't figure what could be common to all these things. . . Worst come to worse I should be able to rescue the characters with my old windows machine which I had been using up until this point.
  6. I am not a fan of the fault/tremor swap. I have been using it plus either build up or yellow inspirations as a toggle dropper when fighting circle of thorns. An earth thorn caster on their back could still have the defense buff, and the spirit leuitenants with their -acc aura are even worse. I am past the point of it mattering now at level 39, but the thought of having to go back through the low 30s without fault...ugh. Also, the tremor animation is so slow...not really useful for "oh crud" mitigation. If this has already been addressed, please forgive me. I just found the thread on the 16th and it is already some 32 pages...too much to read in a hurry.
  7. MTFB P-ko, Cailean Cala, Skuld, Little Buster, Mewtant One here. Most likely you'd know Skuld due to my obsession with destroying Rikti Dropships back in the day (I'd broadcast looking for people to try on Skuld, my Radiation defender). I even made a poster with American Valor that was put up on the forums for an event trying to get all the servers to try it. Honestly, after the first couple years I pretty much kept to my supergroup (SG Aegis). Many more of you are likely to remember Kaschmar, I-bolit, Chamberlayne, Astro Glider (AG Blaster after getting genericed due to the risque (but is it really?) name) and a few others (Babs. . . but was that the whole name?) who were in that supergroup with me. I should probably let them know this exists, even if it might not last. I've had actual dreams occasionally since the servers closed about something like this and I bet I'm not alone. Currently residing on Indomitable.
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