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  1. Powers Fixed a big bug with Banished Pantheon Lore pets ignoring combat modifiers. Fixed target caps on Banished Pantheon Lore pets.
  2. General Winter is over in Atlas Park. Fixed some issues with Tommy One-Eye's new costume and villain def. Fixed a missing texture trick on the Kitchen base items. Weapon Redraw should no longer cancel attack animations. Fixed bugs with the following emotes that would allow them to interrupt attack animations: LookUp Shocked Despair LieDown Fireworkrocket Fireworksparkle
  3. Version 27.1.3537 Bug Fixes Fixed a client crash that could happen when network conditions caused certain packets to arrive out of order during zone transitions
  4. Version 26.5.3018 Bug Fixes Minor client stability fixes
  5. Version 26.5.2778 Bug Fixes Minor client stability fixes
  6. @Number Six The above error is caused by the é symbol in the game's path. I could easily reproduce it by trying to launch the game from a folder called Cíty óf Héroes. It instead tried to create a folder called Cíty óf Héroes.
  7. Click Settings in Tequila and make sure that the "Launch Parameters" box at the top is empty.
  8. Bug Fixes "Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements" No, really! This patch contains mitigations for crashes inside the third-party PhysX library. We have been receiving a number of crash reports that point to a bug related to physics simulation, but it's deep in the guts of the library and not something that can be simply fixed or directly observed. It's been a persistent problem for some people, and for whatever reason trick or treating seems to be a catalyst that makes this occur more often. If a situation occurs where PhysX would cause a client crash, the game is n
  9. Halloween Event The Halloween event is here! Trick or Treating has been enabled in all city zones (note: you need to be in a zone that matches your level in order to trick-or-treat), along with the Whispered Rumor tip mission Dr. Kane’s House of Horror is available in the Holiday tab of the LFG window Both the Zombie Apocalypse and the Deadly Apocalypse are upon us! The Halloween vendors (Malkiel Ivesse in Atlas Park, Annah in Croatoa, Granny Beldam in Nerva Archipelago, Acantha in Imperial City) have stocked up with goodies to trade for your s
  10. Look at the manifest file and copy the command line parameters from there. You no longer need to manually specify the patch version. wine path\cityofheroes.exe -auth <ip> -legacylayout -assetpath piggs -assetpath <dir> Where path\cityofheroes.exe is the relevant binary for the server you are trying to launch, <ip> is the IP (and port) of the relevant auth server, and <dir> is the relevant directory with patch files for that server.
  11. General The character list should no longer take a very long time to load for some Windows 7 users. The list of monitors are now enumerated in a better way, and should always list the primary display as Monitor 1.
  12. Hey all, Before we continue, a caveat: Some of the changes and plans mentioned below are either very early in development or still purely conceptual. Some of them will likely not make the cut and either change greatly or be scrapped entirely. Since Homecoming launched there’s been a few questions and concerns about why we’re making certain balance changes, so with Page 6 just around the corner we thought it would make sense to explain our overarching goals in this area. Expanding the end-game and creating more end-game content was an incredibly popular reque
  13. Miscellaneous Several text fixes to missions, powers, and badges These fixes are being pulled from this thread, please post there if you find any text issues!
  14. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash relating to invalid entries in the salvage inventory list Fixed a crash relating to setting Supergroup colours under certain circumstances
  15. Badges Added the 16th Anniversary badge, "Resurgent". It will award automatically during the month of May. Powers Pool > Leadership > Maneuvers: fixed a bug where Melee, AoE, Lethal and Cold def were only being granted to the caster. Tanker > Spines > Spine Burst: This power erroneously had it's Radius increased to 16 instead of its Target Cap. This has been fixed. Blaster > Dual Pistols: Fixed an issue where the set was not granting blasters Defiance +Damage Dual Pistols > Hail of Bullets: Fixed an issue where the power DoT chance was calcul
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