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  1. I recognized your point in the entire proposal I developed. In none of these posts am I calling for the AE's to be nerfed.. I acknowledged that the destruction of the economy would harm and not help the game but that does not mean the entire game needs to be centered around the AE. The incarnate system proves that the game can focus on both at the same time. With everything I have posted NONE of it impacts the importance of farming but rather a way to develop your character a little more while you are not farming... If you so choose.
  2. Why is it your assumption people do not enjoy grouping and playing the content? The most difficult side of building a character in CoH is the farming of money/enhancements. My argument becomes why does CoH force players to repeat the same farms over and over again to give him/her the resources he needs to build his/her characters? Why is farming in the AE's a much more efficient way of getting recipes and money? That said these games are MMO's and the vast majority prefer grouping up together and achieving goals together. I think you are confusing the disparity in efficiency with the enjoym
  3. Thank you. The focus of the End-Game plan was PVE with after thoughts for PvP. The inspiration actually is one of the best TF's in POSI 1 as it incorporated a good storyline and you battle your own group. The goal of an end-game is to dust off those toons you all PL'd up in the AE farms... Exploited and sped through the TF's to get the accolades.. Outfitted with enhancements you farmed for weeks for in the same AE. Hopped in BAF 100 times to get the incarnates solved... Exploited and sped through badges you value then when that was done you put the toon in the closet and rarely play since.
  4. The projects offered for development would be decided by the devs ... Why? continuity, storyline, and vision needs to come from the devs. What it does show is the appetite of the players... For example the Dev's todo list includes as an example: 45 new Additions to the existing costume catalog. Creation of New Attuned enhancement sets to compliment the Winter sets. Expansion of the Pretorian story line to level 45. Addition of the new Archetype SUPERMOD So lets say the set of financial goals for these development projects is $12,000, $3,000, $45,000 and $36,000
  5. If this is still indeed true then you resort to the teams selecting one of a dozen existing maps to defend... My motto has always been to find ways around issues rather than let obstacles become barriers. The obstacle few acknowledge is the resources it requires to build new content. Something that should be considered is the development of a non-profit fund for development where CoH fans could sponsor defined updates for the game. Different donation levels and projects could include a variety of in-game gifts for donating. It would also allow the devs to see with real dollars wher
  6. My Proposal for an END-GAME The end game has always been an issue in CoX with the apparent end game in place since CoV was released. The premise is very simple : Arrest Warrants are issued for Villain's (Super Group Team Leaders) Bounty's are placed on hero's (Supergroup team leaders) These Arrest Warrant's & Bounty's are issued Monday after Sunday's formation where the Super group builds as many 24 character Leagues as possible in each tier. Each League can only include 1 character per account. (Initially PvE would be the first option for release as PvP rewards an
  7. None of what I mentioned nerfs farmers. It allows them to continue as it is. What it does do is it rewards players playing the content story lines. And yes Very rare should drop more often in the content. So what if it cuts the farmers cash flow? Don't like it play the content. Players playing the story lines should benefit more as it promotes socialization which creates a healthier MMO. As for "Not playing the right way" there is nothing here that changes how you choose to play short of farmers not being the only source for very rare recipes and salvage.
  8. Increase Task Force and trials XP by 1.5 Times. Increase Salvage and Recipes drop rates by double. For every plus to level it increases the chances at a rare recipe and salvage drop. Increase Merits by double. Make all sub 40 recipes require uncommon or lower salvage and have 2 level ranges 10-25 and 25 plus for stats. (Lower level recipes are far too rare and cost far too much to build) All post 50 TF's should drop rare recipes at double to triple the rate of any other. Less people would "farm" AE's and would participate in TF's more. Most people farm AE's
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