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  1. It's been months since there was a "wish list" added to the patch notes section of what people want to see added. There was also a post about some amazing stuff coming including Mastermind Changes. When are we actually going to see this stuff? What is taking so long? There are other servers that have some crazy customization and they haven't been around as long as homecoming.
  2. Were they seriously considering adding a instant level to 50 option in P2W? I don't think it's a bad idea honestly. If it was more "regular" to have quick 50's I could probably get into them easier
  3. So your entire thing is focus on the content not the exp? Interesting way to look at it, however, I find myself going back to level up and the power hungry feeling comes back to me.. where I want this, this, this, and this. NOW. I can't stand that feeling and than you start to look at your exp bar and it creeps along.. making me twitch (like a crack head) and want to get my AE fix. Which in turn ruins the entire character because I broke the promise to myself I wouldn't use it.
  4. Not trying to make anybody suffer my dude. More-so make normal content especially for a solo player a much faster and smoother experience. I even added a suggestion of 10 elite bosses worth of exp/infamy for completing missions that require you to kill enemies.
  5. That's my problem.. I get to a point where everything is such a goddamn slog in normal content while I am excited to get the new power or slots coming up that I just give up and take the path of least resistance. Mainly because it's available. Let's take Classic WoW vs Retail WoW for example. There are no 50% exp bonuses in Classic from Heirloom sets so I can't equip them if I even wanted to. However, I can't EVER make a toon on retail without using Heirlooms because I just can't take the harder route when the easier one is available. Sometimes forced blockades and restrictions are needed to make a game better.
  6. This is pretty spot on.. I do think this is a personal issue honestly. Changed topic title.
  7. I could understand completely if I was some nub cake complaining people were getting power leveled. That would be unfair of me. However, I have actually deleted level 50s I power leveled because I just feel like I didn't earn them.. I know this is a strange ass personal feeling and some people couldn't give two shits less. I just overall think the experience of normal content needs to get boosted up big time. Exp is way too slow for a solo player. Where (I hate to say this because I am sick of WOW) games like WoW give the solo player a fast and smooth exp to max level without gimmicks like AE. Of course, some people just buy their level 110s now too.. *sigh*
  8. I am frustrated because every single character that I create and try to get through the normal game solo, ends up going to AE because the experience of normal content can't even come close to matching it. However, if the AE option was not there players would be forced to go through normal content regardless. Having this 2 hour boost to 50 option just ruins the game completely. I think something needs to be done to make old content worth it again. Why even allow this monstrosity to exist? This is coming from a dude with a Alpha + 3 unlocked Spine/Fire brute. I have actually deleted over 2 level 50s I power leveled because I just can't get into them. I feel like I didn't even earn them. And if AE is dealt with, make normal content more plentiful for a solo player. How about making missions where you have to kill all NPCs reward like 10 elite bosses worth of exp at the end? Something that feels nice as a reward.
  9. AE should have a 50% penalty to all defense and resistances. The farming has pretty much killed the game. I even created a spine/fire farmer and feel like everything is obsolete in comparison. That leaves a sense of emptiness in other characters aside from a roleplay or meme value.
  10. You do realize brutes are the #1 8/+4 killers in the game? They are easy mode and do far too much damage for a tank type character.
  11. Villains are cold hearted and selfish criminals. However, they can have deep feelings about certain things. Look at Magneto or Kylo Ren for example.
  12. I personally think brutes should have all of their base damage reduced by 20% as well. Let's face it, they need nerfs to be brought back down to earth a bit.
  13. They brought this project back from the dead, are accepting thousands in donations, and just leave it as volunteer work for patches? Shouldn't the people taking your money be working on the game? I thought homecoming actually had a crew who cared about it? Why run it if you're not going to update it? I mean don't get me wrong, what they have done is unreal, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see some new options for archetypes etc.
  14. I haven't seen a patch in close to 2 months. It's like nobody wants to improve the game or add to it now? Or is a big secret project in development?
  15. What fantastic improvements? There hasn't been a patch in almost 2 months.
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