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  1. I just wanted to reiterate this. I built toons with good enhs, but then was being crippled upon being exemplared. And then I started using attuned enhs. Pro-tip: you can't find "attuned" enhs from the search bar in the auction house menu. You have to click the plus sign next to "Enhancements" underneath it and begin your search there. And it will take some getting used to before you're able to quickly find enhs.
  2. Wow! Reading this was so much fun! I have a Storm Defender! I love 'em! I'm going to try Storm out on a Controller next!
  3. Arena badges! Wow! We just got ours tonight!? It was relatively glitch-free with experienced badgers. So it probably took about an hour? But I *have* done it before where it took about the same amount of time and not a single person received one badge!? Or maybe one person did who only needed the one badge and bailed afterwards.
  4. Er... So the past week or so I've been out of work (no worries...yet.) But the good news is that I broke my first 1000! I actually broke it yesterday evening (March 27,) but someone just suggested to me that I post it here!? It didn't occur to me that it was my first 1000 because it seems like I've been badging *forever!* Lol! I've included the creation date.
  5. When I joined a league going after the Keyes badges, we specifically trained for the Green Stuff badge. The league leader had an AoE power that froze the ground that he colored green and even designed a costume similar to Dr Keyes'. Even so, it tooks us about a dozen attempts over a few days to get it. You can FARM the Empath badge by getting the Rebirth Total Core Invocation (T3 is fine) and then travelling to Mercy Island. Near the P2W agent is a large group of stationary Arachnos soldiers that you can auto-fire while afk. It took me about 3 nights or so for my Blaster (!?) to get the Empath badge. Great conversation piece! Lol! Someone showed me a way to farm damage taken in the Maria Jenkins arc. There's a lava pool in the last mission. SOMEHOW, they told me to get into a Rest position and then slide into the pool. I did this and was being damaged at 91/sec or so. The next day I tried to do it again, but I couldn't stay in a Rest position and enter the pool. I never found the person again to figure out how they did that.
  6. Anyway, with all of these silly distractions aside, most of what I would like to see *personally* is simply to fix the existing badges that aren't working correctly! It's hard enough getting the ones we have already without adding more!? I haven't reached 1500, yet! Lol!* *not that I'm suggesting you guys slow down on adding them! Lol!
  7. Not at all. I'm not talking about doing missions and participation. I'm talking about movement only.
  8. Whew! I was beginning to think you hated techno-based music! Nice song! Even with my busted headphones that give me left audio only!
  9. Correct. I want free movement regardless of alignment. My original post "Unlock all exploration badges for everyone" was an obviously poor attempt to describe that. My mistake on the P2W agent. Sometimes I'm thinking about one thing and typing another.
  10. If you watch the original video of "Rhythm is a Dancer," you'll notice that the singer actually enjoys it!
  11. I understand what you're saying, but that's a workaround. For story purposes, not every toon can switch alignments. I don't want a workaround to go to Grandville. I want to go there anytime without making a stop by the P2W. And vice-versa.
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    The other day I pug'd a team on lfg and specified the Valet badge and a request for serious badgers only. I got a GREAT team with two people who knew the tactics. So I split half the team with one tactician and the rest of us followed the other. Easy, peasy. A piece of advice: Stay on the ground! If you aggro the Sky Raiders they'll start interfering (which might not matter, but you know...)
  13. Can you post the map? What are Psionic Brass Conduits?
  14. Oh, yeah! Almost forgot! The Paladin badge is slightly broken. Edit: And allow players to track their progress on the Vandal badge.
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