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  1. Can anyone explain the difference between stealth and invisibility. Stealth says it grants invisibility (at least on the wiki). Is there a reason to take both Stealth and Infiltration? Both Misdirection and Phase Shift sound nice, but I don't need Grant Invisibility. What do people think of these two powers? Thanks, Mal
  2. Ok, just reading from the wiki. Damn. That was my next build. I've gotten my ice build up and running, and it seems to work pretty nice. I can just swing through an area and confuse a swath of baddies. I guess I could give plant a try. Mind sounds the best, but getting to 32nd might prove too much. Mal
  3. Ahhh. Fantastic comments guys. You are giving me a lot to think about. One thing I should have mentioned is that I REALLY hate cones. I have the worst time getting mobs targeted with them. Ohhh, and hate location AoE. So I left it off the list. AND I have this from Wind Control: "Wind Control Keening Winds You create a sphere of variable speed winds that generate strong friction within the turbulence of the air. This creates odd echoes and sounds that confuse foes caught within the burst. The loss of confidence your foes suffer due their confusion causes them to lose enduran
  4. So I really like Confuse. My main since I started recently has been playing Illusion/Rad, and like it alot. But I would like to try out some AoE Confuse. My first thought was Cold Control would be the best since the toggle is instant cast. But now I'm curious about the other AoE Confuse thats available? Electricity, Wind and Mind. Rather than play all of them, could I ask what you guys think of all the AoE Confuse powers? Thanks, Mal
  5. Onlysandwich, Thanks for pointing that out. Cutting this out of my build lets me other stuff up quicker, and I can get every ability I had my eye on now (I was one slot shy before dropping this). Thanks, Mal
  6. Thanks guys. Thanks Mteague, thats very useful information on Radiation Infection. I'll definitely get it next level. Mal
  7. 5099, Well I tend to solo play (4-box actually), and I always play the same character with basically the same build. So soloing with a bit more fire power (and facing more enemies due to grouping). So firepower is always important, BUT lately I am having some issues with huge groups of mobs overwhelming one guy at a time, so AoE control I think will be more important. Honestly I think I will prioritize getting some AoE control - the ranged AoE Fear. And if a respec allows choosing new Power Pools then I will at some point drop Speed (Hasten) and get both Experimental and Presence
  8. Awesome! Thanks for all the great information guys. So getting a Badge means its Memorized? I didn't make the connection when reading the guide. So from what I read I should: 1. price the recipes on the workbench first 2. check on the auctioneer to find the recipe cheaper 3. buy salvage for recipes 4. craft enough to memorize Anything I'm missing? Thanks, Mal
  9. Again, you guys show the support from players in providing information is unmatched in the MMORPG world. I had no idea that enhancements were softcapped at 3 slots. I read something about five slots. So I am definitely needing a respec. I think I got a free one lately. And I did not take Radiation Infection. I saw that it dropped when the initial target died, so how I've been playing made it seem less useful. But clearly its good and I will have to respec to get it in. I had only planned on taking Radiant Aura and AM from Radiation. With x4 AMs running from my group, and x
  10. I recently came back to COH, and played around with about 7 characters, with two 11th lv guys as my highest. I haven't spent much of my influence made from selling most the influence and enhancements I've found. So probably around 300k influence on all my guys. I have a ton of slots I want to fill with Recharge, so figure it would probably be best if I just create IOs for what I need, and heard that recipes could be memorized after so many creations. How many creations does it take to memorize a recipe? All you need to do it create so many times? Nothing else? I haven't done
  11. I played the game a long time ago, and returned recently to Homecoming. So I'm playing an Illusion/Radiation Emission Controller. Loving it so far. But one thing that I have never quite figured out is where to put Expansion Slots (for this and my Masterminds). I'm running in a group of x4 controllers. Spectral Wounds is my only damage spell, so I took x5 slots. Accelerated Metabolism is a-fricking-mazing. So this I x5 slot for Recharge. I have Hasten, but haven't put any slots for this yet, but think I might x5 slot it because it should be speeding up my recharge for Accelerat
  12. Thanks again guys. Thanks for the turn off XP option. I figure I will use that to ensure I stay pretty close should they keep diverging. Mal
  13. Thanks very much for this information Coyote! Groups that advance at a different pace always cause issues. So I definitely need to ensure we all stay the same. Mal
  14. Thanks very much KageYume! This sounds exactly like what I'm going for. Websites databases are fine to a point, but for me nothing beats being able to put it all in a spreadsheet and do my own calculations, sort and filter, and add my own categories. Best, Mal
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