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  1. Thanks for the input guys 😄 I think I will go with dark! Sounds like a good fit
  2. So I am rolling my first mastermind ever and I’m liking the looks of demons. I also love time a lot on my corrupters and was thinking it would be a good set to try on a mastermind . I also hear dark miasma works really well on masterminds so I’m just wondering what you guys would think the better combo would be?
  3. Psi mastery will add single target damage. Use mine probe and dominate with procs
  4. I think you will like it. Tesla cage with procs is very strong. Short circuit is decent and with psi mastery you get single target dps . I think I will try a fire/bio next and see how it does 😄
  5. Yes I use this. I’m elec/bio/psi with proc in mind prob and dominate
  6. Yes I think I read it after I posted this. My elec bio feels pretty strong for a sent. I hope they buff the opportunity thing though soon. I don’t like it.
  7. I know Sentinels aren’t the best damage wise but I was just curious if anyone knows the best builds for them as far as damage goes. I’m just curious to see . I have a procc’d out elec bio sent and it’s damage is obviously not blaster level but it does some decent dps for a sent and is fun to play. I would like to hear some other good combos people have played
  8. So I have never played a warshade or peacebringer so I decided to make a warshade just for the heck of it. I have been asking sg mates about it and 90% of them just say don’t bother because they are trash. I’m just wondering is warshade really bottom tier of all archtypes? Is it really that bad?
  9. I wish they would make domination permanent without having to set it up for clicks when you have the recharge neccesary. It would make life a lot easier
  10. 50 Bane soldier, and then my new 50 em/bio stalker. These are my 2 favorite looks 😄
  11. Stj/shield stalker is my favorite toon! Both really fun powersets
  12. Overall for endgame av killing I see it as a win for the changes.
  13. Did not take combustion. My aoe are the nuke , irradiate, burn, fire sword circle, consume, usually after the nuke and fire sword circle there is not much remaining
  14. Just wondering what everyone thinks or the energy assault changes. I have a dark /energy dom and it seems like a buff to single target damage for me. I never actually took whirling hands so the changes do not effect me. My dom gets aoe from soul drain and dark obliteration epics. But this energy focus being able to proc immediately gives my Total focus a nice damage boost.
  15. Blaster_-_Radiation_Blast_-_Fire_Manipulation.mxd
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