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  1. I am still vigilante. I am going to switch to villain soon. Thank you for the replies.
  2. I need to spend time logged out in the Arachnos Building for this one. In the day job badges section, the blue bar shows that I should have this badge at this point. It is all the way to the right. If I put my mouse cursor over this one, I do not even see a percentage remaining anymore. Why is this one not completing?
  3. Yeah I was getting plenty of exploration tips missions from gray mobs. In fact, I just got them all for this zone. I will move to a zone that is around my level. I am guessing the mobs just need to con green or higher for the morality missions to drop. Thank you again.
  4. I did not know the mobs had to be the same level as me for these missions to drop. Thank you.
  5. I did the morality mission to become a vigilante. I am in the Rogue Isles now. Port Oakes exactly. I am street fighting but I am only getting exploration tip missions. How do I get more morality missions that lets me choose between vigilante and villain? I am trying to go from Hero to Villain and back again.
  6. Ok I took part in the zombie event in King's Row. I killed a bunch of zombies, both minions and lieutenants. But I do not see any badge progress for them. I expected to see progress in the Defeats section. Where does my badge progress show for this event?
  7. I vaguely remember something about diminishing returns for using more then three enhancements of the same type. So using more then three damage enhancements in the same power wasn't recommended. Am I remembering this correctly? Does this apply to both Single Origin and Invention enhancements?
  8. Victory Rush being set to 5 minutes with no way of reducing it sucks. And thank you arcane, I missed the Aid Self and Field Medic synergy.
  9. I went through the Power Pool powers and it looks like there are two powers that help with Endurance. Unleash Potential in Force of Will and Victory Rush in Leadership. Are there any others I missed? I am interested in Victory Rush since I intend on taking several powers in Leadership anyway. How does Victory Rush work exactly? I can't figure it out based on the text. Is it a buff that stays on? Is it a short term buff that I activate when I need it? Should I even bother with this power?
  10. While I am Hero and waiting on the Call to Justice power and the additional badge, can I start doing Vigilante tips missions and just avoid the morality mission for now?
  11. Ok, I did ten alignment missions, staying hero, then did one more Hero Mission that got me reward merits and a badge or two. If I do ten more of these alignment missions, and go Vigilante, is there a badge for that? Can I then do ten more and go back to Hero? Are there any consequences on changing my alignment back and forth like this?
  12. Yeah I was solo and I am still low level so I probably am not doing enough damage. Thanks Trauma.
  13. I attacked the Kracken in Perez Park along with many other people, but I did not get the badge when he went down, only Reward Merits. Why?
  14. Ok, so basically, if I want the exploration tips missions to pop up, I just need to fight mobs, any mobs, on the streets of that zone. I need to stay away from instanced door missions. I know I can get the badges with map overlays or just by googling them, but I like getting them this way. Thank you for all the help.
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