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  1. I'll be the one to say it: Un-nerf Regen?
  2. Heh, my Plant/Storm is literally a avatar of Gaea. I'm pretty sure she can turn down her Freezing Rain to a Gentle Rain, and her Tornado to a, "oh, it's like a fan moving around us cause it's hot as hell"
  3. I cried more than that. And DGAS who thinks badly of me for it. 🙂
  4. WHat do you think? Bonus for getting a ton of Defense buffs from IO sets and the like?
  5. I come up with too many concepts for any to be my Big One.
  6. I have a Water/Cold corr. I'm just trying not to repeat myself too much with power sets at the moment is all.
  7. Never used Ice before, now or back in the day, so, enlighten me folks.
  8. Not sure which to go for.
  9. Never seen the show, but was at a anime convention back in 2008 and went to the panel for it because Steve Blum was there. There was a hysterical blooper reel shown, someone taped it and it used to be on YT. You clearly hear me reacting to one of the bloopers.
  10. :::unleashes everything up to and including a nuke::: It moved!
  11. Sappy? My dude, when I first logged back into this May 2019, I teared up. Loaded into AP, heard that music and just....sat there and looked around. Now if they could bring back Marvel Heroes Online next....
  12. See also my Grav/Psi/Ice Dom. I make them miserable. Just depends on what order I want to start in. Wormhole, then Sleet and Freezing Rain, or vice versa.
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