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  1. Hey all, Before we continue, a caveat: Some of the changes and plans mentioned below are either very early in development or still purely conceptual. Some of them will likely not make the cut and either change greatly or be scrapped entirely. Since Homecoming launched there’s been a few questions and concerns about why we’re making certain balance changes, so with Page 6 just around the corner we thought it would make sense to explain our overarching goals in this area. Expanding the end-game and creating more end-game content was an incredibly popular request in the A Question from The Homecoming Team thread, and is something that we are very interested in pursuing. However in order to be able to do that and for it actually work for everyone across the board, we need to clear up some of the existing balance issues in the game - both with specific powersets, whole ATs, and in more general areas. The best way to describe the current state of balance in the endgame is probably unfinished. The game closed down mid-way through the Incarnate system being developed, and before it had been through any significant post-release balance passes. In addition, the impact it had on the rest of the game hadn’t yet been given much consideration. Our overarching goal is to have every powerset / AT be viable and have a place in the game. Obviously, achieving this goal perfectly isn’t actually possible, so our true aim is to get as close to that bar as we are able to. In addition, we want your choices to matter. Currently there’s a large amount of homogenization at the endgame and many of the individual choices that you make for your character don’t have much of an impact, and for some decisions a few options are vastly stronger than anything else. Powersets & ATs This is where most of the balancing work has been done so far, and where a lot of work in the immediate future will also be happening. The primary goal with these changes is to ensure everything sits in a healthy medium, with every powerset being a valid pick and valuable in different circumstances. This means some sets will be buffed, and yes, some sets will be nerfed. However, we feel there are definitely more underperforming sets than there are overperforming ones - so expect to see more buffs than nerfs. There’s also a lot of sets to get through, so it may take a while for us to get to your favourite. To date, we’ve looked at Tankers, Dominators, Snipe powers and a few individual powersets. In the near future we’re going to be rolling out improvements to Energy Melee, Trick Arrow and Blaster secondary sets, whilst also reworking Titan Weapons, one of the most overperforming sets. Bringing these overperforming sets down to a healthy level is important in ensuring those key goals stated above are met. When one set is able to outdamage every other set in almost every circumstance, it causes those other sets to be less viable choices, and also makes it impractical for us to begin work on the end game - do we balance it around Titan Weapons or Trick Arrow? The answer is neither, of course. We want to balance around that healthy medium, but we’re not quite there yet. Procs & PPM Something we’ve recently started looking at is procs. We’re only scratching the surface here, but our goals are similar to that with powersets: Bringing each option towards a happy medium. One big topic that needs looking at specifically is PPM. This system was still in beta when the game shut down, so it never really graduated properly to the live servers, and never received any follow-up balance passes. There are numerous issues right now, such as the interaction it has with different types of recharge bonuses and AoEs, which causes the system to be unintuitive (slotting for recharge can make a power… less good!) in some areas and not well balanced in other areas (many procs are very strong in AoEs and very weak in single targets). Along with improving general game balance there’s a secondary benefit to cleaning up PPM and procs: it will allow us to continue building new enhancement sets with new and unique procs and set bonuses. We’ve got no firm plans to discuss just yet, but it is a key area we will be looking at in the future. Lastly... We’re also looking at other areas long-term, such as the impact that Incarnate abilities have on non-Incarnate content, Incarnate crafting, how +special buffs interact with long duration +def powers, and improving the enhancement system below level 50. You'll hear more about these as we start exploring them in the future. And that’s all for today. We hope the above has shed some light on why we’ve been making the changes that we’ve been making.
  2. Miscellaneous Several text fixes to missions, powers, and badges These fixes are being pulled from this thread, please post there if you find any text issues!
  3. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash relating to invalid entries in the salvage inventory list Fixed a crash relating to setting Supergroup colours under certain circumstances
  4. Badges Added the 16th Anniversary badge, "Resurgent". It will award automatically during the month of May. Powers Pool > Leadership > Maneuvers: fixed a bug where Melee, AoE, Lethal and Cold def were only being granted to the caster. Tanker > Spines > Spine Burst: This power erroneously had it's Radius increased to 16 instead of its Target Cap. This has been fixed. Blaster > Dual Pistols: Fixed an issue where the set was not granting blasters Defiance +Damage Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed an issue where the power DoT chance was calculated only once at the activation of the power instead of once per tick when non standard ammo was active. Set Bonus > Synapse Shock should no longer show a buff icon. Enhancements Synthetic Hamidon enhancements for Accuracy/Mez and Damage/Mez will now combine with their Titan, Hydra and Hamidon counterparts. Fixed an issue with some procs not working on Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets. Corrected "Chance for Fire Damage" text in Sentinel's Ward: Recharge/Chance for Absorb.
  5. This badge needs a name! Two weeks ago, we asked you for suggestions for the 16th Anniversary badge name. Now it's time to vote! Sweet was proposed multiple times, with "Sweet Sixteen" being a counterpart of "Lucky Seven" (Lucky being the 7th Anniversary badge name). Not a lot to say here: it's a cute punny name. There were several suggestions on the idea of a Rebirth or Resurrection. Rather than have multiple similar answers and split the vote, we picked one word to match that theme: Resurgent, which means "reviving after a period of little activity". That specific word was chosen because the final release of the game before shutdown was Issue 24: Resurgence, so this name ties the two eras of the game together in a meaningful way. If neither punny nor nostalgic names are your thing, the third choice ties a bit to the in-game lore. Greek mythology features prominently in City of Heroes, with Statesman, Imperious and Tyrant all being Incarnates of Zeus, and Prometheus himself hanging out in Ouroboros. All those stories were passed down the generations in legends, and now you can also choose to be Legendary. Those are the options! The poll will run for a week The winning badge name will be automatically awarded during the entire month of May.
  6. General Improved the loading time and stability of Architect missions with a large number of custom critters. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with missing color palettes for Spines and Thorn sets in the Power Customization screen Fixed the damage percentage display in the description of the Going Rogue pre-order enhancements (the enhancements available from the P2W vendor) Powers Electrical Affinity Players should now be able to cancel the following Electrical Affinity Buffs: Energizing Circuit Empowering Circuit Insulating Circuit Faraday Cage no longer shows a buff icon on the caster while the sphere is active. Savage Melee Savage Melee's power set description has been updated to no longer state that Shred is empowered by consuming Blood Frenzy, and instead that it builds Blood Frenzy. Set description no longer states that Blood Frenzy adds a damage buff, it now accurately states Blood Frenzy adds a recharge buff and endurance discount. Blood Thirst description updated to highlight the power increases Bleed DOT to 100% Other Fixed a bug where the highest tier Incarnate Hybrid Support was not granting Endurance Discount. Stalker > Weapon Mastery > Shuriken: This version of the power was missing the recharge change from Page 5 Radiation Melee > Fusion: This power should no longer play the Build Up sound twice. Atomic Manipulation > Ionize: This power should no longer play the Build Up sound twice.
  7. Take Your Child to Work Day You can now walk all over your child You can now send your child to its room for a short period of time Your child will now fade away when you leave, rather than falling over Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with custom critters and path auras that caused some arcs to give a "MADoorInvalid" error Fixed a display issue where costume parts from an old costume could sometimes linger for other players after switching costumes Fixed a server-side crash Fixed a client crash in the tailor screen UPDATE #1 (11:00 UTC): Some of the fixes had to be rolled back due to unforeseen issues. We'll work on getting them resolved ASAP. UPDATE #2 (21:00 UTC): We've pushed out another hotfix to resolve the remaining issues. The notes above reflect the second update.
  8. Take Your Child to Work Day To simulate a more true-to-life superhero experience, all heroes and villains must now take their children to work! Your child will follow you around and will always move slightly slower than you Be sure to take regular breaks so they can catch up Please note that, just like real children, you cannot dismiss them and they must be cared for at all times Powers Brawl This power has been significantly rebalanced to ensure all characters are on an even footing Nerf Bats All players now have the ability to nerf each other with large foam bats This change should finally ensure that the game is perfectly balanced, as all things should be Floors Floors have been removed from the game Nemesis Plots
  9. The following change was omitted from the beta patch notes due to a related exploit: Influence gain can no longer be increased by disabling XP We’ve made this change to reduce the influence income gap between players who farm and those that do not. The amount of additional influence gained by abusing level 49 missions simply wasn’t healthy for the overall economy of the game, and generally unfair towards those who play standard level 50 content instead of farming. Additionally, there were various exploits that could be abused in order to further increase influence gain through this option. Overall, we concluded it was best to remove the mechanic. Even with this change farming is still far more efficient than every other method of influence gain. Discussion of this change should take place in this dedicated thread. Thanks!
  10. Issue 26, Page 5 Safe Mode Discontinuation As we announced in January, Safe Mode is being discontinued with the release of Page 5 If you are unable to play the game on the 32-Bit or 64-Bit clients, please post in the relevant support threads (Windows support thread, Mac support thread) Costume Editor Update Auras have been separated into two slots: Auras and Path Auras Boots and gloves now have an asymmetrical toggle, which can be toggled on to allow separate left and right glove and boot selection Not every set of gloves and boots are available in asymmetrical mode, more will be added in future updates All sets of gloves and boots remain available in symmetrical mode New Support Powerset: Electrical Affinity You are able to control and manipulate electricity to aid your allies and weaken your enemies. Some Electrical Affinity powers build Static, which increases the number of targets your Circuit powers can chain to. The set has been built around chaining powers and a stacking / combo system that's similar to those found in many of the more modern melee and ranged damage sets, with a focus on wide variety of buffs for the whole team as well as damage and endurance debuffs for your enemies. Electrical Affinity also introduces and makes use of a brand new mechanic which allows powers to dynamically change the number of targets they can hit - in this case, the four Circuit powers hit more targets for every stack of Static that you currently have. Electrical Affinity is available for Defenders, Corruptors, Controllers and Masterminds. Electrical Affinity has both a Hero (blue) and Villain (red) default theme available for all ATs, along with the light and dark customisation themes. Powers T1: Shock (Ranged, Foe -DMG, -End, -Recovery, -Regen) Strike a single foe with a highly-charged electrical shock, draining some endurance and moderately reducing their recovery, regeneration and damage output. Recharge: Slow T2: Rejuvenating Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally Heal, Self +Static) Create a circuit of healing energy between several nearby allies, healing them for a small amount. Every stack of Static you have will cause this power to chain to additional allies. The first few targets in the chain receive a more potent effect. Rejuvenating Circuit grants 1 stack of Static. Recharge: Moderate T3 (Defenders, Controllers and Corruptors): Galvanic Sentinel (Summon Galvanic Sentinel: Ranged Debuff Special) Summons a Galvanic Sentinel to your aid. The Galvanic Sentinel shocks and weakens your foes, draining some endurance and reducing their regeneration, recovery, and damage output. The Galvanic Sentinel can be buffed and healed, and may be targeted with your Circuit powers. Recharge: Slow T3 (Masterminds): Discharge (Ranged (Targeted AoE), Foe -Dmg, -End, -Recovery, -Regen) Unleash a blast of electrical energy around your target, draining them and all nearby enemies of some endurance. This will also reduce their regeneration, recovery, and damage dealt for a short period of time. Recharge: Slow T4: Energizing Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally +End, +Recharge, Self +Static) Create a circuit of pure energy between several nearby allies, restoring a small amount of their endurance and significantly increasing their attack rate for a short time. Every stack of Static you have will cause this power to chain to additional allies. The first few targets in the chain receive a more potent effect. Energizing Circuit grants 1 stack of Static. Recharge: Slow T5: Faraday Cage (Location (PBAoE), Team +Res(All DMG but Toxic, Status, Knockback, -Rech, -Rec, -End)) Create a large energy barrier at your location which provides all allies within resistance to all damage except Toxic. They are also protected from status effects, knockbacks, endurance drain, recovery debuffs and recharge debuffs. Casting this power again will move the energy barrier to your location. Standing inside your own Faraday Cage will grant you a stack of Static every 5 seconds. Recharge: Moderate T6: Empowering Circuit: (Ranged (Chain), Ally +DMG, +Tohit, Self +Static) Create a circuit of empowering energy between several nearby allies, increasing their damage output and chance to hit for a short time. Every stack of Static you have will cause this power to chain to additional allies. The first few targets in the chain receive a more potent effect. Empowering Circuit grants 1 stack of Static. Recharge: Slow T7: Defibrillate (Melee (Targeted AoE), Ally Rez, Foe Sleep, -End, -Recovery) Strike a target with a highly-charged jolt of electricity, reviving all nearby allies and draining all nearby foes. Any enemies affected will be drained of some endurance, have their recovery reduced and be put to sleep for a short time. Defibrillate consumes all stacks of Static, and the strength of the offensive component of this power scales with the number of stacks consumed. Allies will always be revived with full health and endurance regardless of the number of Static stacks consumed. Recharge: Long T8: Insulating Circuit (Ranged (Chain), Ally +Absorb, Self +Static) Create a circuit of protective energy between several nearby allies, granting them a small protective shield. Every stack of Static you have will cause this power to chain to additional allies. The first few targets in the chain receive a more potent effect. Insulating Circuit grants 1 stack of Static. Recharge: Slow T9: Amp Up (Ranged, Ally +Special, +Recharge) Empower an ally with raw energy, causing all of their abilities to unleash chained bolts of electricity at nearby foes. These bolts drain a small amount of endurance and have a chance to knock up the target. Amp Up also moderately increases their attack rate and greatly boosts the secondary effects of their powers. Their power effects like heals, defense debuffs, endurance drains, disorients, holds, immobilizes and more, are all improved. Recharge: Very Long Static (Circuit Boost) Every stack of Static you have increases the number of targets your Circuit powers can chain to by 3. New Origin Power Pool: Experimentation "Experimentation gives you access to poisonous ranged attacks as well as powers that boost your attack power and the survivability of your allies. This pool's travel power is Speed of Sound. While active, this power allows you to run at incredible speeds and also gives you access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to quickly teleport long distances once every so often." As a reminder: Only one Origin Pool (Sorcery, Force of Will, Experimentation) can be active in a build at any one time. Powers T1: Experimental Injection (Melee Ranged, Ally +Regeneration, +Recovery, +Res(Status)) You inject an ally with a compound that greatly boosts their regeneration, recovery and resistance to status effects for a short time. Recharge: Long T2: Toxic Dart (Ranged, Minor DMG(Lethal), High DMG(Toxic)) You fire a toxic dart at your target causing an very minor amount of immediate lethal damage followed by a High amount of toxic damage over time. Recharge: Moderate T3: Speed of Sound (Toggle: Self +Speed, (Special)) Your experiments have yielded incredible results. By activating this power, you're able to run at incredible speeds. In fact, while this power is active, you gain access to the Jaunt power. Jaunt allows you to teleport to a distant location once every short while. Jaunt (Click, Self Teleport) Clicking on this power and then selecting a location will cause the caster to vanish and reappear at their target location. Recharge: Moderate T4: Corrosive Vial (Ranged (Targeted AoE), High DoT(Toxic), -Defense) You hurl a vial of toxic fluid that explodes upon impact leaving a corrosive puddle at your target's feet. Any foe that stands within the puddle will take toxic damage and have their defense reduced for a short while. Corrosive Vial requires you to have 2 powers from the Experimentation power pool. Damage: High (DoT), Recharge: Slow T5: Adrenal Booster (Self, +To Hit, +Recharge, +Damage, +Special) You inject yourself with a concentrated experimental serum that boosts your damage, recharge, chance to hit and secondary effects for a short time. Adrenal Booster requires you to have 2 powers from the Experimentation power pool. Recharge: Very Long New IO Sets Synapse's Shock (Endurance Modification, Rare, 21-50) The first of two new Endurance Modification sets with a damage focus, designed to be useful in endurance-draining attack powers. Enhancements: Endurance Modification Damage / Recharge Endurance Modification / Recharge Damage / Recharge / Accuracy Damage / Accuracy / Endurance Reduction UNIQUE: Endurance Modification / 15% Increased Run Speed Set Bonuses: 2: 7.5% Movement Speed 3: 10% Slow Resistance 4: 8% Regeneration 5: 6.25% Recharge 6: 4.5% Energy / Negative Resistance + 7.5% Mez Resistance Power Transfer (Endurance Modification, Rare, 21-50) The second damage-focused Endurance Modification set. Enhancements: Endurance Modification Damage / Recharge Endurance Modification / Damage Damage / Accuracy / Endurance Reduction Damage / Recharge / Accuracy / Endurance Reduction Chance to Heal Self (3 PPM) Set Bonuses: 2: 6% Regeneration 3: 1.35% Max Endurance 4: 1.875% Max Health 5: 9% Accuracy 6: 7.5% Recharge Preemptive Optimization (Endurance Modification, Uncommon, 21-50) An Endurance Modification set with a focus on ally buff abilities that don't deal damage. Enhancements: Accuracy / Recharge Endurance Modification / Endurance Reduction Endurance Modification / Recharge Endurance Modification / Accuracy / Endurance Reduction Endurance Modification / Accuracy / Recharge Endurance Modification / Endurance Reduction / Recharge Set Bonuses: 2: 1.8% Max Endurance 3: 1.5% Max Health 4: 3% Toxic / Psionic Resistance + 5% Mez Resistance 5: 3.75% Recharge 6: 3.75% Ranged Defense + 1.875 Energy / Negative Defense Bombardment (Targeted AoE, Rare, 30-50) Enhancements: Damage Accuracy / Recharge / Endurance Damage / Recharge Accuracy / Damage / Recharge Accuracy / Damage / Recharge / Endurance Reduction Chance for Fire Damage (3.5 PPM) Set Bonuses: 2: 5% Increased Range 3: 2.25% Smashing / Lethal Resistance + 3.75% Mez Resistance 4: 7% Accuracy 5: 5% Recharge 6: 4.5% Energy / Negative Resistance + 7.5% Mez Resistance Artillery (Targeted AoE, Uncommon, 30-50) Targeted AOE set with a Range component and two sources of Ranged Defense. Enhancements: Accuracy / Damage Damage / Endurance Damage / Recharge Accuracy / Damage / Recharge Accuracy / Recharge / Range Endurance / Recharge / Range Set Bonuses: 2: 8% Regeneration 3: 1.88% Energy / Negative Defence + 0.94% Ranged Defence 4: 2% Damage Buff 5: 9% Accuracy 6: 3.13% Ranged Defence + 1.565% Energy / Negative Defence Powers The following powers now ignore outside buffs (they all provide enhanceable resistance and should've always ignored buffs) Controller > Darkness Affinity > Fade Controller > Poison > Elixir of Life Defender > Poison > Elixir of Life Corruptor > Poison > Elixir of Life Mastermind > Poison > Elixir of Life Sentinel > Bio Armor > Genomic Evolution The following Scrapper and Stalker Epic Pools powers have been modified: Mace Mastery > Web Cocoon: This power now does Toxic Damage over time. Now accept damage enhancements and sets. Leviathan Mastery > Spirit Shark Jaws: This power can now land critical hits. Mu Mastery > Electric Shackles: This power can now land critical hits. Soul Mastery > Soul Storm: This power can now land critical hits. Weapon Mastery > Shuriken: This power was erroneously set at half the intended recharge for it's damage. Recharge has now been increased from 3 to 6 seconds. Weapon Mastery > Explosive Shuriken: This power was doing 85% the damage it was meant to do in PvE, damage has been increased. The following powers are now disabled whilst in Arena matches: Mystic Fortune (and buffs) Secondary Mutation (and buffs) Jump Pack Steam Jump Leadership The following Leadership powers have had their activation time reduced from 3.63 seconds to 1.5 seconds: Pools > Leadership > Maneuvers Pools > Leadership >Assault Pools > Leadership >Tactics Invention Procs Call of the Sandman: Chance for Heal No longer procs multiple times per power Heal increased from 5% to 15% This proc is now unique Gaussian's Synchronised Fire Control: Chance for Build Up Should now once again work on pets to-hit powers, but will not will not proc on the pet owner when using pet-summoning powers Edict of the Master Now shows defense under all defense types instead of under base defense Dark Miasma The following powers were using Defender modifiers, they have been fixed to use their own AT modifiers Controller > Darkness Affinity > Twilight Grasp Controller > Darkness Affinity > Tar Patch Corruptor > Dark Miasma > Twilight Grasp Corruptor > Dark Miasma > Tar Patch Mastermind > Dark Miasma > Twilight Grasp Mastermind > Dark Miasma > Tar Patch Pets > Dark Servant > Twilight Grasp Incarnate > Lore > Demons > Support > Twilight Grasp Incarnate > Lore > Vanguard > Support > Twilight Grasp Mission Maker > Dark Miasma > Twilight Grasp Signature Summons > Ghost Widow > Twilight Grasp All versions of Twilight Grasp Accuracy increased from 1.0x to 1.2x Power Customization Updated Electrical Blast for Blasters and Corruptors to be able to select from both the default Hero (blue) and Villain (red) options, along with other customisation options Fixed the default Villain (red) theme Electrical Blast having a Hero (blue) Voltaic Sentinel Update: This is actually something coming in Page 6! Katana Animations Katana powers no longer have a "No Redraw" theme. These powers now will execute an interruptible draw animation only in the following conditions: Out of combat Out of range from the target Power still has not recharged These changes impact the following sets: Blaster > Ninja Training Brute > Katana Mastermind > Ninjas > Jounin Tanker > Katana Scrapper > Katana Sentinel > Epic > Ninja Tools Stalker > Ninja Blade Should these changes work as intended, other weapon sets will get similar treatment as time permits Dark Melee Shadow Maul (Tanker, Scrapper, Brute, Stalker) is now a much larger, faster cone that's actually capable of easily hitting multiple targets - especially on tanks! Arc increased from 45 to 120 degrees Recharge increased from 8 to 11 seconds Cast Time reduced from 3.07 to 2.35 seconds Damage lowered from scale 2.156 to 1.6184 DPS reduction is minor, it has only been lowered from scale 0.653 to scale 0.645 Target Cap increased from 10 to 16 for Tankers Target Cap increased from 5 to 10 for Scrappers, Brutes and Stalkers Dark Melee was under-performing in the AoE department. The aim of this change is to increase the AoE potential of the set whilst having minimal impact on the single target potential. Powers Bug Fixes Tanker > Super Reflexes > Evasion: Fixed a bug where this power would not maintain its Defense Resistance 100% of the time. Fixed several villain powers being tagged as both Ranged and AoE: 5th Column > Missile Launcher Banished Pantheon > Musket Event Zombies > Musket Generic Guns > Missile Launcher Temporary Powers > Particle Cannon Crey > Sleep Gas Axis America > Missile Launcher Vahzilok > Venomous Spray Paragon Police > Smoke Grenade Snakes > Venomous Spray Secondary Mutation > Devolution: Fixed an issue that caused you to not change your shape and prevent all powers from being usable until zoning Pool > Invisibility > Phase Shift: This power's effect should no longer cancel if stunned, held or slept by a delayed mez effect. Incarnate > Hybrid > Melee: This tree no longer grants mez protection in PvP zones, instead, it grants mez resistance. The following powers Soul Noir theme of this power was executing the wrong animation and missing FX. This has been fixed: Sentinel > Dark Blast > Abyssal Gaze Defender >Dark Blast > Petrifying Gaze Scrapper > Epic > Darkness Mastery > Petrifying Gaze Stalker > Epic > Darkness Mastery > Petrifying Gaze Incarnate > Interface > Degenerativ: Should once again work on raid targets Invulnerability > Unstoppable: This power no longer accepts Endurance Mod enhancements or sets. The Recovery buff in this power has never been enhanceable Stalker > Ice Melee > Ice Patch: This power no longer states that it accepts Universal Damage or Stalker Archetype Origin sets, it has never accepted these enhancements Savage Melee > Savage Leap: Should inflict damage much more reliably when used from maximum range on moving targets or while jousting Blaster > Support > Devices > Targeting Drone: This power's text should no longer state it grants a recharge buff General Powers with redirects will now display numbers properly in the detailed information window Standardized combat spam for heal and endurance modification attributes Standardized the text description denoting the recharge time of player powers: Less or equal to 3s: Very Fast More than 3s, less or equal to 6s: Fast More than 6s less or equal to 10s: Moderate More than 10s, less or equal to 60s: Slow More than 60s, less or equal to 240s: Long More than 240s, less or equal to 600s: Very Long More than 600s: Extremely Long All players can now move through Mastermind henchmen and push them out of the way, not just their owners Null the Gull now has options to disable the additional power tray popup for all Origin Pool travel powers Updated the "incorrect password" login error message to prompt the player to check they aren't using their forum account info Influence gain can no longer be increased by disabling XP General Chat Channel A new 'General' channel has been added to the game This is a new shard-wide channel like LFG and Help. The goal with adding this is to ensure that LFG and Help remain focused on their specific topics, with everything else being discussed in General /general, /gen and /z can be used to send messages to General The new channel will automatically be added to the appropriate chat tabs after a character has re-logged twice. Mastermind Henchmen AI Updates Melee Mastermind Henchmen set to Go To are now free to move within a 30' radius of the selected position in order to attack foes Ranged Mastermind Henchmen set to Go To are now free to move within a 5' radius of the selected position in order to attack foes Mastermind Henchmen set to Go To strongly prefer targets closer to the location they are supposed to be guarding When Mastermind pets are teleported to their owner due to being out of range, they now now reset their orders to Follow to avoid odd Stay/Goto behavior Login Screen Update The login screen has been updated to feature the new Homecoming logo Goldie's red sleeve has finally been fixed and is now actually gold Bug Fixes Alpha > Vigor Boost: Icon replaced with a colour corrected version that matches the rest of the Vigor powers Sorcery > Rune of Protection: VFX no longer persists after the power expires Fixed an issue preventing some power customisation files from loading properly Fixed Medium Dual Team inspirations being tagged as Small inspirations in AE Positron should no longer teleport all over the place in the Mortimer Kal Strike Force Fixed a crash relating to combining enhancements Fixed an issue that could cause boosters and catalysts to not show up in the combination screen Fixed clipping issue for Huge > Pants > Gunslinger Boots
  11. Bug Fixes Fixed a client crash that could occur when combining enhancements Fixed the enhancement screen to correctly show salvage (boosters & catalysts) in the second slot when combining
  12. The target meaning the critter you hit with the power, which is not necessarily yourself. In the previous patch it was healing you more if you used it against lower level critters, and less if used against higher level critters. The change does not mean that it will only attempt to hit a single targer in the AOE; it still tries to hit all targets, but it will no longer stack heals if it hits more than one. This means that in an AOE, it's likely to go off 100% of the time for 5% health. This is not likely to change; it is a single IO, letting it heal the player for 50% health in one hit is way out of line. This is not okay. Both Call of the Sandman and Power Transfer will be made non-unique in the next build; Entropic Chaos is already not unique.
  13. It makes sense from an internal development point of view: this is part of a general pass to get rid of all pseudopet powers and replace them with native mechanics. Pseudopets are spread all over the game, so there will no clear pattern to the powers unless you connect the dots to a pseudopet cleanup. And the change will be invisible for most powers, increasing the confusion on why so many powers were "untouched": they were, but it resulted in no change from the player's perspective.
  14. This is incorrect. There are no new pseudopets, and the existing pseudopets for these powers is not being used anymore; that is, Pets_Twilight and Pets_TarPatch are no longer used; and if you look at the bin files, you will not find new versions of those pets for the various Archetypes. The powers engine in i26 allows the target of powers to execute other powers, as well as produce the same effect as pseudopets without actually summoning a hardcoded pet; all of this originates from the player, and therefore uses the player's AT tables. Twilight is no longer a pseudopet at all, instead it executes a new power, Redirects.Dark_Miasma.Twilight, which inherits AT tables. Tar Patch uses the new effect that mimics pseudopets while using the power Redirects.Dark_Miasma.Tar. No new powers will use pseudopets that require a different version for each AT; many powers have already been modified to use the new power attributes, but the change is invisible unless the pseudopet is using the wrong AT modifiers, as seen here. Pseudopets are considered a hack to work around the limitations of the i24 engine; one good example is chain powers, which were implemented as a succession of pseudopet summons in i24, but are a native engine feature in i26.
  15. Can you post the actual costume file so we can take a look, @Ariamaki?
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