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  1. Thanks for the responses all😊I made up a Storm/Water defender and a Thug/Storm MM and am playing them up now. I do love controllers and one of my all time favorites was fire/storm but the much lower numbers and lack of a way to add a heal turned me off. Remember this specific concept toon will revolve around the use of hurricane everything else is secondary, and while repositioning with wormhole is incredibly powerful its not quite the way I envision the character playing out. But I am simple so my vision maybe too🤣! The initial impression is defender is the way to go just a light brush from Hurricane and its a noticeable improvement over the MM or controller versions. Thanks for the builds all.
  2. So weird concept, I want the toughest hurricaner I can make. A toon that just runs around with hurricane running and laughing at the chaos. So is defender the best option simply to get the better numbers in hurricane and steam mist? Then pair it with a blast set with a heal like dark blast or water? Would a MM with storm and bodyguard mode be the tougher even with lower numbers?
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