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  1. Well it's good to see they are out cleaning up the streets of Paragon City 😀
  2. My bios are usually tied to roleplaying. So if I have a roleplaying concept, they will get a bio. These days my bios may just be what City Hall would have as a record on the character and possibly some hooks. Other times if I'm testing a power set I use a generic saved name 'Under Construction' and often don't even do a costume. If the character/set seems to be something I enjoy then they get the full bio/costume treatment. I can usually write a semi-decent bio given time. Costumes I'm not the best at so they take longer and even then, don't match some of the really wonderful ones I've see
  3. In no particular order, but games I enjoy Rococo-Build suits and dresses for Nobles, quite fun good mechanics Space Base-A fun roll and build a point engine game, everyone seems to have fun in this one Last Will-Think of 'Brewster's Millions' set in the 19th century. First to lose all their money is the winner Wingspan-A bird migration game, good bird information and an amazingly competitive game Navegador-Explore the route to Asia via Portuguese explorers and Indian Ocean trade Terraforming Mars-Others previously have said it better, but nuff said, it's a
  4. Although I come from the Praetoria has been destroyed mindset. There are some things that I just have to ignore while doing any sort of roleplaying, namely Incarnate Trials, I have to assume my character is just participating in a slice of the past (ie Ouroboros) or nothing really makes sense. Also the whole (when did you come over as a refuge) vs (where we are now) is kind of a grey area. Did I escape last year? 2 years ago? 10 years ago? whenever. In encountering other Praetorian characters I have to play canon a little soft and just assume that their is some time distortion in what my c
  5. My experience with tabletop RPG has been extensive. My experience with online is relatively very new, but I really wanted to experience it. I am by nature a shy person who becomes very social with people I am comfortable with. A few months ago, I forced myself to turn on my roleplaying tag and keep it on most of the time, just to show that I'm interested and open to it. Most of the time if I'm in a strange situation (Pocket D, other places I don't know anyone) I will sit and watch and listen to other people's conversations to pick-up on things I like/don't like [My main RP character also h
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