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  1. Hello Homecoming fam, I currently have a level 49 Mind Control/Energy Assault Dom and am having a hard time choosing that last power at 49. I currently have: Primary: Mesmerize, Dominate, Confuse, Total Domination, Terrify, Mass Confusion Secondary: All ranged attacks, Power Boost, Whirling Hands Leaping: Combat Jumping, Super Jump Speed: Hasten Leadership: Maneuvers, Tactics, Vengeance Concealment: Stealth, Invisibility Ice Mastery: Sleet, Hibernate I think the reason why I am having a tough time choosing is because I want to make good use of those last 3 enhancement slots. So, either take something that's pretty good out of the box with minimal slotting OR something that could perform relatively well with 3 - 4 enhancement slots after hitting 50. I have thought about Mass Hypnosis, Telekinesis, Frozen Armor, Hoarfrost, but honestly would like to hear from some of you guys who have more experience playing that I do. TY all in advance for the advice! UPDATE: Reading a recent thread about the same build, I could drop Leaping for Force of Will and take Weaken Resolve, Mighty Leap and Unleash Potential....
  2. I took the elevated down at which point, the objective changed to "Talk to Lt. Harris." Ran to his location and he is not there. Tried porting back to Oro and then returned to Mercy, no luck. Also tried zoning to another zone, also nada.
  3. Hello all, I attempted to complete the Fire Wire arc in Mercy Island via Oroboros today and ran into a problem: the very last objective requires the player to speak to Lt. Harris and, when I go to his location, he is not there. My only guess as to why would probably be because I completed Harris's arc long ago and might have killed him at the end of the original arc? Anyway, I am unable to complete the mission and so will not get credit for completing the arc, which is need for an accolade badge. Anyone else experience this? I did send a petition out about an hour ago but was hoping maybe someone experienced this and found a solution? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. Good morning all, After searching the forums and not seeing anything specific to this issue, I have decided to write about it here: One of the Alts on my account has just stopped earning Day Jobs. What this looks like in game is, simply, that no Day Job location icon appears at all, regardless of the zone I am in. Also, it appears that I am not gaining any progress in the badge tracking feature of the game. To date, this toon has earned just 3 Day Jobs (Criminal, Pain Specialist and Arachnos Agent) but at some point, things just .... stopped. I tried changing factions with Null the Gull and seeing if I could make progress on the blue side, with no luck. I sent a petition in game (finally) this morning and hope to hear back at some point. Curious if anyone else has, or ever had, this issue? Any tricks to get this fixed? Thank you in advance for replies and thoughts on what might be going on.
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