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  1. Interesting. I tried Rebirth. I couldn't get in to it. Why? Because they don't have some of the costume options that are here. To each their own.
  2. Actual character created (but not the artist) myself and own the intellectual property to. In game version Composed by me.
  3. On the taunts I have 3 different ones. One is a panther roar that I have set up for females, the other is the roar of a lion for males and the last is the old school taunt we had back before i7 or i8 I think it was. Good mods for cat people! 🙂
  4. The one I have uses a combination of both male and female screams. They idea behind it is that it is the screams of all the souls that the banshee has taken and the only way they can scream is if the banshee lets them. So naturally the banshee scream would be a combination of both male and female. That's only in my own head logic though, but the head lore does help to make the mod more gender neutral.
  5. First time I had ever heard it was in 1991 in the movie The Doors.
  6. Not really. AV's and GM's hit much harder and it took a hell of a lot more to kill them in those days. For an example, Clockwork King hurt like hell, you did not use Fire Tanks as your main Tank against him because Fire Tanks would drop in a single hit and his AoE at 25% health had the capability of dropping the whole team if you did not have a buffer on the team. Today, Clockwork King drops like a bad habit, quite pathetic in my opinion. In those days, going up against an AV, people typically built well rounded teams to get through the AV's or else your team was going to have a REALLY tough t
  7. Loved those movies. At least the first two, they kind of went silly afterwards, heh. Although I did like the one about the toy maker, whichever one that was.
  8. I was hoping to have something different for all three, but two of them use the same file and the big guy uses both files depending on how soon or how long you wait before summoning him. It's a bit strange really. But it's the best I could do under the circumstances. All in all, I was happy with the results. 🙂
  9. I knew that too! I actually seen that live here in Louisville, that damn song gave me cold chills down my arms and spine...was one of the absolute most powerful things I have ever witnessed! Yeah, I left out the actual name of the song, good catch and thanks, I actually forgot the name, I mean, I knew the name, just couldn't pull it up in my brain files, lol. So thanks for that, srmalloy.
  10. People have their reasons. I was that way with Star Wars the Old Republic, they started nerfing crap, changing animations, changing the progression tree, made it simpler for little kids to play, and I was like, "F**k this, I'm out." I have no idea what the game is like now, but most of the time, once I leave a game I never look back. City of Heroes is that one exception to the rule.
  11. Considering how there is a constant wave of people looking for AE power leveling on the chat channels and how fast you can go from level 1 to 50 in those AE missions, I would say it was justified at the time, but no longer justified.
  12. New Mod! Demon Summoning Devil's Choir! If you loved the Omen movies, you'll probably have some appreciation for this mod! Available on the CoH Modder Tool!
  13. There were SEVERAL nerfs that just kept coming and coming over time. Every time the Devs nerfed something, Fire Tanks adjusted and found another way. Here is a list of the nerfs as I remember them." 1: They put a timer on the Wolves missions so that it could not be repeated. Tanks simply started using Ninjas (Chimera and his Guards) to herd, which turned out to be even better than Wolves. 2: They nerfed the ambush mobs in Ninjas to curve the mob sizes that would spawn. Tanks just started adding more taunt to their AoE to adjust so it simply took them longer to herd. Other Tanks
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