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  1. You soooo need to rename yourself to Devil's Advocate. 😄
  2. There are lots of things in this game that were considered an exploit by the original Devs that the current Devs don't seem to share the same opinion. However, you are correct, last I heard the Devs will be getting rid of it when they come up with something that they can give us that can't be used irresponsibly.
  3. Honestly, I seriously doubt anyone outside of PvP is abusing it in that way. I mean it's possible, but I haven't seen it happen yet.
  4. I set my FF missions at +2 or 3 (depending on close I am to leveling) and play old school you are all gonna die way, lol. It gets easier fast and is good xp for those who can keep it together. The reason I do this is to keep the mobs from being green leveled by time we get to the 3rd floor.
  5. I'm the same way. I will join a Frostfire team anytime I see one advertised unless I am tied up. However, I won't rush the end and finish it. That style of playing truly ruins the experience for a lot of players. I do hope you put 1 star above his head and placed him on ignore to avoid him doing that to you again.
  6. Just to add a few points here, I use Ouroboros quite often and find it far from obsolete. For example, it's the perfect place to zone in to the last mission for Positron 1. It puts you closest to a Monorail in Talus for quick leveling and quick monorail transportation to certain contacts who are close to other monorails. If you need to get to the Atlas Paragon City Hall, it puts you right next to it. There are many advantages to using Ouroboros.
  7. Super Reflexes used to be Godlike. My main PvP character, Wraiven back on live was pure frustration for almost anyone without a defense debuff. This was a short video I made of him back in the day that was supposed to be a Trailer to what was to come. However, the girlfriend I had at the time who was supposed to be my partner in crime, we ended up going our separate ways, so I never made the video to go with the trailer. Here is another video of a good friend of mine who used to play this game, he was feared on the protector server...this was all pre IO's, so Stalkers were a nightmare to deal with in those days. Both videos feature Spines/SR Stalkers. The top one was a mix of Spines/SR, /Nin and /Dark, but primarily /SR. The second video, Slyfe only had one Spines and that was /SR.
  8. I have checked out your build that you have posted and adjusted it to fit my Mercs. So far, Mercs/Time is working pretty good for me. Better than everything else I have tried. I'm rerolling Ninjas/Time next. Looking forward to it and very appreciative of your input.
  9. SR used to be godly, not so much these days IMO.
  10. Heh, yeah, I seen that too, but I knew what he meant. 😄
  11. This topic has turned in to nothing but a bait and catch thread full of insults and off topic anyway. The original question was answered long ago. The thread was about one guy, who was charging for PLs. It turned in to everything but that and is now a running joke with a squad of people chuckling and making jokes about the players who don't particularly care for *new* players being PLed, but they have straw manned that comment and turned it into, "anyone who PLs." So I am pretty much done with this thread as its only purpose at this point is to insult people and bait them in to biting when they insult. So I will leave with this being my last comment here in agreement with you... People charging for PLs is not very common. Most certainly not common enough to be an issue. And if people want to be stupid enough to pay somebody for something they can get for free, then by all means, knock yourself out.
  12. I am not the best MM player. If I was, I would not be here, heh. So, I have tried every secondary I could think of in terms of survival for several different types of MM's. Out of all the MM's I enjoy Mercs and Ninjas the most. I sat and did the math, and Mercs benefit from Sonic Resonance due to Mercs having a natural resistance to Smashing and Lethal. Stack Sonic shields on them and it makes them even more resistant. Yet, Bosses will still one shot them pre 50, post level 32. Constantly calling my Mercs to battle gets frustrating. Ninjas seem to do "okay" with bubbles, since it stacks with their natural defense which with SO's, grants them 31% Defense to Ranged, Melee and AoEs. However, NPC's have mad accuracy and seem to hit them constantly, thus again constantly one shotting my minions. So I tried Kinetics, and wow, amazing the DPS of Ninjas under SB, and the heal works nicely since the minions are melee anyway. However, I am left with the same issue of my minions being one shotted by bosses and those bosses just rip through them like paper. So after doing the math, I did what should have given both Mercs and Ninjas the best chance at survival, yet miserably failed. I was shocked that Mercs went down so easily since they were buffed pretty good with resists, but it's simply not enough, their hit point are just way too low. Not to mention, they are fighting at -2 to me, which means they are going to have a tough time against pretty much anything I fight at +1 or higher. Even with the Medicine pool power, they still go down like a nun in church. So tell me, at level 50, after you have all the MM IOs and a decent build, do you still struggle to keep them alive? Is playing an MM pretty much a never ending battle to keep your pets alive long enough for the Call Minions button to recharge? I really hope playing an MM gets better than this. It's hard for me to have fun playing an MM if all I am doing is struggling to keep them alive more than I am actually playing the game. And nevermind about my playstyle. Whether I am a good MM player or a bad one is not the point, what I am trying to do is focus on keeping my pets alive beyond a one shot from a boss here. I even tried using taunt from the presence pool but sadly, that doesn't last long at all. I can taunt and within just a few short seconds, the Boss will one shot my minions again, and this was with taunt having 2 recharge and 2 taunt SO's. Please tell me it gets a hell of a lot better after IO's and I am not just wasting my time?
  13. I agree. If strawman arguments didn't exist, these forums would be very quiet.
  14. Survivability of MM pets...they are just way too easy to keep alive. They need a massive debuff so I can at least call me henchmen from time to time!
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