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  1. I have the same question for Bots. Best way to squeak some additional damage out of them?
  2. Uplift

    MM Duo?

    Pretty new to MMs but not CoX. Looking to run a pair of MMs with a friend. Any thoughts on synergy between 2 sets? We currently are running Demon/Dark & Beast/Nature (only lvl 20). And while they both feel goodish, we haven't really found the "force multiplier" combo/synergy between the sets yet. Would different sets complement each other better? Do we need to just let them develop? Thoughts on a good pairing? Share dat wisdom please lol.
  3. I'm a returning live player (aren't we all lol) looking to become a bit more reacquainted with some build options. I'm settled on /willpower. That said, I'm torn between StJ and TW for my attacks, and brute/scrapper for my AT. I remember brutes being "go go go" and a viable "tank" option or melee DPS role. Scrappers I remember as more of a DPS role only. Has the general consensus changed on this at all? StJ seems to be more ST focused with some "close Aoe" where TW seems to me more geared towards larger area AoE with less ST damage. Any insight on this would be helpful. Any recommendations or pitfalls ?
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