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  1. Ok. Well that's a Homecoming thing.
  2. It was probably because the timer ran out on defeating him. That happened to me, too.
  3. This will not cause a loss of the badge. Please read the "How to Get" section and the "Notes" section on the badge's page. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/A_Nemesis_Plot_Badge
  4. It's my understanding that you can actually select Lord Recluse on Cake to play. Or something.
  5. I never played Live so I haven't had any trouble with those toons.
  6. I was on a server were Vet levels had been turned off. You still earn salvage/threads/etc, but you didn't progress past level 50. I didnt see any difference at all in gameplay other than the loss of salvage generated from leveling as a Vet.
  7. You can summon Hami in the Abyss? I've never been there!? I'll have to check this place out... Edit: wait... Hami recruitment is "tedious?" I thought it impossible to get in unless you arrived early!?
  8. The badge is awarded zonewide when Nemesis is defeated. So organizing teams is not strictly necessary. You just need to plant his face. Edit: the Nemesis Plot Invasion Event ends on April 15 according to the announcements
  9. Whoops! I got it! I was using a different launcher (Sweet Tea) and the silly thing created it's own coh folder!? Once I pointed it to my CORRECT coh folder, everything worked correctly!
  10. Vidiots maps works perfectly when I'm logged in to Homecoming. But when I log into another server I can't see the Vidiots data. I know the markers in Vidiots wouldn't (necessarily) apply to a different server, but why doesn't it show up?
  11. The We Have Cake server has no aggro cap at all, so that demonstrates that it works.
  12. Please remove the aggro cap for Tankers (only.)
  13. I enjoyed his YouTube channel, even when I didn't participate.
  14. Although stealth is an objective for the Hacker, it's not necessary. I normally defeat the thugs so I can hack in peace (and still get the badge.) For the thief, the laser challenge is a little easier if the camera is tilted to a more "top down" view. The Ninja Monkey badge is made easier with AoEs, naturally. For Man's Best Friend, the players should defeat the two-or-three brown dogs before attacking Frank. Once the brown dogs are defeated, then the players can focus on the badge.
  15. The Twinshot arcs can be completed in Flashback (reply to previous post)
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