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  1. I made a post about this in the Reddit sub, but it was suggested that I ask here, as well. A real life friend of mine passed away at the end of August. I never knew what his Global Name or even for sure if he played on Homecoming or not, but the only clue I have is that he'd made a character named Hurricane Rick about a year ago. I don't know if a GM/Mod/Dev (or whoever's in charge) has a way to try and look it up to see. I actually just started playing on CoH after seeing his post on Reddit. I knew his username there, but he didn't know I knew it. We'd been friends for
  2. Do you just keep Burn on auto cast and stay on follow without any issues with this one dying?
  3. Thanks for this info! I really appreciate it!
  4. I know that just about anything can be made to function effectively, and a lot of builds are personal choices for different reasons. I just never see any AR blasters, and I'm having a hard time even finding builds that use them (with exception to a couple that use Devices... which I don't like). Before I really get going on this, is AR/Temp even worth it overall? I have an Archery/Tactical Arrow that I really enjoy. I also have a Pain/DP Defender that I like. Just not sure if AR/Temp synergizes or works well. Anyone use this build? I'm really trying to find something th
  5. That sounds just about exactly what I'm looking for. You wouldn't happen to have your build available, would you?
  6. Thanks for replying! I was thinking of trying out Shield on a Tanker. I've actually never played Tanker or used Shield as a power, though. Do you have any thoughts on that?
  7. I'm wanting to try out something that just can't die with the right build (assuming no user-error or extreme situations don't occur). I'm guessing maybe this is a Tanker? Bonus points if it's fun to play, not a ton of buttons to manage, and can do enough damage to solo some content in a reasonable amount of time. Cost of the build doesn't matter. Just wanting to try something sort of "mindlessly easy" for a bit while I'm working.
  8. I don't know if that made sense exactly, but I'm wanting to convert my Spines/Fire Brute into an auto-follow AoE for my main farmer. I would completely need to respec and change out my enhancements, but I'm hoping to find something that will add some aoe for faster killing, but something that isn't going to die if I'm not paying attention to it or switching back to it. My current farmer is a Rad/Fire Brute, and it's doing very, very well at +4/x8. So long as I have a medium purple insp to pop every now and then, I never need to bother with a heal. Without that, though, I'll have t
  9. Are you looking to adopt a grown up man? Papa?
  10. You're all just speaking Greek to me at this point. I have no idea what Emp Merits are even for. haha
  11. Like, I understand that there are some missions you can do repeatedly every day (or maybe more than once a day?) that give you stuff you need for Incarnate things or special abilities you'll want. Is there a list somewhere that I can see them, what they reward, and get some info on them? Also, does anyone have any recommendations of missions to do every day that may not be on the top of the normal list? Thank you!
  12. Great stuff! Thanks so much for the quick reply! I guess I'll be spending my day off trying to absorb this info. haha
  13. So, I've been trying to watch videos on builds, and reading about builds, but a lot of them use a lot of shorthand or what I guess is "common knowledge" to experienced players when talking about Sets and how they affect different builds. I don't know anything about sets other than they give you certain bonuses for having so many slotted into a power. I don't even know where to begin to look to better understand how to slot my powers effectively. Is there some master list or primer on how these things work? Thanks so much!
  14. Very good to know, thanks!!!
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