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  1. Powers from Radiation and Darkness are autohit, the toggles.
  2. God I miss Marvel Heroes Online. But wait....what deal with NCSoft? Is this just pie in the sky talk, or has something happened?
  3. Ok, so my char concept is that he's a being of pure mental energy, placed in a artificial suit/body in order to better direct his power at the bad guys. Said suit/body also provide some defenses. Now, my options are Fire, Elec, EA, or Bio-with the FX turned off in that case. Feel free to give me your thoughts!
  4. I dunno, I have the Degen proc on my MM, and I'm going through combat log of every one of my attacks, and...zilch.
  5. Don't everyone jump in at once. 🙂
  6. I'm looking at Control myself. One side offers a +1 magnitude, the other offers a stun if the enemy is feared and immob. I'm a Dark/Dark controller, so I have fear and immob aplenty.
  7. My Dark/Dark Controller is stuck between getting the Noble Brute/Overseer combo from Rularru, or the Ravager/Defiler combo from Banished Pantheon. Thoughts?
  8. True, but the funny thing was, I had to unslot and reslot the power to get it to kick in.
  9. Well, I do now sometimes see the yellow glow, I knew it was my proc because no one else was beating on this boss.
  10. I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen something like this?
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