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  1. This is a power that every /Temp Blaster has. So I thought, why not enh it and use it? It had only one slot so I slotted it with Tempered Readiness: +acc, +slow. I've been a bit surprised at it's effectiveness!? Most teams I go on missions with can solo incarnate content, so I don't really use my /temp powers often. The animations are too slow with a group of steamrollers! But when we run into an AV that gives me time to use it, it *actually* worked sometimes!? I fire it last in a chain with a 6-slotted (Superior Entomb) Time Stop and 6-slotted (Razzle Dazzle) Time Shift. Sometimes the AV will be Held for a few seconds and sometimes they're just slowed. But I don't think I've ever been disappointed by it! Yay! Does anyone else use it? Do you have any tips for it?
  2. I created an Ice Blast/Tactical Arrow and got nearly all of my Primary/Secondary powers to experiment with them and was overwhelmed by how many offensive powers I had available!?
  3. I found this on the 2nd (?) mission of David Wincott's arc in the Hollows. Is this something we can add to a base or maybe some kind of Easter Egg? I couldn't click on it...
  4. I got the "newer" maps by following directions in the video above, but I still don't have the Battle Hardened marker. Also, the neighborhood markers in Dark Astoria are no longer interactive. How do I uninstall the maps I installed from teh video above? Is there a reasonably simple way to get the latest maps?
  5. Can we have the Dr. Quaterfield Task Force included in the WST? https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Dr._Quaterfield_Task_Force
  6. I would like to see a cool down for the Base TP power from the P2W agent similar to the Reveal power. Base TP is a prestige power, too. I would like to see a more "legit" form of base travel that would allow a person to set one base at a time for their power. Or maybe purchase each time for each base. But with a much quicker cool down. Of course if they give that to us, people (myself included) will start begging for MT, ATT and TT to get the same cool downs. But honestly, I'm not sure we should rush into *that* particular can of worms just yet!
  7. Well... This is my first MMO so I don't have "years" on it. But I've been playing several months, so here goes: When I first started playing, I was made (vaguely) aware of Dual and Team insp drops and that they were disabled by default. Since I didn't really know what an "insp" was at the time (but I knew what a "drop" was since I've played video games since Pong) I didn't pay much attention. Recently I decided that I was tired of my insp trays being clogged by small drops so I decided to turn them off. Imagine my surprise while doing this when I noticed that Dual and Team insp drops can be turned on for a mere 200K!?!?!? All of this occurs at the P2W agent, btw.
  8. So after carefully reading a couple of replies, I've concluded that it's really not necessary to change the hostage rescues except to: 1) add features that prevent or discourage the "click-and-go" habit most players have when there is an unusual hostage situations (ie: hostages are defeatable, etc) 2) increase variety for how hostages are handled. Maybe even make it configurable when you talk to the contact. Hostages could be set to fade-on-contact, teleportable, and/or defeatable. 3) Make no changes to the hostage's perception because they're "normals" anyway.
  9. I was shown a badge in Cimerora that does not show up on my Vidiots map. It's called "Battle Hardened" and it's located directly above the gates to the city on the very top of the wall.
  10. So why does the base teleport not drop me off at the base teleport?
  11. Maybe. I think the point made earlier that hostages are "normal" and preserving them is part of the fun is a very valid point. Stealth and tp doesn't make good brag... er, I mean "storytelling!"
  12. Now that Cosmic platform is so ubiquitous, the Ouro badge is nearly useless. I used to recruit lowbies hanging out at Ms. Liberty and help them get their Ouro badge at level 1 just to blow their minds. But no one is interested anymore... 😞 People don't understand that the Ouro badge is better for tp'ing to Atlas Park (for instance) and the Cosmic platform is better for tp'ing to Peregrine Island (for instance.) It takes both of them to efficiently fast travel!
  13. This sounds suspiciously like a Nemesis plot!
  14. I vote that we have 6 slots for everything! Including Incarnate Powers! Yay! Lol!
  15. During a mission I was on today where we led the hostage out, one person made the comment that they wished "x" power increased the Perception of the hostage to allow them to see the person they were locked onto. I thought it was an interesting suggestion.
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