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  1. As a player of Tankers and a few Sentinels, I'd like to point out Sents have neither the damage of Blasters nor the durability of Tankers -- not by a long shot. They are slightly less durable than Scrappers (which IMHO is appropriate) and have significantly lower damage, range and AoE caps than Blasters.
  2. Forgive me for pointing this out, but this typo was hilarious. 🙂
  3. I posted on this topic a while back (and I'm sure I'm not the only one to do so). Some replies here might shed light:
  4. Back on live, my group of friends did a Diablo2-themed superteam. I was the Druid (Beast/Storm Mastermind). We had others, I forget exactly -- something like a Fire/Lightning Blaster Sorceress, an Axe/Shield Brute Barbarian, Undead/Dark Mastermind Necromancer, and so on. It was amusing.
  5. The very newest Homecoming-created sets won't be on these lists, but here's a resource i always fall back on: Paragonwiki: Category: Sets that Imrpove... Quirk of Paragonwiki: if you use "Category:Sets for improving" instead of "...that improve" you do not get the handy sortable table format (example: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Category:Sets_that_improve_Smashing_Defense) You want the table, because it's sortable by clicking the tops of the columns -- you can sort by "number of slots required" or value of the bonus you are looking for, so you could see all the sets that improve melee defense in order of best to worst bonus, or by type of power they go into, so you could group all the options that go into, say, your melee powers. I find those tables super handy when trying to make a build.
  6. The elevator I take every day at work has a button that says "mezz."
  7. The game was basically a dumpster fire back then.
  8. Whom Peter Parker will immediately dub "Doc Op."
  9. Nitpick: Ice doesn't, to my knowledge, add any stuns, but if you do have other stuns they will stack with Thunderclap...it is slow-animating, however. The more stuns you have access to, the more useful they each become. I run a Storm/Dark Defender with: Dark Pit: Ranged AoE stun Thunder Clap: PBAoE stun Oppressive Gloom: PBAoE toggle stun (from ancillary pool) Tornado: small AoE intermittent stun Tornado has a stun component, and it's a small AoE, although it's not reliable. Not sure of the mag, but I do frequently see minions staggering around stunned when the Tornado leaves them for some new distraction. The results of having as many as four AoE stuns are quite nice for keeping things helpless (especially if someone or something else can break up the alpha long enough to get in close and T-Clap).
  10. Street hunt. If I have a lot of time I will solo or craft/market/run through an accolade...but if it's a break between teams or something relatively brief, I like to run around the streets in level-appropriate areas and punch randos.
  11. Eh. I keep seeing this claim. Yet, if I understand it, Homecoming asserts that they were preparing to roll out the code at around the time the news broke. Which to believe? Well, after the news broke/was leaked, Homecoming almost immediately rolled out public servers and a vast volunteer effort with a server (almost immediately becoming multiple servers), forums, discord, in-game GMs, and (let's not forget) cold hard cash that would only later be replaced by donations (always a risky expenditure). Having worked on volunteer internet efforts before, I have to say that the speed, size, and well-thought-out comprehensive deployment of the (all-volunteer!) Homecoming effort would be completely implausible as a panicked response to the leak. It's patently obvious to anyone who's ever done any serious volunteer effort that this MUST have been in the works before the leak. That said -- that's a moment's examination would lead any thoughtful person to reject the claim that HC never intended to release -- we are left to wonder why this narrative is constantly being pushed, and by whom. Do the the people asserting this claim think we are easily fooled?
  12. Pedantic nitpick: you can't softcap Resistance. Resistance has a hard cap. Defense does too, actually, but it's so high it literally doesn't affect combat and it would be prohibitively difficult to approach it (with, of course, no corresponding advantage to doing so). So people use the term "soft cap" for Defense, but it's not really applicable to discussions of other types of defensive powers.
  13. And, as is the case in all conversations about difficulty/steamrolling/AT balance/relevance of anything other than spike damage, accompanying reduction of gigantic Incarnate AoEs would help.
  14. Glad you found them. That said, 18 purples? Yow.
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