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  1. /e flutters in from outside, feathers everywhich a way So... Hi all! *tries to put feathers right but they just won't go. The beach was nice. Relaxing....until the tropical storm that is. Then.....NOT so relaxing. Kinda scary. Made it real hard to see in the dark although Sack Boy's glowing giant castle made it pretty easy. /e flumpfs down in a FBBC and enjoys a donut.... then another one. Happy to be back though!
  2. THAT'S BIGGER THAN THE ROOKERY! /e gives approval face, "Impressive." /e moves in, wanders around the sand veranda. "Oh you got little shell seats and a tiny nuclear fusion reactor made out of seaweed and driftwood." /e notices it humming and glowing a faint blue light, "Is that thing like REAL real?"
  3. /e flutters down from the rafters and alights on bannister, "Hiyas all!" *puts on bikini and smells faintly of cocoa butter* "This place needs a change of scenery!" /e pushes a button on the wall which appears to have a sea shell on it and with a faint whirr and then a pop, the sound of sea gulls and warm salt breezes filter in through the windows. /e peeks out, "Not Innsmouth! I hate when it picks Innsmouth. Otherwise! YAY BEACH!" The rookery has apparently moved to the beach. Ok so Coyote is a trickster god in Native American lore.
  4. /e flutters down from the rafters and alights on a FBBC. She has reading glasses on. Time for Rook's microbook review. Of Ready Player One... It was.... OK. It was like watching a movie and looking for cameos that you know are in their. OH LOOK! It's Peter LORRE! How'd they get him he's been dead for decades? Rook's micro review of the movie READY PLAYER ONE? It was...not good. Rook's micro review of a real world Oasis? I'd be leery myself. Their might be stoats in virtual world....*shudders* Stoats... /e puts on VR glasses and eats an imaginar
  5. /e wakes up and looks around, sees Fedor, Puppeh and Kitteh still there and sighs* Oof. Had a bad dream. Thought I was in this place where you had to get up early every day, go somewhere and be bored for 8 hours, then come home and do it all over again the next morning.... *shudders* Why would such a place exist? /e pulls out a rubberband gun and starts shooting at Solo cups setup on a table. /e slurps a Diet Dr. Pepper while firing one handed. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!
  6. I dont know how deep a pockets you need but i can donate inf too.
  7. This sounds like a great idea. Thanks Dacy! Lemme think on if I can do it...Halloween is a bit away bit I bet I can.
  8. Those cold soulless eyes....they stare into mah soul! I ... MUST.....EAT....TEH PEEPS!
  9. Villains don't 'hang out', we skulk. And usually Pocket D. As far as I can tell there is not a similar place like Atlas Park for villains to ... 'skulk'.
  10. /e stands in the doorway, silhouetted by the light outside, suitcase in hand. /e steps inside going from the black silhouette to uhm.... black 'color' Hiyas all! I been away a bit...wandering. /e slaps a tentacle trying to escape from her suitcase. ((Call of the Sea is a pretty cool puzzle game)) I hope everyone is well! And that your therapy goes well Crystal! /e sets the Pamcake 50000 to blueberry and flumpfs into the purple FBBC.
  11. /e flutters down from the rafters and settles into a FBBC while drinking a mimosa. Good morning all! Guess who I saw online last night? No. Not Leon Trotsky but that would be a good guess. Pogoman! Over on Excelsior I think. I got distracted and didn't get a chance to talk to them. /e takes the purrito and gives it ear skritches. Thanks Puppeh! How ya doing?
  12. I'm sure it will be fine... Juuuust fine.
  13. /e sets down a plate of pamcakes for Crystal Dragon Welcome! Always happy to see new faces around the place. That's Puppeh, Kitteh, Bunneh is on break, Sackboy is about too. How ya doing? /e sits nearby enjoying a Diet Dr. Pepper.
  14. /e pulls out a spare 'I ❤️ Glorbox' mug. Remember I been to the future I KNEW you were gonna do that!
  15. /e pushes the >>> button on the Way Forward machine and travels far far far (each > is one 'far') into the future, so far they circle around and come back out at the same time. /e looks around for a Tshirt or other memorabilia from the future, settles on a 'I ❤️ Glorbox!" coffee mug. Good Morning and Happy Friday!
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