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  1. Pepsi or ice water. I'm apparently that rare breed of Irishman who has no interest in drinking. If I want to have messed up brain function, I'll play COH for the better part of a day, and then play more, and sleep barely at all. Oh wait, I've done that a lot as is. OG 2x weekends man, I did NOT sleep during them.
  2. I like my Sentinel. Granted, I feel like his gun isn't as powerful as I would like, but he stays alive.
  3. Hell, someone gave it to me back in the day, and it was outdated by the time I got it. I started not long before I5...so I didn't experience the pain of the first Regen Nerf.
  4. That worked. I'm wonder what the hell caused this.
  5. Likewise, I just turned it off for the moment, so....wth?
  6. If it's not a passive or toggle power, it'll only work upon usage of the power normally, and even then, it's a chance, I think. You put something like that in Health, or the like.
  7. If they had a secondary debuff for when they wear off, like slow, or a small -tohit? I mean, let's be honest, when you wake up, for a few moments you can't do a damn thing well. Except run to the bathroom if you realize you gotta go.
  8. Can I just say anyone who attacked people trying to run a beloved game for people's enjoyment can kiss my fat Irish ass. And people wonder why my personal quote is "Eventually, cynicism becomes observation." What does crapping on a server running COH do, other than increase some hackers e-peen? Seriously.
  9. I remember making sure to take off the whole weekend each time that happened. The one time I missed part of one was, well, my sister was getting married. But I still made it home that night! Other than that, barring my characters and the billions....AND BILLIONS of inf I had....I'm good. Though I did have a lot of friends online. But now, it's easier to get IOs, still a bit grindy but not horrible. Only reason I don't play more is because I need to get a new PC, and even though I'm not working atm I can't be playing games all the time, I'm too lazy.
  10. As long as NCSoft tolerates HC being a thing, and has no problem with it, that's all I care about. Because at some point, once I burn myself out on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, I've got a bunch of character ideas I need to make!
  11. SInce no one else has said it, I think: Welcome Back. Did you avail yourself of the free box of Kleenex offered when you logged in for the first time and realized everything was getting blurry? Cause I sure did.
  12. It's totally subjective. I got one character, Avatar of Silvoros, who I've had a couple people say, "holy crap that looks awesome", probably been in a couple dozen CC's, never even placed. It really depends on what stands out to the person running the contest.
  13. :::sniffles, trying to hold back tears::::: It's.....BEAUTIFUL.
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