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  1. There is a great deal of venting in my post. I do make few suggestions for changes that I wouldn't mind being discussed, such as dropping the minimum level on 45+ TFs to 40, but I'd also like to see if other people have issues apart from the ones I listed or if they have differing feelings about the problems I see. I'd also love to hear about suggestions for dealing with the problems I mentioned in the OP.
  2. - Everything being run at level 50+4. I got bored of Incarnate content a long time ago. I really like the Dark Astoria arcs, but I could comfortably go the rest of my life without ever doing another Lamba, BAF, Keyes, or TPN trial. The level 45+ Taskforces are better, but they get really dull really quickly when no one specializes, everyone blasts through the content as rapidly as possible and no one plays as if they're part of a team. My attempts at running 'non-incarnate' TFs at 45 have been met with very little success. Saying you're planning a 'no incarnates run' is met quite a bit of di
  3. Sadly, this only works for global chat channels and none of the 'default' channels, like team or broadcast. I should have been more specific in my post.
  4. Echo Plaza was the one I was thinking about, but there are also new mission maps and some alterations to KR and Abandoned Sewers
  5. As a techie, I'd be interested in hearing a 'state of the game' that included details about how Homecoming is handling the backend code and render code of the game, and challenges the devs are having working with that code. In particular, I'd be interested in hearing about: changes that would allow CoH to more efficiently use modern video cards changes that would allow CoH to use more cores on multi-core CPUs changes that make the UI more robust and/or more modular-- things like can the in-game text editors be a little less 'jumpy'? can we assign custom col
  6. I ran into this after updating to the latest stable Manjaro today. wine may want you to use the wine64 executable to launch 64 bit applications like the launcher. This is especially true if you see something like: "wine: failed to load start.exe: 40000003" Mods, please feel free to move this around if needed.
  7. In the mission 'Rescue Tracy Templeton' as part of the 'Corporate Culture' arc, one of the NPCs says: This should be something like 'Dr. Giacomo thinks he can indoctrinate the wife, too.' or 'Dr. Giacomo believes he can indoctrinate the wife, too.
  8. When using the panther and coyote travel powers, all your powers are greyed out (or pinked out? in the powers menu). The long and short of this is that you can't attack because quadruped animations for all the powers would have to be created. You can't click on your abilities at all. When using Magic Carpet, etc, your powers are still lit up. You can only use Flight and Afterburner or other movement-buff powers. When you try to use them, you get the message that you can only use powers that affect yourself. Rest works, and actually drops you off your carpet, while keeping it hoveri
  9. As of this build, upon training to level 4, Afterburner still shows in the list of flight powers that can be selected. It's greyed out, and doesn't appear the next time you train the flight pool.
  10. From 'The Freakshow War' arc given by Neal Kendrick to/too confusion: 'to close to something' should be 'too close to something'.
  11. In the mission 'Stop both groups of mystic madmen' (aka 'Spirit Warrior' badge mission), the objective text in the nav display says 'Destroy the last spirit trap!' even after you've destroyed all three.
  12. As of this build, upon training up to level 4 and selecting the flight pool, Afterburner still shows up in the list of powers that can be selected, although it's grey.
  13. Before you IMMEDIATELY scroll down and hit that Sad Face button, hear me out. Obviously, a massive, across the board nerf is not the answer to the problems I want to address. Nor is a return to the 'cottage rule'. However, I really feel these problems do need addressing. One of the problems CoH ran into early on was that characters could become so powerful that they could break the game's behavior in a variety of ways, say herding an entire zone-full of enemies into a dumpster in Crey's Folly or tanking Hamidon in the face with a Spines/Regen scrapper. To a lot of playe
  14. In the mission, "Defeat Officer Alvarez and his unit" given by John Strobel, the objective text reads: That '6 bombs' does not decrease as you disarm the bombs. Also, Officer Alvarez 'activates' and runs to the nearest elevator to escape, even if it's the elevator up, before the player can even reach him, let alone engage him in combat, resulting in a mission failure.
  15. From "Defeat Archon Morena and his guards" (as given by John Strobel): Apparently Morena has gone above and beyond the call of duty to fascism to earn not one, but TWO Archon titles. Meanwhile, Max doesn't even have one. Just after, John gave me the mission "Defeat Archon Ippolita & his guards" and started making demands on how I finish the mission. What really worries me is that HE'S double promoting Archons as well. Really, John?! Either John has an inside track to the Council's promotion regime, o
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