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  1. To add to the "duct tape and twine" comment... Not to mention, the person/s who was responsible for putting together the folders for these pigg files was absolutely horrible with their organization skills. Those sound bites are all over the place and take a lot of time trying to figure out which ones fit which powers. Most of them only give a small hint to what SFX they are associated with. For me that is the hardest part about making SFX Mods is that I get to sift through literally (guessing) a few thousand files trying to figure out which one contains the sound bite I wish to alter. Newer abilities in the later years of the game started becoming more organized and those are a bit easier to put together because some of them have names that represent the power-set they belong to. But the older sounds are a bit annoying. For an example: The HeavyHands_BoneSmasher_Hit.ogg file; you would think that it has to do with Energy Melee, right? Nope, it's a sound related to an NPC, almost sounds like it could be used by Rularu. Or how about PP10a.ogg? It doesn't look like much of anything, but the power associated with it is actually a hit file for one of the Energy Melee abilities...who knew, right? I would never have guessed it, only way I learned is by forcing myself to scan endlessly and listen to each and every file that is not obvious to find that file. The only real way to find out what is what would be to rip it and play it. Then you have some of the newer powers and SFX for those powers created under a different team (or leadership?) in which the files start looking a lot more like what they apply to. Thank Yoda! As @The Philotic Knight has mentioned, it's tons of duct tape and twine along with a mile long of red tape, lol.
  2. I can vouch that it works loading, but unloading any SFX mod that was tied to the specific power/sound will leave that ability silent if the game is running during load and unload of SFX mods. The game knows to use the Data folder for loaded SFX mods, but when the SFX mods are removed, the game does not know to revert back to its original destination for those sounds. So it would be best if players shut the game down before loading or unloading mods. Also, thanks for doing this, man. And thanks for your time.
  3. @The Philotic Knight Wow, man...impressive. So people can load and unload mods at will with this? For an example, I have a Lightsaber SFX mod, but it also affects anything else that uses that sound effect. SO if somebody wants to play their MM, they would probably rather hear the original sound effects for Katana on their Ninja Master Mind, but would want to hear the Lightsaber SFX for heir glow stick Katana Scrapper. So would this allow people to load them up when they wish to play their Scrapper and then unload it when they wish to play as their Master Mind?
  4. To be fair, increasing the aggro cap to 30 from 17 is a far cry from 16 to 200. The typical aggro cap request is usually around 30 NPCs and the reasons given IMO are pretty solid. It's not asking for a game breaking number like what WeHaveCake has going on. Sadly, like most other requests nobody can ever agree on anything (which is why I seldom post on suggestions anymore) so even the small request of a near double aggro cap is probably going to be very unlikely unless the Devs decide in favor of it.
  5. I personally rather enjoyed the prequels. Granted, I had to force myself to pretend that Jarhead Binks didn't exist, but...the rest of it was rather entertaining I thought. What I could NOT get on board with (and have yet to watch the last two) was the sequels. That to me is just not Star Wars....that was so far from Star Wars to me that I felt no need to watch the last two. I rather enjoyed Rogue One as it blended in with the original trilogy perfectly. However, the Solo movie was something that I can never unsee. The only thing about the prequels that bothered me other than Jarhead Binks, was the portrayal of Anakin Skywalker. They made him a bit whiny. They could have made him a bit more professional in character and less emotional like some emo kid. I guess at least now we can see where Luke gets it from. However, the way they did Luke was perfect...Luke gradually became more mature and more cool and collective over time. His character was more believable and relatable where as Anakin Skywalker went from instant whiny and emo, (where he should have already had a bit of the collective and emotionless characteristic to him from the start) into instantly becoming the all emotionless Dark Father. (aka Darth Vader) But all in all, I rather enjoyed the prequels. To hell with the sequels.
  6. UPDATE Dual Blades will also be getting the same Lightsaber SFX. It's going to take a bit long because those files are scattered all throughout. The person who was responsible for putting the sound files together wasn't exactly an organized person, so finding the correct files can take time. However, so far I have the first three attacks and the Assassin Strike for Stalkers completed. I will post up the Lightsaber SFX Mod for Dual Blades (Stalker and Scrapper/Brute) once I have finished. So if you were wanting this for your Dual Blades as well, no worries, I'm working on it. 🙂
  7. It's part of the, "These are not the Jedi you are looking for" disguise. 😄
  8. Update to the Lightsaber SFX Mod, the Lotus Drops SFX volume has been slightly increased. Previous version was a bit too low in comparison to the other SFX of the same mod.
  9. This does not work for Dual Blades. That will have to be a mod all of its own since they are completely different .ogg files. However, it's on my list. It will just take time. For the time being, Katana and Ninja Blade should hold you over. 🙂
  10. Heya folks! Have a brand new mod here that changes your Katana and Ninja Blade's SFX and transforms them in to Lightsabers! This was requested and I seen it as a no brainer! I honestly couldn't believe that I didn't think of it, especially after creating the Star Wars Blaster SFX Mod for Dual Pistols, lol. Anyway, without further delays, here is the link to the post containing the mods... And here is a sneak peak of the SFX! I'm going to apologize in advanced for the distorted sounds, sadly the game plays sounds at a much lowered volume, however, the game plays these sounds back without the distortion. Hope you enjoy!
  11. WARNING!!! Update: July 29, 2020 7:40 pm Eastern Time: The Lotus Drops has had its volume slightly increased since original release. These SFX Mods are designed for the Game to play back only! City of Heroes plays back the volume at a much different level than the actual file has them set to. In the event that you wish to play them back manually, NEVER play back these sound files in any way without first turning the volume down on your Laptop/PC. The game plays back volumes at a far lower level than your PC/Laptop will, and if you play back the files without first turning down your volume, you can possibly cause damage to your speakers! Katana and Ninja Blade Lightsaber SFX Mod! (Detailed Explanation) Note: There are two different mods that go in two different locations. Both mods work in unity with the other and both will need to be placed in the correct locations. Assassins_Blade_Lightsaber_Mod is for Stalkers only and will not be needed if you are playing any class other than Stalkers. As per request, this is a Mod that completely changes Katana and Ninja Blade's SFX and turns them in to living and breathing Lightsabers straight out of Star Wars! For any Star Wars fans out there who are using the Energy Blade skins for their weapons, this will be right up your alley! These sounds have been put in video format so that you may "try it before you buy it" type deal and can be viewed at the bottom of this thread! 🙂 Instructions (Destructions?) First, unzip the files beneath the instructions and open the folders. Find your City of Heroes folder and open it up. (If you see a Data Folder) Open the Data Folder. Open the Sound Folder Open the Ogg Folder For the Katana_Lightsaber_SFX_Mod: Open (and/or create) the Weapons Folder For the Assassins_Blade_Lightsaber_Mod: Open (and/or create) the Powers Folder Copy all files from opened Zip files and drag them to the assigned Folders listed above. Close all folders and restart game (If you do not have a Data Folder or any other folder mentioned above!) Inside the City of Heroes Folder... Create a Folder and name it Data Open the Data Folder and create another folder and name it Sound Open the Sound Folder and create yet another folder and name it Ogg For the Katana_Lightsaber_SFX_Mod: Open the Ogg Folder and create a folder and name it Weapons For the Assassins_Blade_Lightsaber_Mod: Open the Ogg Folder and create a folder and name it Powers Copy all files from the opened Zip files that I have provided and drag all of the files to the assigned folders that are listed above Close all folders and restart game If you have some of the folders mentioned above, but some folders are missing, then create the missing folders and place them in order of how they are listed above. Once finished, copy and drag the files from the Zip folders below and place them inside the assigned Folders. Then close the City of Heroes Folder and restart the game. Zip file and preview below. Enjoy! Assassins_Blade_Lightsaber_Mod.zip Katana_Lightsaber_SFX_Mod.zip
  12. I personally would love to see objects explode on contact again rather than bouncing off like a rubber ball. When that change was first made, I was like, "Why on Earth did they do that???"
  13. I did a search and couldn't believe nobody had requested this. If I simply overlooked it then I apologize, however, in the even that my search is correct, nobody has yet to request a Symmetrical Mode for Shoulders. This could be something the Devs are currently already working on as well, so if so, I'm sorry but lately I have not been keeping up with what is going on on test server.
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