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  1. Just quit this as I'd run out of ideas of how to complete it! level 9 mission really??! I cleared all floors including the big multi level room. After nothing happening after trying to speak to Emil - then lead him to the door, nothing! How to complete? or is this a bug?
  2. theSaint


    where else then please? blueside Obviously I'm not in a great mood after doing that horrendous arc full of large CoT caves to find that I get nada at the end!
  3. theSaint


    Thanks, I was following this, according to that link then, it's inaccurate. I should probably stay clear of the wiki then as it's full of crap. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Demon_Slayer_Badge according to that link then, it's inaccurate you gave 1 blue side/1 red side, what are the others please?
  4. theSaint


    Did the whole Angus McQueen arc to find no Baphomet at the end of the arc! I'm fuming! how do you get this badge? I'm lvl50 so I can't get the contact 'live'! Waste of an hour, hate the way they've pissed about with so many badges
  5. Question, last time I changed alignment was on 18th Sept, yet in the alignment section of my personal info it states only 1 day and a few hours. Are these badges for actual time spent online for that alignment? If so, that is going to take months to get as I typically spend a couple of hours a day playing.
  6. How does one get these? I've spoken to contacts in the zones and they don't offer any missions. Perhaps someone could elaborate as there's no info other than 'complete a buff, debuff, patrol' mission on the wiki. Thanks
  7. Question. Are these only available for Rogue/Vigilante morality missions or can they be received for Hero/Villain morality missions? guessing either way and grinding tips until you're lucky enough to get the mission for them? Thanks
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