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  1. I don't have space for that, so, maybe Stalagmites or Fissue?
  2. In the final stages of my Earth/Earth dom. I've been told to put it in either a spammable power, or a aoe. My slottable AOEs or spammables are my ST hold, my main aoe stun, and my short range aoe with potential stun, Fissure.
  3. That's fine, my Kheld builds are tight enough as is.
  4. SUCKED. Just got power back. I got alts to make, be farmed, and/or inf to grind!
  5. I read that in Keanu Reeve's voice.
  6. 500m-1 billion builds? My most expensive probably caps around 150-200 mill! How the hell do you have that much inf?
  7. My original Stalker was Nin/Nin. I remade him on HC....haven't had any gripes playing.
  8. I know my original back on live was FF, and I think I did one with Traps. But right now I'm thinking Nature, or Time, possibly Elec. Suggestions?
  9. So you used Stone Spears? I was thinking about just taking out the slots in it and not using it, and having HB as my only real ranged attack barring Fossilize for the hold.
  10. Only thing I'm not looking at taking in it is Mud Pots. Earth/Earth has enough powers as is with people slowed or on their butts. Only other power in Earth Assault that's MAYBE not vital is Hurl Boulder?
  11. I admit it kinda sucks having to waste a slot just to clear the KB. My WS still sometimes, just sometimes takes heat because I couldn't fit one more slot into Quasar for a KD proc.
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