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  1. Gonna be Martial Arts or Street Justice-never used either. After that, I can't decide between Scrapper, Brute, or Stalker? Though at this point apparently Stalker>Scrapper from what I keep being told.
  2. The game is back-that's all that matters IMHO, they can take their time. Granted, I haven't played like like 7+ months, but still, knowing it's around is what makes me happy. More likely to start playing again than getting Diablo 2 Resurrected. I quit D2 17 years ago and started playing THIS.
  3. Made a Regen melee character that I actually did something with. I remember on live making a Regen Stalker that I had PL'd up, but never actually IO'd or even used. I've also never played Goldside. Or made a Devices character.
  4. My first MMO, started right before I5 had hit and after the great Regen Nerf, nothing really annoyed me. Well, the original Energy Transfer animation change was a bit annoying, I'll admit that. When a friend told me I didn't have to worry about loot, after suffering horrendous RNG in Diablo 2 for a few years...yeah, I gave that up(glares at the upcoming Remastered version)
  5. Why did I read that in Lo Wang's voice? Also, welcome back, don't be afraid to start crying once you load into Atlas Park for the first time. I think it's required for all us old-schoolers...or was that just me?
  6. ......un-nerf Regen? :::awaits the J Jonah Jameson laugh::::
  7. The effect is being happy you can splurge a bit more on a character! Seriously, anything you want to donate is fine by me! 🙂 @Doctor Cosmos is me
  8. People who played the game back in the day, from Beta till shutdown, any time in between.
  9. I would honestly what percentage of people playing are old-schoolers. I wanna say probably more than half?
  10. "Happy crying to be back" Oh wait, that was me.
  11. Have some burgers or hot dogs at a friends, then head home and proceed to comfort my terrified dog for several hours while everyone within 1 mile of decides to do the 1812 overture-skipping the music and keeping the explosions.
  12. Commander Shepard, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker: Someone got a problem with humanoid bugs?
  13. If it's as hot at Paragon City as it is in NY, I'm staying at home with AC, or the nearest ice or tech hero can whip up something to keep my place cool and my dog cool.
  14. Seriously, I hand to god keep wanting to donate, but every time I remember, I see "no, we're good, all full!"
  15. BTW, it's ok to admit that you cried when you first logged back in. I hear that Atlas Park music and everything got blurry. Got even more blurry first time I flew up on top of Atlas's globe. Then I smacked a Skul into another reality and was happy.
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