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  1. Well, that's good to know. I would rather it be all in my head than it be true, heh. Thanks for touching up on that with me, MacSkull.
  2. I will admit, it can be frustrating to see the system message say, "You had a 95% chance to hit, you rolled a 96" three times out of 5 attacks. I scratch my head and go, "How?" It does feel off, almost like the chance to roll above 95 is a higher chance than a 5% chance. But since I don't have any numbers to back this up other than how it "feels" I have kept my mouth shut and dealt with it. If anything, I would say the percentiles need to be looked at just to make sure they do not need to be recalibrated. It may be working just fine and this may be all in my head, but holy cow, these NPC's are lucky as hell when it comes to my roles of 96% or higher.
  3. Same here. How does this add to the game in any way? What origin enhancements would you use? All of them? Random surprise? Would the devs have to create a whole new origin enhancement store? Seems more trouble than it is worth.
  4. All the power level beggers would cry foul. 😄
  5. I have brought this up before in similar threads, but Stalker's Placate used to be AoE. It was nerfed and made single target. The nerf was not needed then and it's needed even less now. The reason it was nerfed is because players complained about it. However, even though Stalker players tried educating them on how to counter Placate, they did not want to listen and complained even more. So even though the Devs said Stalkers were working as intended and would not be nerfed, players eventually got their way and the Placate power was nerfed anyway. This was before players would take +perception and -Placate abilities. Now that every dog and his brother knows about the (even though the counters existed then) counters to Placate, the nerf is even less needed now than it was then. So I give this thread a... +1 Revert Placate back to its original form. P.S. To be clear, Placate was never really AoE, it just placed the Stalker back in Hide, not the Pseudo hide that it places you in today. However, it had the same effect/affect as Placate without actually placing a Placate Debuff on the players. Only your target received the Placate Debuff.
  6. Why is it I always like a game much more when it first comes out...before the animation changes, before the mechanic changes, before things get all crazy. I stopped playing Age of Conan when they took away the Necromancer's buff powers that looked wicked cool. It was an awesome animation. Then, one day, I log in and it's gone. Not nerfed, but....gone. It was the same with SWTOR, one day I go to use a Lightsaber attack ability and suddenly, the animation I loved most was turned in to a simplistic stiff attack instead of the fancy move it once was. If I leave games over this, I am sure other people do as well. It's one thing if the animations are universally hated (cough cough, Psionic Melee *although the last hard hitting single target attack was nice*), I can see changing the animations to be a bit flashier and less stiff, but changing them just because, and despite the outcries to not change it...I'll never understand that. I remember the day ET got a nerf...I remember it well. I ran with a guy on Protector server who was pretty well known and very well liked on that server. They changed the animation of ET and suddenly, he was gone. He expressed how much he hated the change, realized it wasn't reverting back and left the game. I still remember him after all these years and actually miss the guy. He wasn't the only one either. I came close myself, since my main Tank was an Invuln/Energy. I HATED the new ET animation. It was absolutely horrible. Obviously I did not quit, but my main Tank got shelved and I did what everyone else did, Invuln/Super Strength. With Energy Melee I felt like I didn't follow some crowd of players who flocked to Super Strength. After the nerf though, I didn't see how I had much choice. It was all that was left that fit my character thematically. ET I think was arguablly one of the biggest mistakes the OG Devs ever made to a power, at least in my mind the most popular nerf for the wrong reasons...second only to the infamous Toggle IH to Click IH Nerf. Nerf abilities if you want to, but change the animations....that's a huge no no in my book unless it is pretty obvious the vast majority hates the animations. And I don't mean 45% vs 55%, I mean more like 25% vs 75% majority. Oh lookie there...once again the ET nerf memory has caused me to rant yet again. I gotta start catching myself sooner!
  7. Agreed. Reverting the ET nerf is the ONLY thing the set needs. I also wouldn't complain if they gave Whirling Hands a range buff.
  8. If they decreased the cast time for Teleportation to half of what it is and reduced the end drain drastically, the 20 second floating wouldn't be needed.
  9. I am guilty as charged for liking this thread idea in the 1st degree, with the intent to implement.
  10. If I were to be the first to respond, I would have said exactly what @MTeague has said. So instead of saying it in my own words, I will just say it in his, with the exception of just one spelling error. So it goes as follows... Full Disclosure: I tend to level 45-50 by getting XP while exemplared in 44-or-below content because I feel so damn useless / carried on a lvl 47 when a team of 50's is being incarnate gods and trivializing all content. I don't mind it once I'm ALSO one of those fully-incarnated out 50's. But I absolutely loathe the feeling of being carried. And when you're a 47 on a team of full incarnates, you could be replaced by a chipmunk and no one would notice. That said. I do not think Barrier should be weakened. Good / Bad / Indifferent, the Incarnate System is literally designed to make your character feel like a god among mortals. I mean, that was literally the design intent of the entire thing, backed up by story arcs and cut-scenes in the Mender Ramiel arc. Yes, this does truly unspeakable things to game balance, and I don't think game balance has a "Safe Word" to say "stop enough!". But, frankly, pre-incarnate groups can do the same thing if you have a team with a Force Fields, plus Cold Domination plus Sonic Resonance, plus Thermal Radiation. That entire team will be maxed defense / max resist the entire time if they use their buffs intelligently, from like, lvl 15 all the way to 50. Or just a team of 8 Empaths all buffing each other to SKY-HIGH defenses and regeneration levels that would make a willpower brute cry in envy.
  11. You may think giving Stalker *1 extra ability* wouldn't make them OP, but you underestimate me. You let me give my Stalker 1 more power...and I'll show you an unkillable God that can also two shot almost anything in game. Sorry my man, I can't get on board with this idea. Because if I can do this with just one extra power, then so can a lot of other people.
  12. What needs to be done, instead of making them all KB to KD, give them proc chances of extra damage. The reason they feel a waste of a slot is because they only serve one purpose...to prevent knock back. They are not really adding to your build, they are only rearranging your build to have a different function...so honestly, they are a waste of slot...if not a waste, then at very least a sacrifice. They way to make them better (because having just one that changes your whole build to KD instead of KB will not benefit everyone. Some players like KB in their single target attacks...like me.) is to create more of them, and then give them different types of other effects. Some for fire damage procs, some for dark procs, some for a +Build-up proc, some for a placate proc, and so forth. That way when you slot them, they serve more of a function than just changing your knock down to knock back.
  13. HyperX RAM has been around for a pretty long while. It even came highly recommended many moons ago. HyperX even though is their own name brand, is built by Kingston. Kind of like Jackson guitars being built by Fender.
  14. Oddly enough, I seem to get a bad stick of RAM every damn time I build a new PC. I guess anything that is mass produced is going to have a 1 in 5 chance of being bad. Plus you gotta think shipping conditions as well. You can't exactly go to the nearest store to buy DDR3 RAM anymore, you have to order it. Even still, the RAM in stores still goes through a shipping process to reach the stores. I would say bad RAM is way more common than most would think. Some of us get lucky, then there are those of us who get a bad stick of RAM anytime they build a PC, lol. I'm not one of the lucky ones.
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