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  1. None of what I mentioned nerfs farmers. It allows them to continue as it is. What it does do is it rewards players playing the content story lines. And yes Very rare should drop more often in the content. So what if it cuts the farmers cash flow? Don't like it play the content. Players playing the story lines should benefit more as it promotes socialization which creates a healthier MMO. As for "Not playing the right way" there is nothing here that changes how you choose to play short of farmers not being the only source for very rare recipes and salvage.
  2. Increase Task Force and trials XP by 1.5 Times. Increase Salvage and Recipes drop rates by double. For every plus to level it increases the chances at a rare recipe and salvage drop. Increase Merits by double. Make all sub 40 recipes require uncommon or lower salvage and have 2 level ranges 10-25 and 25 plus for stats. (Lower level recipes are far too rare and cost far too much to build) All post 50 TF's should drop rare recipes at double to triple the rate of any other. Less people would "farm" AE's and would participate in TF's more. Most people farm AE's as it is the most effective way to obtain rare recipes and salvage while power leveling. Better drops rates in TF's would do 2 things. More people would participate in Task Forces and the speed runs at -1 utilizing stealth and speed to avoid clearing the villains would stop as all players would be more invested in obtaining the rewards. My 2 cents for keeping the game vibrant.
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