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  1. So the trick was to adjust the gamma on the primary PC each time before started the cloud computer and running CoH from there - just in case anyone else has the same issue. On Windows 10 its's called Calibrate Display Colour.
  2. Yes, just edited the post, but Cimerora is a lvl 35 restriction from what I recall
  3. I have only ever been to Cimerora for ITF and to solo my arcs. The main reason, is that teams are a mix of levels and there is always one below the required 35 (I believe) limit. From what I have seen, I really enjoy the arcs and would love to be able to team them without limitation. The same would go for Ourb arcs as well. It's hard to get everyone the same level requirement. Would like to see this change as it would make Cim and Ourb a place to carry on with an ad hoc team without planning.
  4. Hi, I currently run CoH using a cloud computer, therefore I believe it uses screen mirroring to send the image to my laptop. Because of this the gamma settings don't work at all and there's no way to increase the brightness and so dusk and night time is near impossible to see. Is there a fix for this, or do I just need to wait until day time comes around and not do any of the darker missions. It seems that there's not been a fix anywhere for dual screen monitors and most people have reverted to a single screen set up, but I don't have that option. Thanks
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