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  1. "I am not crazy, my Mom had me tested!"
  3. How? Why? As MunkiLord points out, it uses the games words. How is is 'stupid'? How is it any more 'stupid' than any word anyone has ever made?
  4. I used to go pick my wife up from work in the afternoons. We would go a block or so and she would say something like "You've been playing racing games today huh?"
  5. That's called 'points' and my spouse already keeps track of those, thanks! 😉 But you hit the nail on the head - even if sarcastically - we have become a society that cares more about the value of 'online points' than we do about 'real life' from my POV and it's just fascinating to see people try and make 'what the Internet forum says' into having real value, when it's totally lopsided toward a very powerful, vocal, and opinionated portion of the actual population...a big set of echo chambers... I have seen this from the first BBS systems right up to our newest social media platforms. The fact these things exist, etc., I don't find suprising at all. It is very interseting to basically be told as kid "don't believe everything you read" and have that in my lifetime turn into "Internet pics or it did not happen" when anything can be faked, without even needing to publish a book. Someone posted it, someone Liked it, so it must be true, right? And if I don't Like it or Repost it, then I might not win the lottery....right?
  6. I feel the same way about Forum Reputation, Steam Achievements, and things like Badges in COH...just flags in a database that get flipped when I do something I would already be doing because I find it fun, not because some people are conviced that 'what other think about them' matters and they want to have all the right Street Cred...I know some people just 'have to get them all' regardless of the topic, but I am not one of those people either. People worry over others judging them, then turn right around and susbscribe to the system built to judge them, acting like it has meaning...it really does fascinate me how our society has become so emotionally tied to how many people Like thier posts... But, it certainly is fun to watch at times, I gotta admit.
  7. I just assume my 'forum reputation' will get me killed by a rabid fan of one of the games I post on a forum about, because it seems that speaking my mind makes my 'forum reputation' that of terrible person for pointing out uncomfortable things some people don't want to address. I am not sure which is the more ignoble death, a Darwin Award, or Death By Rabid Gamer. The best though is having all kinds of conspiracy theories I have seen around 'forum reputation' with people making sock-puppets and the like to promote a certain POV. That's just nuts. Who has that kind of time? I have trouble keeping up with one account per forum, much less multiples to just make a specific account look a certain way on a certain topic. What an odd world, where what used to be considered nothing but nerd territory, just using Forums, has now become something the average person uses to decide if they are 'on the right team'...from the feedback they get from other posters...just fascinating.
  8. Should have said pools and not travel powers, my bad - was thinking things like just adding Hasten as a inherent, etc.
  9. I would argue that the players are forcing this change and that developers are just giving the masses what they want. Don't get me wrong, I would love some immersive worlds, worth exploring, not just filler for flyovers, but the current masses want a game where they can gather a few friends in a few minutes and then achieve a goal in under an hour, because have to leave for X in an hour. As is being discussed in another thread to a degree, those of us that game for hours on end are more the exception than the rule - it's hard to get people to invest in games that have what appears to be a limited ROI due to a small audience. Travel in COH works 'just right' IMO, I can get there as fast or as leisurely as I like - the world is small to someone with Super-powered travel options, as it would be if this many heroes were one place helping each other. Personally, most of the options I see presented here to change Travel powers really end up being more power creep, forcing fewer trade-offs in character building, which IMO makes the game less immersive than the travel powers make the game too small...the trade-offs give the game it's flavor, IMO, and many of the ideas presented just make things generic and overpowered.
  10. The only way I play a Blaster is as a Blapper, IMO, there is no other way, unless you are all Arrow or something....
  11. "You can never go home." The thing you want is based on so many more things than just feeling like the world is large, it's also the feeling of there being unknown things and all the rest, IMO. I look for what I consider time wasters in all games, even in the ones I start fresh when I am not a vet. I'll play your game, I pay you to play it, but I won't pay you to sit and watch the screen - I want to have in interactive game, that's why I play games and not watch TV. Immersion does not have to waste my time. I play games for the escape, to be in a different world, but things like increased travel time for the sake of immersion is, to me, a very weak argument for it, there are better ways. Even in comics, unless it helps tell the story specifically, you get "8 hours later" and the result, etc.
  12. Time. While if in the mood to do so, it is fun to just fly around, but time spent travelling is not, for most people IME, considered 'fun' in an of itself, most of the time. The time element of MMOs is skewed, because the original idea was longer play = more money. With no corporate entity to feed, lots of people are not interested is spending the precious time they have on the planet travelling in a game to get to the 'fun'. Even before the Snap, this game and others were changing that. Battletech just added a setting to stop yet another time sink that did nothing but make you watch paint dry in the form of a counter clock. Making people wait to get to the 'fun part' just for the sake of waiting or to build anticipation is simply no longer a 'thing', IMO. Time is precious.
  13. "I play game for your protection"...I have actually used this one to answer "why do you waste so much time playing games?" Some of them don't realize that without games, I would start playing with them and I know they don't want that...
  14. The Bad Guys finally get a bump to thier powerset and the Heroes are all like "nerf Resisting Arrest"...
  15. I spend more time playing games than some people do working two jobs...I know, because I used to to the working. I made it my goal to be able to afford my hobbies. One of those involves lots of time. Goal reached. I also like to respond with, "How many hours a week do you spend on Sports?" following my "Why would I care about watching other people playing a game, when I could be playing one?" What I have to spend too long doing is convincing other people that gaming is a way of life, not just a hobby. 🙂 The bills get paid, the wife gets the time she wants...the rest is Game On!
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