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  1. evilrat


    it was in character creator. initially in game, I got the same response. Just now, I logged in and can access all the other back options. I have the tech belt on another toon with ... I think it's the metal spine option. no issues there.
  2. evilrat


    Attempting to make a new blaster, when I attempt to go into "back detail" section the only option I get is "Crab backpack". On my existing alts, i can access the full slate of options. apologies if this is a known issue. i did a quick search/scan thru but didn't see anything.
  3. 🤦‍♂️ sorry . for some reason confused RoP & Translocation. too much studying & not enough coffee of late.
  4. RoP has a minFX option and even with that set, this happens.
  5. RUM for windows.. keeps crashing. I've managed to get to file 10/* before it dies to some error or another. (10 starts with some soundfile.pigg IIRC) Tequila .. no. just no. tried it & meh
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