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  1. This is the first character I like the look of enough to post here in a long time. So introducing my DB/WP Scrapper, Combat Clown.
  2. Damn how did you make that head of that 70s golden age era look?
  3. After being away for a year, I've come back no longer burnt out and had a look at the costume designs I've missed, upon seeing two Thundersons, I knew I had to make a third. So here he is, definitely not a rip-off of Ragnarok and pre-Ragnarok Thor. My WM/EA Brute, Thunderson.
  4. Here;s my Red-side EB/RE Corrupter Power-Armored Scientist, Dr. Zombrain
  5. Made some Grim Reaper inspired hero. Surprised I got the name.
  6. Because Asymmetry options are now here, I have created Captain Limbless, a pirate with no limbs.
  7. Another character I actually like looking at. SD/SS Tanker.
  8. Made a character off the shitty ps3 game Haze. Also for me, it looks like he's tiny, but he's the normal height given to you.
  9. If only there was a guitar prop you can put on your back.
  10. Decided to make a Vigilante type of character, like Robin. So here's Green Vanguard, I was struggling on a name for this one.
  11. A few characters i'm proud of, since they got people to talk in the CoH discord. Left to Right: My Katana/DA Scrapper Rip-off Count Dooku, before and after his fight with Anakin, My Dual-Blades/Ninja Scrapper General Grevious Rip-off. And finally, my SJ/Inv Brute and his battle cry.
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