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  1. Actually, I'd thought of all those workarounds, and I'll probably implement SHIFT+MOUSEWHEEL and CTRL+MOUSEWHEEL for next/prev, and then maybe have MIDDLECLICK be target_enemy_near. But for those times when I'm looking for the one boss in the group using TAB and I sweep past it and have to SHIFT-TAB back, it'd be nice to do be able to just scroll the mousewheel up and then back down one instead. It's way more intuitive.
  2. I don't how long it's been doing this (maybe forever?) but the moon is rising in the south and setting in the north in PI. I don't know if the map/nav bar is wrong or if there's something off with the moon itself, but it's really weird. It might just be an effect of turning day/night back on during ToT, or it might be long standing. It's really minor, but it's weird! --Roo2D2
  3. Would it be possible to improve the MOUSEWHEEL bind so that it can be MOUSEWHEELUP and MOUSEWHEELDOWN? That way I could do target selection with my mouse wheel (target_enemy_next/target_enemy_prev). That would be sweet.
  4. I use the recipe list to organize my auction house shopping (whether I'm buying recipes or the actual enhancements). I was wondering if it would be possible to add the Archetype and Winter enhancements to the recipe list in some way? I spent a little time playing around with the Database Editor, to see if this was possible. What I did was add "Reward Merit" and "Enhancement Catalyst" as Ultra Rare Salvage in the Salvage list, and made Rare Recipes for Regular enhancements (100 Reward Merits) and Ultra Rare Superior Enhancements (100 RM + 1 Enhancement Catalyst). I only
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