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  1. I asked for x and y due to not being familiar with nin or sentinel. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Thanks for a place to start. The one I was referring to was not this it had flight 6 slotted , 5 in health some were 7 slotted and had pretty much 0 def. Just had no clue on where to go with Ninjitsu.
  3. I have never played a sentinel or the ninjitsu set and was wondering if anyone has a build I could take a look at? Trying to figure out a decent def/resist build with mystic flight. Looked around and found only one build at lvl 50 that was not workable. Thanks
  4. Thank You. Whats your take on dehydrate as another heal versus skipping it?
  5. Hi been looking throught the forums and elsewhere and trying to build a water time corruptor in mids. Does anyone have a great build as an example I can build on? Don't see any except one build posted anywhere. Thanks
  6. Thanks alot guys this gives me an idea of how to build him.
  7. I have been looking everywhere and seems no one plays earth/dark. Can someone help with a build please
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