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  1. Could you take a screen shot? Sounds like you might have it set up wrong or something.
  2. I think you would have better luck putting this in the suggestion forums. I don't think you are going to find a modder to do that one since modding just a single power can take a very long time. You need an in game option for what you are asking. Asking a modder to do this could take months, if not years...and since we are all doing these mods for free, I don't think any modder would want to invest all that time in to something that would be easier done as a graphics option in game. Try posting this on the Suggestion Forums. You will have a better chance of getting this there than posting it here.
  3. Oh sure, all these wanna-be Energy Melee guys are going to start coming out of the woodwork. That's okay, I always have the bragging rights of, "Energy was my main before it was cool...everyone else are just bandwagon fans..." 😄
  4. Which could also affect your set bonus stats. For an example: You currently have a full set of Damage in Thrust that gives you 3.75% Defense to Ranged. Now that you have to slot for Knock Back to get back your Knock Back, maybe that set only has a 1.25% Defense to Melee instead of Ranged, thus taking you down from the Soft Cap to Ranged and placing you below it instead. Which is the exact same issue I have now with my Energy Blast Blaster, since I have to slot a KB to KD Enhancement in all of my Knock Back Powers, I always miss out on that sixth Bonus stat. This is why I say the ONLY viable solution is to add a toggle to every AT that turns KB to KD and vice versa. That way the people who hate knock back can actually slot correctly instead of gimping our builds by placing KB to KD in half our powers. It's not fair to us...and I for sure would not want to turn that table around to those who currently enjoy the Knock Back, it wouldn't be fair to them either. However, something needs to be done to make it fair for everyone...and the toggle is the only way that fairness can be achieved.
  5. The better option is to have a toggle built in to every character that changes your powers from knock back to knock down and vice versa. That is the only compromise I see playing out well.
  6. I can't be the only one who was hoping to see the +Recovery being removed from Touch of the Beyond to Death Shroud. I really hate that the +Recovery is tied to a power that is a click and requires a target. I really want to play /Dark but for as long as the +Recovery is tied to a click that requires a target, I just can't. That set could REALLY use some love too, since it is the second least played set in game, only being 11 players short of being the absolute least played set in the Blaster Secondaries neck and neck with the least played set which is Ninja Training. I have a thread on it here for reference to the idea and the statistics. For me personally, if we could move the +Recovery from Touch of the Beyond to Death Shroud, that's all the set would need to entice me to actually play the set.
  7. And then there is hat too. 😄
  8. People are that desperate for a Gold Name. I love that the Devs are trying to do an event, but sadly it is the players who ruin the fun of it. That's why I am just doing my own thing. I am not willing to camp in order to get a win...but others are, which puts me and others like me at a huge disadvantage. It's fun to watch though on these forums. So I am getting some enjoyment out of it.
  9. I had an SG mate who was having that SAME exact problem the other night. I have not spoken with him since so I am not sure if he has found a way to fix it yet.
  10. In this thread @Jimmy said... I would just like to give my opinion that other than changing the SFX for the Quick Energy Transfer, I do not believe anything needs to change from what is on test. I am in full support to what we have on Beta Testing and feel nothing needs to change from that. I think the Devs did a damn fine job and even though there seems to be a few people who are not a fan, I keep in mind that no matter what you do with the set, you are ALWAYS going to have people who are not happy with it. However, going forward, for balance and bringing something that everyone has a slice of their pie in this, the way this was implemented was perfect. People who wanted to keep the nerfed version of ET still has that option. People who hates the nerfed version of ET can never have to see it again due to the new mechanic. The Devs did what they had to do to try and give everyone what they wanted by implementing something that gave both. They did a fine job at giving players the option of having more AoE, while not making it required to make the new mechanic work for those of us who did not feel the set needed more AoE. The Devs have clearly thought this through and have clearly taken in to consideration ALL of the discussions that we have had all over the boards since the game has been back. I think at this point we are seeing the biggest issues that people want this set to be the way they want it to be and are unwilling to compromise. What the Des did was compromise and did a little something for EVERYONE. I personally feel the Devs did what needed to be done in a way that attempts to make ALL parties happy. Sorry if it did not go exactly the way you wanted it to...guess what, it did not go exactly the way I wanted it to either...but I for one am happy with the compromise and I believe everyone else should be happy with it too. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time. My vote: Leave it just the way it currently is on live and be grateful the Devs went out of their way to try and give the set a little something for all the people....even if it does not match what YOU wanted. Nobody got what they wanted because there were WAY too many voices that all wanted something different. However, we all DID get a voice in it and the Devs implemented as many ideas as they possibly could so that everyone had a piece of the pie. Thank you Devs for going out of your way to make something possible that would have otherwise not been possible, by granting them a viable way to get what they want through the new mechanics. I cannot say thank you enough and although some do not seem to appreciate the great effort you went through to give everyone what they have been asking for, I for one do appreciate and recognize the effort you made to attempt to make EVERYONE happy. Damn good work.
  11. Sorry, I completely forgot to answer this question. Some of my earlier mods you can do this with. However, due to the time it takes to give detail instructions and due to the fact that after playing around with the mods for a while I end up seeing ways to improve the sounds or adjust volumes of sounds, I tend to update the versions often. So the best way is to just use the modder tool. My earlier mods are still listed though, although most of them are out of date by now and are basically the Beta version of my mods. For an example, if you DL the sound bites for my Electric ranged mod, you won't be getting the new hard hitting and super realistic lightning strike sound effects that it now has...nor will you be getting the new Snipe that was added a few weeks back. What you could do, is just download the mods off the modder tool, locate the file that the downloaded mods are saved to and then manually install them. However...that may get difficult over time. For an example, I have a really cool Lightsaber SFX mod for Katana and Duel Wield, however, you will only want to use that mod when you are playing your Katana/Duel Wield toon, because those sound bites also affect some Rikti and some attacks by MM pets. It would really sound out of place if you were not playing a Katan or DW character using the Lightsaber skin that is an option for the skins. So even then, I would still say the best way to keep up with the mods and use them only when you want them is through the Modder Tool. I am like you, I prefer installing uninstalling on my own, but the modder tool makes this sooooo much easier since I do not have to keep up with what sound bite goes with what power.
  12. Ah I see. I must have read that backwards then.
  13. I suggested this very reason myself and was almost put on trial and tortured for suggesting that was the possible psychological reason behind the hate. Careful... lol Found it!
  14. I tried to make a suggestion to bring him back once...but I think the community grabbed their pitch forks and torches and thumped me over the head for it. I had never realized how much the community hated him until then...and I fought tooth and nail arguing in favor of his return. I still have the bruises and war scars from the forum battles that day, lol. Honestly, if it were not for Statesman, United States would most likely never have existed.
  15. The problem with your ideas and suggested changes is that it would only be fun for the player playing the set. You need to remember this game has a team component to it and with all that suggested knock back, you are not only making things more difficult for yourself (IE keeping mobs stacked on you so that your team can make best use of AoE) but you would also be driving your DPS on your team insane. Yes, it would be wicked cool to knock opponents all over the room and watch them smash in to walls, but your Blasters would probably put you on ignore and never team with you again, hehe.
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