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  1. Fair enough. I've given heads up to some people-if they see it, they see it. Hopefully they'll come across it like I did, by accident. By seeing a video about the game being back.
  2. I just enjoy the times I get a happy response to my telling them that the game is back such as it is. God knows I was nearly crying when I first heard that Atlas Park music again.
  3. I sometimes go onto Youtube and look up COH tribute videos, see everyone basically-like I was-bawling in the comments over missing the game,and then I start peppering their posts with responses saying the game is back. And then you have to pray someone who posted something 6-7 years ago sees your response.
  4. No clue honestly. I mean, I stopped playing for the most part in 2009, between stuff like Borderlands, and Champions Online. I came back later for a bit, but I had played pretty steadily from 2005-2009. My having run out of slots on Virtue-represent! pretty much sealed that. I played a lot starting last May, then broke for a few months, played other stuff, then stopped again, haven't played in about 6 weeks or so. At least I have the general safe feeling that when I get the itch again probably in a couple months after clearing my streaming and some games, I'll wanna finally make a Tanker on Homecoming, etc.
  5. That's why I turn off the visuals. At worst, I have glowing vein effect.
  6. Also, it's 2020. Let's start bringing some good news.
  7. And hopes they throw the book at the sucker who hit him.
  8. I say that in this dumpster fire of a 2020 year, we get one shining, glorious thing back. BUFF REGEN. Please.
  9. My OG WS, who was remade last year, I named Kosmic Kastaway, but that's cause I love that song. Titan AE was a good movie.
  10. That happened to me once. I was putting up a purple for 10 million, despite the fact that the AH said the last several sales had been for 100 mill. I honestly figured it was a typo. 10 seconds later I found out it wasn't a typo. 100 mill right then. Also, do you like playing with the CO-style cel-shading on? I'm tempted to try it, but my GFX card is ten years old so that might not be a good idea.
  11. My Nin/Nin stalker does the same thing. Granted I don't track/focus how well it works, I just use it then make like Ogami Itto slicing fools up.
  12. I miss Dark Water. Anyone else remember that cartoon?
  13. I have that issue for a lot of PBAOE powers. especially the end heavy ones. I sometimes wind up using Scirocco just for the extra +end reduction.
  14. Sok, The same thing happens every time I watch the end of Babylon 5, as I commented on to JMS some years back. 🙂 But hey, since 2020 has been a slaughterhouse dumpster fire, you got one good thing going!
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