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  1. First off, the only recipes I get are at or below my level (makes sense in a way). However I want to make enhancements for my level to progress. Not for where I was before. Second, for sets like Luck of the Gambler, what level is that? Does a high level character use low level sets? Hate to think that I have to equip a set multiple times to stay current with my level, but is that how this works?
  2. Well I do need both as a Sentient to get the procs, right?
  3. LOL-Thanks for the tip! Couldn’t figure out what to train at 24. Now I do 😁
  4. My primary is fire. I didn’t train the tier one power because it did minor damage. Read that the offensive opportunity is activated with the minor damage power that I skipped (so I never see the offensive opportunity). Can’t I switch it to another power or do I have to waste a power on the tier one to activate it?
  5. Those points are good to know. Thanks. when I first looked at Sentinels on the creation page, it showed ranged damage at 7, with blasters at 10 and defenders at 6. If Sentinels has a 150% higher damage than defenders., than the damage number should have read 10 at least. Just curious, what did Scalar rate blasters at? Since some of the blaster secondaries buff the damage output, many players like the idea of being a glass cannon. When Sentinels were designed, they should have had all of the damage of a blaster (without the buffs) and the same defensive secondary to keep it balanced. The Sentinel idea has been a dream of mine for a very long time. Cox has the best melee characters I have seen on any mmo, but I’d like to play ranged without giving up the defense. Much like an archer on Asherons Call.
  6. I can understand why Defenders have a weak blast because it is a secondary powerset, but why is a Sentinel's primary powerset so weak and only marginally better than a defender?
  7. (So that is why so many players talk like this) There is so much of this game that I am learning. The first few weeks was spent figuring out which class and combination of power sets to play (must be over a thousand). Settled on a Claws/EA Scrapper. He's about 30 as of this evening's team session. After we did a huge map everyone left the game (well, two of us left). The next mission was also timed, so I logged until tomorrow. As always it was a fun evening. I will work into TF's and other events. Trying to learn about other game areas again. Was in Terra Volta for the first time in several years. It was an amazing zone!
  8. I had INF problems in the past as stated in It doesn't "pay" to play a support character . But the issues are still there if all you do is play the game (not sitting in at the Auction). For the last few weeks I've been running teams pretty extensively. Two days ago, the team went for 8.5 hours. Yesterday was 5.5. Starting a new team in a few minutes. The INF coming is getting better, but after last night's session I only brought in about a half million at levels 23 to 28. Spent that creating just 6 IO's @ L30. As I said before, the rewards are not all that great, but I'll keep at it as I have faith in all that everyone has taught me. Plus playing this game is a whole lot of FUN! Another thing, I don't use XP Boosters. Leveling quickly isn't nearly as fun as playing the game. On LOTRO I wore a device that stopped all incoming XP so I wouldn't level past the content in each area. I want to experience that game fully. I used to see some pretty amazing content in COH LIVE back in the day. Since I'm only 28, seeing that again will have to wait, but I'm in it to the end.
  9. Should a Defender train "Tough and Weave"? Just wondering if it would do any good or will outside DPS kill me anyway.
  10. I lot of good info Nemu and very interesting. Will take me a long while to learn/experience all this.
  11. The problem is getting to 50 with low level enhancements on my character. All I can afford is level 15 IO's in 32% of the slots (the rest are empty) on my security level 26.
  12. Maybe the developers nerfed being able to collect loot at the door and that hit non-damaging characters as well. If I get an equal share of the loot, then why did I only get 60k inf and 3 TO's after 7 hours of doing tons of missions with a group of 5-8 players? If they got the same, then all of those characters will go broke and stop playing the game because their character can't perform correctly. I've got about 30 characters with a maximum level of 26. Most of them have less than 3,000 influence. The highest has about 50,000. The game just doesn't give rewards very well anymore.
  13. If a tank is not concentrating on his job, part or all of the team could wipe. You name me any mmo where a tank can go off and kill stuff like a DPS without wiping the team. LOTRO, WOW, etc. A tank is a tank - period! (unless just solo leveling) The tank must keep other defenseless characters safe (blasters, PB, MM, defenders, controllers, etc. Plus melee that put most into their DPS (no defense)).
  14. When playing COH I've noticed holes in the Pickup Groups (PUG). Players keep losing their characters to the hospital or rez's when available. New Defenders that are playing their character like a weak blaster and not concentrating on their character's primary skill set. Tanks also do the same. Lots of attacks but can't "tank" very well. So I created a few "dedicated" characters. Like a tank that is built for defense only. One that can take the punishment of an alpha strike. Only had the weak, unslotted, unused first attack and the strong and slotted taunt skill. Also had tough, weave, combat jumping (7 defense toggles in all). This one was a Willpower tank. Also when I play defenders, It is focused on the primary skills (not the weak blaster). He is complete support to the team. Here's the problem. The way the mechanics of the game works (that I have noticed), is that you get little to no influence or loot unless you are causing DAMAGE! After playing my tank and running a team for seven hours straight, I end up with 60,000 influence and 3 TO's. How could I possibly enhance my character with this pitiful return? Most of my slots are empty and the rest have level 15 IO's (this at security level 26). This isn't going to work. My dedicated tank that everyone loved...... has failed. He won't be able to perform as he once did. To protect the team from almost all incoming damage. Now to help fix this problem I am starting to train offensive skills (the higher tier ones), but it will be a long road ahead because I can't enhance them very well. My skills won't have the correct level IO's until 35 or 40 should i decide to play him at all. It might be better to make a DPS character and die a thousand times due to the "holes" in the group.
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