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  1. I'm fond of the classic MA/SR pairing. I add (and slot up) Cross Punch from the Fighting Pool for more AOe. It's not bad slotted up and you're already taking the pool on most SR builds (to get Tough for slotting the two +3% global Defense IOs, which can only go into a Resistance power, which SR otherwise lacks). Lack of AoE options is an issue with Martial Arts.
  2. I'm not against all change -- I like the Tanker changes, for example -- but meh. You can also host your own server and change stuff. Arguing that the Homecoming team resurrected the City we all missed from back in 2012 but not for nostalgia is a weird argument.
  3. Just posting to add I don't want very much change and I don't want it fast. Why should I have to remember ever-shifting values for powers in a 17-year-old game? Why should the absolute worst feature of half-finished, prematurely-released games -- constant fiddling with how things work -- be replicated here, of all places? New story content is fine, new costume parts are great, updates to very weak powers are okay if thoroughly analyzed and playtested. Lots of big new shiny, however, is not why I'm here. I know my dissent puts me in the minority, and I don't want to
  4. Also, if absolutely everyone was immune to mezz effects, they might as well be removed from the game entirely. If, on the other hand, at least some ATs should be vulnerable to mezz, certainly the highest-damage, mass-killing, long-ranged AT should be. The ATs who do less damage or less AoE and have to get into melee to fight at all do get some mezz protection -- at the cost of not being the big hitters or having all the powerful controls, buffs and debuffs.
  5. Further confusing this issue is that sets that enhance defense often provide resistance bonuses, and sets that enhance resistance provide defense bonuses. This becomes dramatically apparent if one is trying to slow the two unique IOs that provide defense (Steadfast Protection and Gladiator's Armor) into a Sup[er Reflexes powerset -- both those IOs go into resistance powers, but the SR powerset lacks any resistance powers to slot them into (you have to go outside the set, usually to Tough in the Fighting pool.). Hitting the Wiki, there's particular language you can use to search:
  6. Generally I find it's easy to take all your primary powers, slot them, and still have room for attacks and secondaries. In fact, often, avoiding secondary powers would mean taking even weaker pool powers you wouldn't normally need -- it would be some kind of stunt, not smart building. As far as playing goes, back in the day I often observed "dedicated" players who refused to add any value outside of what they perceived to be their role. "Healers" who wouldn't contribute to damage, they'd just wait for their heal to recharge...and so on. That made them less effective on a team th
  7. I haven't noticed any difference on the Cimeroran Wall, but that's the only interaction with Romans I've had recently.
  8. Big fan of Baron's Badger back in the day. Besides being crazy, Badger addressed some concerns every movie fan has had while watching Hollywood movies: Badger (while going around breaking arms and legs of unconscious thugs): "I like to bust a wing or a leg on these gus so they don't get back up and put the hurt on someone." Badger (in a crossover with Jon Sable, who has just arrived in a rental car to plead for Badger's assistance): "Your name is Sable and you drive a Sable? I don't like it."
  9. Late? Defenders get Hurricane at 12. You can immediately go hunting red bosses in Steel Canyon; Hurricane renders them comically helpless.
  10. Good thing you can't add DDR to every character. The defense-based powersets need something to cling to, poor things.
  11. Question about buffs to Trip Mines: if I plant a mine while the Aim buff is up, does that mine have buffed damage when it explodes later, if the Aim buff has expired? Or does it only get the buff if Aim is active when it explodes? If I place several mines, then activate Aim just before they are triggered, do they all get the buff? Do Inspirations work the same way?
  12. The first few weeks I was playing, deliriously happy, I was unwilling to turn down the game sounds. I kept repeating something I had told friends over voice chat, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of my punching!" I loved it. But it didn't catch on.
  13. Meanwhile, you can make a contribution to the community just by participating. Come play with us!
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