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  1. I second this, and I'm amazed you did such great work so fast. Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much! Great and fast work 😃I'm rolling a Jedi Scrapper Hero, and Sith Brute villain right now 😄
  3. First I want to compliment you on your great work, there are several power sets I really want to try now. I have no idea how much work it is for you, but I imagine it is quite a lot, so kudos to you for doing it for the community. I wonder if you, in the spirit of the blaster sounds, could make lightsaber sounds for Katana/dual blades? There are some options to make them look like energy weapons :-) Also some options for Staff Fighting are bladed (like tech and trident, pole arm etc.) and it would be cool if they made are more cutting sound than a smacking. Anyways thanks for you great work!
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