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  1. My laptop is on its way out and looking to build a PC that will play city of heroes max graphics for as low prices as possible. any suggestions???
  2. i give up with you morons, this is why i do not do forums
  3. Wow, these forums are full of people with selective reading and people who want to voice their nonsense opinions to build up their post count. I am clearly pissing against the wind here with all the nay say. Just because you read the forums and wiki a lot, doesn't mean you know everything. NOT the physical number stats you see, but the base stat modifyers. I was doing farms with elite bosses only with a spines/fire scrapper with soft cap defence and cap resists and taking little to no damage like you see on your typical tank/brute farmer built the same way today on
  4. Dude who cares??? well done for you. You go farm with your stalker............ The topic is about a change that was made to Scrappers and the decline in hours played on scrappers. Why is that?? because Brutes and Tank do a much better job.
  5. ok you are right, Scrappers can farm AE effectively at the difficulty setting of +1 x8
  6. I am not saying the caps have changed, What I am saying is the ability to get the elude effect from soft cap defences and cap resists was changed. Not the physical numbers you see 45% defence and the 75% resistance BUT the base values. Only those that was pushing the Scrapper to its limits noticed those effects, and those who was playing Scrapper in team play casual wouldn't of noticed these effects as much. These changed was not widely known and was not announced. And for the critical hit changes they did happen after AE. I clearly remember reslotting my Spin
  7. You are wrong............... I remember the change clear as day because we put some hours in on those Spines/Fire Scrappers for farming, and we wasn't farming the elite bosses that didn't attack because they was giving less XP than the attacking ones. The only thing that made Scrapper bad for farming back then was the no taunt in attacks and we had a few runners. I was the one creating the farms at the time and was mid maxing and timing each type of farming character. and the Spines/Fire Scrapper was the best until they made those changes. Those changes did happen 100% because
  8. For those who do not know, The Scrapper Class was nerfed a long time ago shortly after AE come out and before ATO sets come about. What they did was change the ability to evade attacks from soft cap defences and cap resists and also a critical hit nerf. When AE 1st hit live me and my pals was doing these fire farms everyone is doing now but with ONLY elites bosses with a Spines/Fire/Fire. Now with soft cap defences and cap resists the Scrapper class cannot do AE farms effectively. Personally I want to play a Scrapper but every time I level 1 to
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