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  1. this is a real struggle, tried both downloaders, delete and reinstall, I've been looking through my firewall to see if its blocking this game and i cant even find it at all. its frustrating
  2. i am on PC, it worked once and i was super excited. now i have closed tequila reopened, shut down for reboot, but every time i try to open the game it just sits there trying to load and nothing happens , if i click on the screen it says not responding, and i have the option to wait for the game to respond or shut it down. im going to remove and reinstall to try and fix it.
  3. hello, my pops told me to check the game out as i have never played it. last night i downloaded it, got it up and running, made a character and played for about 5 min, this morning when i went to log in i got a game not responding message. multiple times i have tried logging in and get the same message. all my other games work fine so im not sure whats going on
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