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  1. Sorry to bump this thread again, but I figured out what the problem with the flashback badges is. So several of the arcs listed in the Flashback menu have actually been shuffled around from their original positions in the list, moved around to different level ranges. Apparently those relocated arcs are still counted as being in their original level ranges. The reason neither the Bonefire nor the Clockwork Captive arc awarded badges is because both of those arcs were originally in the 10-14 level range, which has no associated Orobouros badges. However Mind of a King and the Lars Hansen arc both awarded badges like normal, because neither of those arcs was relocated. I tested this theory out by running the Penelope Yin arc, which was originally listed as 15-19 but has since been moved to 20-24, with one of the challenges active that I hadn't gotten for 15-19. Sure enough, on completion I got the appropriate badge for the arc's original level range, and not the one it's currently listed as being part of.
  2. I just did both the Clockwork Captive and Bonefire arcs, neither of which has an associated badge, and neither of those awarded me any flashback badges either. Did no temp powers and no enhancements on the first, AT powers only and no insps on the second, was awarded none of them. For whatever reason the game just up and refuses to give me any flashback badges past the lv 1-15 range.
  3. You can't find the building with the radio tower on that map because that's the location for the badge on the Peregrine Island safeguard map- for some reason the Paragonwiki page for the FF mission lists the PI safeguard badge. Just look up the "Founders' Protector" badge for the correct location.
  4. So I just did two Flashback arcs, the final Shining Stars arc and the Shauna Stockwell (or whatever her name was) arc, both with no inspirations and with primary/secondary powersets only, and neither one awarded the badges for doing so.
  5. I'm not sure that's it. When I said that the person who I was playing with was "killed by mobs", I meant normal mobs. Luddites, specifically. We didn't even see any Rikti mobs other than bombs until that one dropship got me.
  6. So unless I'm not understanding it correctly, and/or unless the information from that Debt Protection power you get when an Invasion starts is incorrect, you're supposed to not gain XP debt when killed outdoors during a Rikti invasion, correct? Because I somehow gained normal XP debt after being gunned down by a stray Rikti Ship, while the person I was teamed with was killed by mobs twice and gained none. (and no, he didn't have any Patrol XP). I was exemplared down by about 2-3 levels if it matters.
  7. Been noticing an issue in various Mayhem missions as of late. When I enter a Mayhem map for the first time, if that particular Mayhem has a Jailbreak side-mission, the PPD guarding the cell will immediately aggro on the villain imprisoned inside. While normally this isn't too much of an issue, if one of the mobs guarding the door is of the pet-summoning variety, that mob will continuously summon more and more pets as time goes on. The first time I experienced this, when I reached the jail there were around 10-15 PPD pets waiting for me. I believe the issue is that the reinforced doors no longer block NPC line-of-sight like they used to. I've noticed that I can now get credit for the jailbreak side-mission before actually breaking out the villain, likely because they can see me through the door and thus count as "rescued".
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