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  1. So I've tried turnning off my Anti-Virus and I still get mapserved. I managed to log on late on Friday around 3am and I didn't have an issue, but that doesn't help me. This still happens a lot, making the game unplayable for me.
  2. I do but I wouldn't think that was an issue, but I could poke at it. Nothing has changed from when I played Tuesday to Thursday but I'll look at suggesions.
  3. I don't know what has happened if it is something on my end or the game it self but my characters are suddenly getting mapserved none stop. This started to happen on Thursday the 28th. Some time it happens a few minutes into the game other times it happens almost the instant my character logs in. Everything else I do online seems to be fine. I tried verifiying files but I don't know what is causing this. has anyone else had a similar issue? Everything was fine when I was in game on Tuesday.
  4. This Sunday the Return of ICONIC with ICONIC 4 8/30 6pm EST. What is Iconic 4 you ask? Well ICONIC 4 is where DJ Arcade plays some of the most famous and infamous music in video game history and it is up to you the listeners to guess the correct answers. This year you must give the names of the Composers of these epic tunes. Rules 1. How do I listen and join in? Simple listen at www.thecaperadio.com or 2. Each track will feature the song title and the game it is from, you must give me the name of the Composer. You get 2 guesses pers song. 3. All
  5. T-minus 55 mins until the show. Bumping the post with another link to the Discord. Please follow the rules to the show and have fun tonight. I hope you see you there. https://discord.gg/rEqAZu
  6. Tune in this Sunday at the Pocket D in the Everlasting Server for ICONIC 3 at 8 pm est. For thous unfamiliar the ICONIC show is a fun event where I will play video game themes and you the listeners have to guess the answers. The stream will not reveal the game title or the theme name so it is a test of your gaming knowledge. This is my third show, the first two having been previously done in Paragon Chat. So this will be the first one done in the Everlasting Server. Also, note this show was put together by my trusty sidekick Haley Hadron who won the last two previous show. You can listen
  7. *chairshots Shecky*
  8. I use to listen to Pogoman's show rather regularly during the first few years after the Shutdown. He puts on a fun show and It is amazing to know you can now do it live from COH. Pogo do you still have Suzie the Elf with you? Has she finally gotten to see the insanity you have spoken about for the past 6 year?
  9. Good afternoon folks. I am Ascalon, but I'm also known as DJ Arcade of the CAPE Radio. Today during my show Enter Player One from 6 pm est to 9 pm est. (Or longer if needed) I will be attempting to do my first ever broadcast in-game while running content. I will be doing a Citadel Task Force to the music of Wolfenstein The New Colossus. If you would like to join please come to Talos Island. Now there will be limited slots available. As always, of course, you can listen in to the show at www.thecaperadio.com (the site is in the process of moving so it might not work) Or you can also listen
  10. I am Ascalon a member of Virtue for many years and a Member of the Cape just as long. You also might know some of my other characters. Etinarg Vorn Kiena Rosai Devilyn Side just to name a few plus many more. I know many of the Cape Radio are around as well, and thou the Cape hasn't made an official home yet, many of us are glad to be back in CoH. But will also continue to be elsewhere as well.
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