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  1. Email: Midnighters Steel Canyon 2130 hours.
  2. The email reply: Talos Island. 1145 AM. Bring a remote control toy car to the top of the big hill next to the tram. My associate will meet you with a secondary location.
  3. Date: 12 hours after Laser Shrike went into First Ward. Location: The dark web Character: Burnt Feather (Laser Shrike) The web link went out anonymously. It went to a video on the dark web, scrubbed of metadata, devoid of trace. A heavily scarred woman rippling with muscle stands before the camera. Her hair, blonde has been burnt away in places. A terrific scar runs from temple to chin. In the foreground, just in focus is a broken Shrike class wing. The same kind favored by Laser Shrike. As the woman stares at the camera footage plays in an inset. Appearing to have been taken on a helmet camera, a brutal scene plays out. The camera wearer is engaged in a fight with Laser Shrike. Laser Shrike holds her ground at first, but a lucky shot slips past her armor and impales her just beneath the ribs, at a seam in the Praetorian Police armor. The assailant is relentless, and Shrike is beaten senseless, and left panting and bleeding on the ground. "This fool was given the Praetorian version of The Dagger of Jocas." The scarred woman waves a dagger before the camera to demonstrate. "She was given it through certain privileged channels after she informed her superiors of an encounter with Praetorian Rebels beneath Paragon City. She seems to have come to the conclusion that certain elements were after this dagger. She hoped to study it, find out why everyone wanted it. Maybe to cut someone with it." The camera cuts to a body dismembered on a table. The face is unrecognizable but the hair and general body shape look to be that of Laser Shrike. "Looks like she's indisposed. My name is Burnt Feather, and I'm going to run this city. But first, I need a crew. I've got a thing for the warriors. I like your look. I think you're going places. If you want this, or me, let me know. We have so very much to discuss." An email address appears on the screen.
  4. Date: Post “Hellions Raise Hell” and Sewer mission with Darrin.Location: First WardCharacters: Laser Shrike Laser Shrike looked down at the Hellion strapped to the gurneys. He was tough, for a Hellion. Shrike had gathered six of the Hellions into the makeshift first ward hospital. It was out of the way and difficult to access, but it was also private and felt a little more like home. This dirty half dozen were responsible for burning down a building in Steel Canyon. Shrike had diverted some of those she had taken into custody. She needed information. Information about the resistance. "Oi." Shrike prodded him awake. "Time to earn your keep." Shrike had gathered the six to interrogate regarding the weird goings on. Originally, she had planned to join the Warriors and go undercover, but that was necessarily on hold. She hoped she had convinced Bargast to go in her stead. If not, she would find another person. She had things to do. The Hellion was cursing on the table. "Do you know how Shrikes got the nickname the butcher bird?" Shrike asked. The Hellion craned his head to look at her, but said nothing. So she continued. "They impale their prey on sticks, twigs, thorns, whatevers around. Then they take their victim apart slowly. I have six of you. I hope for each of your sakes your stories line up. Now I need answers. And the top 2 of my list: what are you looking for, and what are you doing that involves the Praetorian resistance? Think on it. Take a moment. I've put a device on your head, Praetorian tech, ever been? It'll let me know if you lie, so I can compare all your team's truths. Be back after your friends are done." Shrike left the room and shut the door. She set a recording of screaming to play, and give the man time to think. Shrike wouldn't torture them, not physically, but no sense letting them know that just now. There was no device either, it was a forehead massager from an electronics store. No sense letting them know that either.
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