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  1. The gist of this post is that Torchbearer and Excelsior and should be merged or at least thought about in the coming months. The meat is I am an old CoX gamer much like yourselves and I can tell you that Solo'ing is not for me. Waiting and broadcasting for a team is tedious and loses players, while recruitment will likely not happen unless some youtube persona takes interest, we can boost available teams using simple maths. Currently, even on the weekend, Excelsior tops out near 800 to 900 players. Some saturdays see it in the low 700s. This means basically there can only be 112, 8 man teams. or 180 effective 5 man teams. The problem is this pool is randomly split across archetypes so you could have a tanker pool under 50 players, and honestly all this low population discourages soft support characters that cant solo easily. Ive seen this game die once. Id rather not lose it a second time. Merging these servers would put the weekday pop back over 700, and the weekend pop towards 1100. This is game saving. Thats a player pool i can pick a team out of at any given time. Because I and i know most others love the social aspect of this game. It would be a shame to lose it due to a disjointed population.
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