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  1. i think it was just a glitch. hes back on my character select and im playing him now. i thought some admin didnt like my "unoriginality" and just deleted him. probably, idk. i logged onto a different character and logged back off to the character screen and he was back,
  2. Never mind, he's back. For some reason he didn't appear on my character select.
  3. I know I didn't do this cuz I would remember deleting my character. I had a Lvl 10 Broadsword/Dark Armor Scrapper named Nube Saibot. I log in just now and he is deleted. I did a name check to see if his name is available on a Create a Character and it says its unavailable. I'm wondering if an admin deleted him cuz he's a "rip-off" from Mortal Kombat and not a "real villain".
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