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  1. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! ACCORDING TO DISCORD! please like this so that others can see it first! Thats how it works right? Telephone — Today at 4:33 PM Update: We've received an update from OVH. They are escalating our case to their networking department.
  2. Telephone — Today at 12:33 AM Update: We're currently waiting on ticket response from OVH. We've filed it and also called in to their support, but still have no ETA. Our current belief is that they will not respond for several more hours. We're looking at figuring out some alternate solutions, but expect that we will be down for at least another 6-12 hours. We apologize and we'll update you as soon as we know anything. To be 100% clear: Your characters and data are safe. Homecoming is in no danger and we will resume service ASAP.(edited)
  3. https://discord.com/channels/572090223115239444/572123632009216040
  4. So I just logged in just to see if the servers were back up and I noticed Torchbearer was online!!! Then it wasnt..... 😞 Sounds like progress!
  5. My intensions were just to find out what happened to the servers is all.
  6. Finally hit level 50! I have not played this game since live, today is day 6 back! I have been looking into incarnate powers for my Peacebringer and realize its slightly confusing. After some research I now understand what they do but what I dont understand is what might be best for my character. I focus of using all of my forms during battle, so I'll switch quite often to use my Cone Attacks and AOE Attacks. Can someone recommend some Incarnate to take? Thanks in advance! Server : Everlasting Character : FinallyAHero Global Name: @FinallyAHero
  7. Still down huh? I was hoping it would be up by the time I woke up. Thanks for all the information everyone! Day 6 back from 2012 and I’ve been hooked!
  8. I noticed the servers are down when will they up again?
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