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  1. I think our doom is upon us now!
  2. MILK DRINKERS! Also, why let Dr. Vahz have all the fun! He keeps all the tastiest pieces for himself anyways.
  3. /e nods down from the rafters That is the best answer ever! /e knocks off a chunky boot hanging from the rafter Oops! Incoming! I got to remember to set those in the closet when I get back. Those could hurt a sack person or two! Good Morning all! No Donuts this time just donut HOLES!
  4. And I an good with that.. well I am and I am not. I am not in that there isn't another cool supers game which has shinier graphics and some cool ideas that couldn't be added to COH and cant now for code reasons, manpower reasons, etc. I AM in the sense that Kickstarter is venture capitalism. They put out a pitch, people liked it enough, they made the effort, they either are faltering or have failed. As long as there was a good faith effort to produce something, then it was not fraud, just failure and that happens. It is...what it is. Kickstarter isn't a stor
  5. So tempted. but between half a bajillion RP's in COH and a Curse of Strahd campaign IRL with someone new to DMing, whom I really want to help into the role, I am not sure I have time for enough sleep nowadays. 🙂 But maybe in the future? But it's Rogue Trader.....grrrr.......
  6. Hugbert has a way of saying the thing in a most succinct manner. /e sets out donuts for everyone. It's Donut day at the center so I brought them all donuts so bringing you all donuts as well. /e hops around before flopping into a FBBC and riding it out the front door to nom on a pink glazed donut with sprinkles while watching the sunrise. Homer Simpson Donut..... /e drools
  7. /e flutters down from the rafters,..."Oh NOW I GET IT! HE BREWS!" /e shakes her head and wanders off to the soda fountain, "Gonna be a caffeine fueled nightmare of a morning!" And yeah I got my shots. pop pop! I didn't grow deely boppers though. Much to my disappointment.
  8. It takes about a week for the 5g to kick in AND the tail comes with as a antenna. /e sets out bacon egg and cheese biscuits and then flees for the hills before Fedor's mutations start to kick in! ((otherwise grats Fedor!))
  9. Want to know my story? Fine by me but it's your wasted ten minutes. I was picked up by Longbow coming out of Pocket D. See this tooth? The cracked one, Yeah the Longbow Warden did it. Couldn't have told you why then but I know now. She had a kink. Anyways, they said I was ERPing. I denied it but they said they had proof. Showed me the logs. I pled my case, Told the judge all I did was stop in for a drink and to join a fire farm. I didn't know the person I was chatting with was a robotic succubi. I mean they didn't even have wings or a bifurcated tail.
  10. Agree with the last sentiment, nothing requires continuing with the prepared LORE from Live game....retcon/change the hell out of it and forge a different path
  11. I have some ideas about the Coming Storm being a Grey Goo scenario writ large across a universe. Something akin to a nanite biological threat which spreads out every so millennium like army ants on a jungle floor and scour whole solar systems for resources. I have played a bit of Creeper World. 😛 Call me Devs. I work for free!
  12. "Terrible, wonderful things." (Hellraiser or Event Horizon quote, I think.) Also, thanks from me as well. Things might get changed around in the game, but at the end of the day, I can still make a character, roam around a city of poor hapless people and save them, and chat with folks I have grown to care about. So YAY!
  13. I am game to help. Also, clarify shenanigans as that would mean any number of different things depending on the character. Just let me know @rookery.
  14. Well one doesn't open his mouth at all any more. . . . WHAT?
  15. /e walks onto the countertop in a opera cloak and white shirt with a rose in the lapel, tries to sing Nessum Dorma...fails horribly as her voice cracks and comes out as a squawk. Hrmm, Maybe rooks aren't made to sing opera...no one will sleep tonight for sure after THAT performance. /e pulls out a kazoo and starts kazooing, while kicking the pamcake machine to get it started. Good Morning all!
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