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  1. After being away for a year, I've come back no longer burnt out and had a look at the costume designs I've missed, upon seeing two Thundersons, I knew I had to make a third. So here he is, definitely not a rip-off of Ragnarok and pre-Ragnarok Thor. My WM/EA Brute, Thunderson.
  2. Here;s my Red-side EB/RE Corrupter Power-Armored Scientist, Dr. Zombrain
  3. Made some Grim Reaper inspired hero. Surprised I got the name.
  4. Because Asymmetry options are now here, I have created Captain Limbless, a pirate with no limbs.
  5. Another character I actually like looking at. SD/SS Tanker.
  6. Made a character off the shitty ps3 game Haze. Also for me, it looks like he's tiny, but he's the normal height given to you.
  7. If only there was a guitar prop you can put on your back.
  8. Decided to make a Vigilante type of character, like Robin. So here's Green Vanguard, I was struggling on a name for this one.
  9. A few characters i'm proud of, since they got people to talk in the CoH discord. Left to Right: My Katana/DA Scrapper Rip-off Count Dooku, before and after his fight with Anakin, My Dual-Blades/Ninja Scrapper General Grevious Rip-off. And finally, my SJ/Inv Brute and his battle cry.
  10. Using Dreadbolt's colour scheme. I've made Zerstauber (Atomizer in German according to Google Translate, since Atomizer was taken), a 5th Column Radiation User, RB/RA Sentinel
  11. Cool, I've wanted to make a 5th Column villain but didn't know how he should look like.
  12. A Jenssen, who is augmented. Next thing we know Blue Medusa will keep saying 'I didn't ask for this'
  13. It's one of the cape details, It's occult. The quilted effect is only on the inside of the cape.
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