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  1. Ok, so basically, if I want the exploration tips missions to pop up, I just need to fight mobs, any mobs, on the streets of that zone. I need to stay away from instanced door missions. I know I can get the badges with map overlays or just by googling them, but I like getting them this way. Thank you for all the help.
  2. Does this include mobs that con gray to me?
  3. Thank you. What exactly triggers these TIPS missions to activate?
  4. In two different zones, I was getting TIPS missions that lead to exploration badges for that zone. Does every zone that has exploration badges in them give TIPS missions for these badges or just some of them?
  5. Ok, so it is a bug. That explains it at least. Thank you.
  6. I have a contact in my contact list I would like to remove. Is there a way to do it?
  7. I don't get it. Let's take 'Portacio Ind Internal Munitions' which is a Level 20 SO Damage enhancement. Several of them sold for 2,600,000 on the AH on 7-21. This is the Excelsior server. But I can buy these exact same enhancements from any NPC vendor for just 24,000 influence! I have seen this with other enhancements as well. So.. can someone explain this to me?
  8. Trying without the slash worked. Thank you!
  9. I recently learned you can access the auction house with just a /ah command. Ok, great but I want that on my hotbar. I tried the following --> /macro AH "/ah" But that just creates a button that says 'Unknown command: /ah" when I try and use it. Can it be done?
  10. That Vidiot Maps addon made it easy. Thank you.
  11. For those missions that require you to kill 5 of these or 10 of those in a zone, is there an easier way to find them? Because right now I am flying around hitting tab all the time hoping I target what I need. Is there an easier way?
  12. NPC drops are mostly trash, which to be fair, someone on this forum told me they would be. So where am I supposed to get my enhancements while leveling? NPC vendors or the Auction house?
  13. Thank you for the information. Will mobs who con gray to me still drop salvage?
  14. If I need a certain salvage, do I need to target certain mobs or are salvage drops completely random?
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