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  1. To add to this, placate used to put you back in to hide, so it didn't matter about the debuffs in those day. Later, the changed it from putting you in hide to putting you in to a pseudo hide...which only partially hides you but you are still visible to the placated target. Because of this, ANYTHING could break placate. Try placating with a Spines Stalker...tics of damage...well, there goes your placate. If placate were to be reverted to putting you in to full hide like it used to, it would be much more useful and the bug wouldn't even matter anymore. Back then, nobody was running around wit
  2. Just playing Devil's advocate here, but that is exactly what people used to say in the earlier years of this game when players constantly complained and wanted the game to be easier. Well, they got what they wanted so now the shoe is on the other foot. There is irony here in this statement.
  3. Yeah, that was my final realization as well. Which is a big part of why I don't play anymore. There is no challenge left for me through the leveling process or even the end game. I might log on once in a blue moon to say hi to friends and what not, but it pretty much ends there. The only way I would play on a regular basis again is if somebody created a server that went back to Issue 1-5 and kept the rules and mechanics based on that...along with getting rid of IOs and making HO's the top dog enhancement again. I like the powersets in today's game, so it wouldn't bother me if the powersets rem
  4. I wrote that LONG before fold space was around. Also, I don't play anymore, so then there is that.
  5. Hey Solarverse, could you kindly tell me where or HOW you found the Robots sounds, please? I can't find them anywhere, I've been looking for hours now. Sadly, Pigg Viewer Pro doesn't seem to have a Search option, and the extract all function doesn't seem to function :/


  6. It was a prediction. That is just one point out of a thousand that I could make though. What good does it to me to build SO's only when a majority of players are running tight builds that obliterate anything they touch with little to no effort? If I am the only person on the team running SOs only to run ALL content, it's just not the same....and it never will be the same again. Power creep has simply changed the game way too much for me to enjoy it. There are many reasons why I stopped playing, I could write a book on it, and it has nothing to do with burnout and everything to do with the way
  7. This has become a tired old argument for some of us that it gets to the point that we kind of get tired of explaining it. It doesn't matter anyway because no matter what the explanation is, it's never good enough. So instead of arguing the issue, I simply left the game...for the most part. Same as above, but with this I think we all know that unless you have a whole group of people who can all play at the same times who are all willing to play with SO's only, that's going to be an issue. I can see it now... "Hey Solarverse, I noticed you don't have any set b
  8. Yup, you're right. I had to search a bit to find the patch notes that confused people and they can be found here. In short, what it says is that they were trying to give it damage that is comparable to Lightening Rod, not that they were turning it in to a teleport. Thanks for the clarification. Info can be found below.
  9. Hey there. I thought I'd post this to you. It's a channel that has some sfx on it that you may like (you might have to scroll down a bit).


    1. Solarverse


      I appreciate that, Herotu. Thank you.

  10. Hmmm, could have sworn I read that it was going to be a teleport.
  11. They were going to do the same thing with Dark Consumption. Sadly that fell through, I was actually looking forward to it.
  12. Strangly enough, I seem to be the only person who was in to Heroes and Villains Unlimited.
  13. Wait, are you talking about the one that was canceled and then turned in to Champions Online?
  14. That could work beautifully. Nothing complicated, just a simple link and brief description.
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