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  1. That's a good one too. I tried that one out before creating mine. I just wanted something with more thump and less buzz. I also tried out the Banshee SFX Mod for Sonic, that damn thing is so fricken good I didn't feel the need to make a Sonic one. He made that mod exactly like I would have, heh. The more Mods and options we can get the better as far as I am concerned, and I feel people should try all of them before settling on one. Never kn ow what you might be missing.
  2. Well now there is! I have been working on a few mods as of late and I wanted to share them with the rest of the community. The mods I have set up so far are as follows. Revamp of the City of Heroes theme song Revamp of the Atlas Plaza theme song Star Wars Blaster SFX for Dual Pistols A very appealing SFX Mod for Beam Rifle Original Peacebringer SFX that reverts the recent PB SFX nerf. There are more mods out there that have been created by several other players and I am working with another poster on getting these mods all together and into a centralized location. The goal is to make ALL CoH Mods accessible to all players and easy to find. You'll be updated once this happens. As of right now... The link, description and directions on how to install the mods that have been mentioned are in my Sig. Enjoy!
  3. It sure makes you feel like you are hitting harder, doesn't it? lol
  4. Stone melee on a Stalker or Scrapper would just look silly to me. I used to like it when certain powers were specific to certain classes. Now we are moving closer and closer to a point where these classes dont have much of anything that's unique. I personally wouldn't want to see it get any worse than it already is, so I'm gonna say no.
  5. Nope, I refuse to argue with Time Manipulation and Nature Affinity! *Runs away as fast as I can*
  6. This is most likely NEVER going to happen, but just in case the Devs ever get a design crew going, I would like to officially put in a request to either get a mission in a story arc that takes us out in to space, or a new zone that takes place in space that would be similar to the Shadow Shard...and actually have many missions and things to do there. Or, we can even change one of the shards into a Cosmic zone full of Asteroids, small planets, maybe even Earth's Moon. Possibilities are endless if the Devs can ever get a hold of a couple of good programmers/designers. Like I said, the odds of this happening is about .05%, however, even the Seattle Mariners could play in the World Series....anything is possible. However, I think we have a better chance of seeing a Cosmic Zone added to the game than the Seattle Mariners have of ever seeing the World Series. 😄
  7. Could the real J-Man please stand up? So I have heard The J-Man is back and he is playing on the Excelsior Server. Any of you who played on Freedom may know of him. So if the Real J-Man would please stand up...we can give the guy a proper welcome back.
  8. I have personally found Perma Hasten is seldom worth the effort. I feel very few builds benefit from it.
  9. Most games have a volume control for Ambiences as well as regular game sounds along with Music sounds. Sadly this game does not have those options. It's either what was said earlier in the thread or play with your sound lower. 😞
  10. All very good advice. Yes, I practice much of what is mentioned above, but the info is solid and I appreciate your additions to the topic. Thank you.
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