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  1. If the devs corrected the "de-toggle bug" on the P2W's travel powers and added a "revoke" feature to all of them then I would be more interested in trying them. On the one hand, I'm interested in the thematic possibilities of the flying carpet. But the de-toggle doesn't fit my toon's theme at all! Honestly, I think moving ALL of the travel powers to the P2W agent would be an idea worth considering.
  2. That's what badges are! Lol!
  3. Are there any zones that are "better" than others for gift hunting? Edit: Independence Port seems a good candidate. Just keep running laps until you get 200. The maps are at the bottom of the page: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Winter_Event/Presents
  4. Wow! The novel cover art is by George Perez! And he doesn't really draw anymore!?
  5. How do the comics compare to the online story? Do they match up? I'm showing a promo comic by Dark Horse, Vol 1 (12 issues) by Blue King Studios and Vol 2 (20 issues) by Top Cow.
  6. There's always that option if needed! Lol! Anyway, I was just requesting it so that others can benefit the way I already have. You're welcome!
  7. Er... I guess I have to change my previous impression! I seem to be having rendering issues at short distances (or more.) I see naked people!
  8. There's more than just the game?! Wow!
  9. Whew! Some tough responses! Thankfully though, the Flavour of the Month data would seem to indicate that these views are in the tiny minority! Lol!
  10. No matter if I get SJ/CJ or Fly/Hover, I always get 5 hours of Jet Pack!
  11. Yay! No problems that I've noticed! Well, except that I'm jealous of Ms. Liberty's costume! Fix it! Lol! Plenty of beautiful changes! Thank you!
  12. Sorry! Forgot to include the link! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12961-patch-notes-for-november-29th-2019/
  13. Because of a peculiar condition that exists on the Homecoming server, I'd like to respectfully make a request. Can you please allow Candy Canes to drop in the AE building? The "peculiar condition" that I refer to is the fact that each account is worth 1000 alts. Maybe more? Although I'm sure not every player has 1000 alts, the AE building is a RELIEF to the joyful burden of badge hunting for all that a player has!
  14. Wow! I'm glad I'm finished farming for the most part! Lol!
  15. Oh, and btw! Candy Cane farms! Yay! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/12269-candy-canes/
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