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  1. Thank you very much for the very well thought out and explained answer. Much appreciated! (Resistance, PVP) Gladiator's Armor TP Protect/+3% Global Defense (Defense, PVP) Shield Wall TP Protect/+5% Global Resistance 1. You listed 2 sets that say they are pvp sets - does this mean their resistance and defense bonuses do not work in pve content? 2. To give things context - sometimes when I group I will send in my pet to attack the same target as our group lead and sometimes I get aggro. How can I summon my pets back to protect me and be in bodyguard mode and attack the mob at the same time? Because right now I think I am doing something wrong.
  2. 1) Can someone please explain how this power works? 2) I am assuming that pet damage suffers while this active? 3) Is this an "oh shi^" power when your pets get in trouble / or do you use it most of the time? 4) Can I slot pet io's in this power? Thank you!
  3. I have both. Comparing the two: Time is more of a buffing/defensive set imo Dark is a more aggressive attacking style set - and suits my playstyle more. Both sets are VERY good.
  4. So the animation is really cool and I like using the power - but the damage seems really piss poor imo for the activation time and the fact that it just kind of shoots everywhere. Is it worth taking? How should I slot it to help make it more effective? I was just really excited to make a Crab - I have him up to lvl 42 and he just seems weak. Does he get better as I put more levels into him or is it that crabs are really good and I am just not building him correctly?
  5. Can you tell me what those sets are called please? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I have noticed that in some bui.ds people will have stanima - which from what I understand it is from the Fitness Pool. So my question is how can I get Stanima so I can run my toggles more effciently. Thank you!
  7. Thank you Verix, much appreciated. So are you saying with Times Juncture I can put 5 Enhance Defense in? Right now I have 3 -To Hit and 3 + Defense. Is that wrong? and because that will max me out on Defense, take Mu Mastery instead and focus on Resistance... How would I stack for resistance? (Sorry I am new so I do not know which IO's to buy).
  8. Hi all, So far really enjoying my new Demon/Time MM. Curious, what powers I can take to help him be even more tankier or give him better survivability? An ingame friend suggested; Mace mastery: Scorpion Shield. Anything else?
  9. oh I didn't know that! Do you have a link to the details? ps - I played thugs/Storm and yes it is a very fun/powerful set - I just wanted to try something different.
  10. Hi all, Is there a place where I can find a description of what each item does on the P2W vendor? Thank you!
  11. Ended up going with time, and he is at 36 now. It seems to be a very strong secondary, gameplay is smooth. /bind KEY powexeclocation target Distortion Field Makes things easier. I wish the heals in MM in general had longer ranges. I mean fine if I am a melee character - short range to be expected - but a range character? GRRRRRR.... Demons are a blast to play. And I edited my pet attack key to say; petcom_all Attack Defensive I group a lot and they do aggro off once and a while, helps keep them reined in.
  12. I got it. I was typing in Field Distortion instead of Distortion Field. lol... I must have been too tired last night. thank you!
  13. well dam, I can't get it to work. The site lists /powexec_location and you are not using the _ No matter - because I tried both and can't get either to work... I just keep getting "unknown command"
  14. Hi all, I am a bit lazy 😛 and hate location type debuffs. Does anyone know the keybind that will cast the power onto my selected targets location? (basically turns the power into a ranged tgtAOE). Thank you!
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