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  1. People left this game in droves when they added travel power suppression...and you want travel powers removed? No. If you want that kind of PvP, they have that available in the arena as an option. Find you a few folks who want to PvP that way and you guys can have your own private matches without travel powers. I stopped PvPing after they had nerfed placate and I still support PvPer's right to PvP unhinged from nerfs. Nerfing powers in PvP is what made me quit, and I was PvPing with some of the best back then...I lived and breathed PvP, adding a nerf like this would cause PvP zones to turn in to wastelands....more so than what they already are. As far as the trash talk...you can't stop that. Psychological warfare in PvP is a real thing, people are going to say things to frustrate you. Best you can do when you enter a zone is turn off chat. You either have the thick skin to PvP or you do not. Having a thick skin is one of the many requirements for PvP. It can be a blast if you roll with the punches and learn to build for PvP and learn to play as a PvPer. It can be a nightmare for somebody like yourself...but it doesn't have to be a nightmare if you have the patience and willingness to learn. It completely up to you. Calling for a nerf is not the answer.
  2. I would cast Hasten just because you said that. 😄
  3. Look, I just want the old animation back...what they do with the damage of that power I honestly don't care. Just please, for the love of peace on Earth, let me have back the old animation. I'm even going to say pretty please.
  4. Mach 10!?!? That should get a huge bonus to hit! I mean come on, can you dodge anything coming at you at Mach 10?
  5. Originally, objects would explode on contact and was accompanied with a big boom sound, giving the feeling that you hit with such force, the object couldn't withstand the impact...and there were no objects laying around after to obstruct view. It looked cooler and was way more user friendly. Why it was ever changed from that is beyond me, however it was a completely stupid decision. It's a very dull effect now compared to what it used to be.
  6. Done; got the link right here with combat window open.
  7. None at all. I don't use IO's until level 50 with the exception of Stealth IO's in any builds that I use Stealth with. I actually put together a video showing a test that I had conducted. Both tests using the same mob type within reasonable levels of my malfactored level 29 characters. One character only had Superior Invisibility, while the other character had Invisibility + Stealth IO. I have uploaded a Youtube video that can be found here. I didn't edit very well, so there is a long dark spot you have to fast forward through, sorry about the bad editing.
  8. No offense taken. We are both players trying to find a logical explanation through trial, error and using what information we have available. I'll look more in to this tomorrow and post back.
  9. Interesting. Makes me wonder how accurate that information is though, since my Stalker was able to hang out with them unnoticed for quite some time, as was my Illusions Controller with Superior Invisibility. Everything below that level of stealth was attacked almost instantly. If it suppressed stealth, then it should have not mattered what type of stealth I had active, I would think.
  10. So I was casually running along, minding my own business when suddenly, my Troller who has Invis + Stealth IO ran across some mean ol' Cabal members in Croa. Next thing I knew, they decided that my Invis + Stealth IO was not enough to hide from the wicked grasp of their +perception. It surprised me to say the least. So after asking google and getting no help from that, I asked around in Help channel if Cabal had +perception and to my surprise I was told no by several people. I could have just chalked it up to a bug and went along with my day...but me being the stubborn bastard that I am, I refused and set off for a quest for a real answer. So I started with Stealth under controlled conditions, using level 28 as my standard level and finding even conned minions. They see right through it and proceeded to do what Cabal to best...lighting me up. Next I tried Stealth + Stealth IO. Same result. Invis, same result. invis + Stealth IO, same result. Superior Invis....ahhhh....we finally found a level of Stealth that Cabal cannot see through...even when standing right up against them. So obviously anything Superior Invis and up can conceal themselves from Cabal. Anything with 200 Stealth or better. So, is there a chart someplace where I can find information like this with all enemies who carry stealth and what is needed to beat their stealth? I don't seem to recall any such charts, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist. I think if such a chart exists, it would sure be helpful to have this chart in a sticky somewhere on these forums.
  11. I used to educate players (because it wasn't always a thing to give them the minimal FX option) and I got nothing but "Don't tell me what to do! I don't care!" even though all I was doing was letting them know it was an option in the nicest way I could express. Sometimes, saying anything at all to players about this sort of thing can be taken the wrong way, so I just stopped saying anything at all. I think it would just be better all round to give us as players the option to have the minimal FX option added to Null the Gull. There honestly isn't that many FX in game that bothers me when people cast something on me. Ice is pretty much the only one...and then only if it's the Blocky Cube FX.
  12. You gonna be okay there, little guy? Edit: I'm going to go on ahead and elaborate. What I am seeing is that people are wanting Sents to be more like Blasters. Asking for Blaster range, asking for Blaster AoE type damage... The way I see it, if you want Blaster range and Blaster DPS, then role a Blaster. The resists and Defense a Sent can get with Invuln is just straight up OP for a ranged DPS class. I can't speak for the other secondaries, but if they are anything like what I can get with Invuln, it's just straight up OP. Asking for more range or more DPS without trading in some of that ridiculous resist/defense is just asking to do to Blasters what has already been done to Tanks by Brutes. It would only drive Blasters to the bottom of the barrel, and with Corruptors already on the nipping at the heals of Blasters, that is just something we don't need. Sents are often the last man standing on team wipes and they boast this all over the game. There is a reason for that. Yes, I said it loud and clear and I stand by it...Sents are already on the verge of being OP. They are not OP yet, but they are approaching dangerously close. You can laugh and giggle and pretend it's not an issue, but I never needed your approval to see the math plain as day. Do Sents need a new and improved Inherent? Yes, I agree with this. But to pretend they need more damage and more range? Hell no, I will not agree with that. That would send them straight over the edge of making them OP and Blasters would be played only out of nostalgia rather than picked up for what they bring to the team.
  13. Yeah, the minimal effects on the shields is perfect, IMO. To me, they look a hell of a lot better too. I don't see the appeal in the big blocky human ice cube look.
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