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  1. Sure, you can do anything you want in this game. So I did and saw the difference. As it was said up top, not all tanks can take alphas no matter how good their defense is set up. I've tried half of them. Some were better than others. My first was a WP tank . He could take alphas until he was 30, then he lost the edge. Rad tank was pretty good too for awhile. It was said above that you can't dedicate a character yet you can. Its already been done many times by myself. You get every primary power as soon as it's available. Average builds can never do this. I looked at player's info a
  2. Obviously you just read the title, skimmed the post and made your reply. You just don't understand the power of a dedicated archetype. If a plain tank that trained anything ran into a group of purple foes, they are going to die and die quickly.
  3. Often I'll see a tank or a defender that has trained a lot of their early attacks. Like they are going to play just like a tank/scrapper or defender/blaster (50/50). The problem with that is since the attacks are in their secondary power-set, they will be weaker than a primary set would be. So they have become a "jack of all trades, but master of none." When I play an archetype, I dedicate myself. If I'm a defender my job is to support the team. So I will train my primary support powers with all priority. I only train an attack if that's all I can and my pool powers are complete.
  4. Shortly after I started playing in Homecoming (Everlasting server @Diantane) I put my over 40 years of computer gaming experience to use by running teams. Run them all day long (8-12 hours straight) and every day. I'll start a new character every few days (never the same power combination twice) and look for new arcs. No, I'm not into grinding level 50 AE or Radio Missions. I like the adventure of exploring all of the storylines and earning lots of merits in the process. Love them missions. If you read the storylines, they are really quite entertaining. The reason you want to be i
  5. This was my first experience of playing a controller. Hate to think I spent millions of inf on a dud. As you said, there is no to-hit debuffs here. I had to wait until melee players rushes in to take the alpha before casting a hold. If I did it first I would pull all the aggro (a deadly mistake since I had little protection). My job is to make the battle safer for others. If the others have to approach first, I'm not doing my job. This wasn't what I signed up for. I remember last night that I hated this and quit the team I had led for several hours. Gonna create one of the control
  6. I’ve got two SO accuracy enhancements in each of my hold powers and I’m still lucky to affect anything above my level. Frostbite almost never hits. Just don’t use it anymore. The only power that works 100% is Ice Slick, because it doesn’t use accuracy. Thought of switching to another type of controller, but maybe they’re all bad.
  7. My character is new. Just created him last night. He was Ice/storm, but didn’t care for the blinding trait of hurricane. So I re-rolled him to keep the name, “Freezermax.” He turned 22 and I went to sleep. Started using SO’s at level 7. I’ll start using IO’s in another ten levels. Then see what happens with it.
  8. I’ve tried a couple confuse SO’s, but no critter fights their own kind. Have tried two slow SO’s with no difference. So is this just a power that should be spec’ed out?
  9. You need to-hit debuff secondary with Ice Control? Well I got just the thing (that you didn't mention). FF does defense and thermal/sonic does resistance, but I have Cold Domination as a secondary that does both resist and defense shields for the team. So much for minus to-hit - lol. Jack Frost will be protected as well.
  10. Thanks for the quick replies. Gives me something to work for. The incarnate update would be ideal, May switch from doing missions at RWZ until then though 🙂 I'll also work on the inspirations (thanks for that helpful tip).
  11. Played my first blaster this week (Fire/Atomic). Leveled him to 46 and just stopped. I just had enough. Put to sleep and then the foe kills me with no way to protect myself. This happened several dozen times. Don't care for melee (played a stalker. Drop a red inspiration, click on build up and go to assassin. Then three others kill the guy that I took too long to prepare for. All my efforts wasted). What I needed was a blaster with mez protection. Thought that the sentinel was the answer, but their damage level is so low it takes me three full uses of all of my attacks to kill anything. The de
  12. Well that might be true for some powers, but if I capped fire resistance with just two SO enhancements, why would you want to use three??
  13. Unless they changed it I read that ED would give the third of the same enhancement a substantial reduction (can't remember the percentage). So unless you wanted to enhance the defense debuff or something else... According to MIDS, Fiery Embrace only works for 20 seconds with a 3 minute cool-down. One recharge IO lowers it to to 126.4 seconds. Two is 98.19 secs. But adding a third only lowers it another 8 seconds (pretty bad). I can just imagine what little a third damage IO would do for you.
  14. Well that's cool. They must have upgraded that since that 2019 post I read.
  15. I don't believe it! The fire shield wasn't on as you said. When it came on I capped at 90% fire resistance with just two SO's in each fire defense. So adding a third SO or switching to common IO's wouldn't do anything more. I am curious why you trained Fiery Embrace. That is to increase fire attacks. My guess that if you were a fire/fire brute, that would work, but otherwise..... Just read that FE only affects FIRE attacks. Not burn and fire aura. Anyway I was able to complete the AE tf and earn a million influence (that was on -1x4). Will turn that up and try again. Thank you a
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