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  1. I could not imagine opening over 7000 packs and trying to manage all the stuff that comes with it. And what would I do with 100,000 brainstorms?
  2. During the 2019 Winter Event, I decided to try my luck at flipping Winter Packs. I bought 1900 pieces, kept 400 for myself, and planned to sell off 1500. I kept a reserve of 10 billion inf, well, because I get nervous. I was really stressing over this, thinking of all the inf I could lose if things didn’t go as planned. After the packs went back to the normal price of 25 million, I posted all 1400 packs at 24,999,999 each, and they all sold within days. I should have used all of my inf, but oh well, I now had some pocket change and a decent stash of packs. Fast forward to 2020. I wa
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