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  1. Returning player and so glad to be back playing my favorite MMO again! Anyway, I've seen bases with words attached to the walls. I'd Like to do that to. (It would be really cool to have my supergroup name in big letters on the wall of my starter base). Anyone know how to do that? I can't find anything on the subject. Thanks. See you all in-game.
  2. Thanks RikOZ. Your instructions were perfect! I wasted a lot of time trying to find that entrance.
  3. I had to finally give up on this. spent hours of wasted time trying to find a way in. I did find one cave entrance near there but couldn't enter. And I really, really hate unfinished missions (ocd thing i guess).
  4. Wow. I remember how awesome all you guys were and are. Thanks for all the tips and advice! CoH is my mmo home. Time to log on and deal with the threats in Faultline. :)
  5. I just want to give a huge thank you to all those involved in making City of Heroes a reality once again. I was playing CoH the day the sad news came in and the servers shut down. I've thought about how I missed this game, the players I met, and the friends I made here more than I wanna admit. Look for me and say hi if you want. After some trial and error (like deleting my first build, AND the 500,000 influence, some nice player gave me. >_<) I was able to recreate 'Space Spartan' my absolute favorite character from the old game. Having so much fun running the story archs and leveling without the bonus xp cause earning influ for those good enhancements takes time. Hope to see you all in-game Space Spartan SS/Regen Brute, Torchbearer Server
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