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  1. So, back in the day I had a Elec/Shield Brute, right after Shield Defense launched. I'm thinking of remaking said character, but I've had people tell me to go Elec/Shield Stalker instead. Some have said go Scrapper, due to damage values and something about how Lightning Rod and Shield Charge don't benefit as much under a Brute as others ? I even think someone suggested I go Tanker as well. So...by all means...I'm happy to listen to the pros and cons for this combo under each of the ATs?
  2. So is there a point in slotting any of the regen+ procs in health, stamina, etc? Numina, Panacea, Regenerative, etc, etc?
  3. Sorry, I started the game AFTER regen got it's legendary nerfing, so?
  4. Between back in the day and now, I've slotted of resistance based characters, I've slotted defense based characters. I never had a Regen character though. So I'm kind of at a loss in terms of what types of IO set bonuses, procs, what have you to go for. Do you go for some resistance and defense to soften things overall? Do you just go for every +regen set bonus, or proc you can think, of etc? And I'm looking for a across the board view, assume whatever character I play doesn't have defenses in their primary ala Katana/Broadsword/Staff.
  5. The main loading screen, or Atlas. Because I never thought I'd be hearing them in-game again.
  6. I don't use the purple sets and I tend to still pretty much feel satisfied with my chars. My Grav/Psi practically has permadom, my freshly 50 Nin/Nin Stalker is damn near untouchable, my TW/WP Brute literally tells teams, "go ahead, lead the escort out, I GOT THIS."
  7. 9.1% for a +4 boss.....ok, I'm way overstressing this then. This is my first defense character since being back, so I have no idea how well my other few defense chars were back in the day. I think I was more worried/annoyed when people wanna run +4/8 no matter what.
  8. Ok, as apparently it goes, getting 45% def to whatever is the golden zone. My Nin/Nin stalker sits about 45-49 across melee/ranged/aoe, higher on melee when he uses his parry type attack. But...does that 45% only mean that a even con enemy has only the 5% to hit normally? What happens when you're fighting +4s? How much of a drop do you have there, and then you start hoping for team buffs?
  9. Just keep in mind, from what I remember, and we're going back over 10 years, not even Incarnate stuff, if you're getting tons of global rech don't worry too much about rech in your sets, same with global acc, and so forth.
  10. Wait....you can have more than one Performance Shifter proc? I thought that was a unique!
  11. Ok, low 40s atm, got my def pretty much at the sweet spot, right about 45 across the board. I have my Performance Shifter proc in Stamina, I have Miracle slotted in health, decent amount of end reduction in sets for the various attacks and powers but I still find myself watching that bar drop. What else should I try stuffing in there? Panacea proc? I mean, I figure my Alpha Incarnate is going to be one that includes end reduction as well, so.
  12. I mean Superior Conditioning, Focused Accuracy and Physical Perfection are good fits for "chi" powers, but the two Shuriken powers in Weapons Mastery are nice too.
  13. Ok....I guess in some cases I'm going to hopefully guess the right name to the pet description?
  14. The wiki only shows a few of them, from what I can tell.
  15. I don't want to give their name else people will probably pester them, but as I was remaking my old stalker Silent Stone-the ninja you helped this morning get like 34 levels...if they see this...thank you! If I had gotten a purple recipe I'd have given it to you hands down!
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