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  1. what is good secondary power for robotics?
  2. is there anyway I can get my character back which I deleted?
  3. 1. I wanna find jane hallaway 2. how can i find contact or place by using coordinates?
  4. For spine/fire rad/fire brute which epic power is better between energy and mu?
  5. How do I get the badge before 35?
  6. Playing spine/fire brute rad/fire brute(which is better?) 1. Are there like must have sets? Could you tell me what they are plz 2. How do I solve endurance problem?
  7. how do I open epic pool as a hero?
  8. 1. What do I do with enhancement from the beginning? Just buy from the store. 2. how do I make set enhancement? I don’t know how to make them. 3. when do I start making set enhancement? please help me😭
  9. Impale vs ripper which one should I take? Or should I take both
  10. 1. What is the best archetype for farm? 2. and if there are other archetype than the vest archetype does it make big difference?
  11. do brutes have to take stealth power? is it for farm brute?
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