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  1. Seems like a very narrow viewpoint, IMO. I know people that multi-box together with others. I know people that multi-box just so they can avoid being told how to play. I know people that multi-box to figure out encounters, test builds, test power combos. To think the only reason is that a person multi-boxes is that they cannot make friends is ludacris, IMO. What is with the whole 'I cannot grasp it, so it must be bad/wrong or the person involved is bad/wrong'? Really, that's the idea put forth here, IMO...play things my way or you are doing them wrong... What other idea is being conveyed if not that?
  2. I agree the ecosystem that usually accompanies RWT for MMOs is a bad thing. However, IMO, that does not make the idea of purchasing content pointless or in any other way logically or morally wrong. It simply means that there are different ways to fund new content. I do, will, and would HAPPILY give my money to anyone producing costumes, content, etc. for a game I like, they have bills to pay. I bought everything from CoH back in the day just for this reason. I throw money at good games all the time, happy to do so. Funding a game and RMT are two separate issues, even if they touch on each other.
  3. What do you have against eagles? They are wonderful, majestic creatures! 😉 Oh wait, was that a sports reference? ...
  4. If only others could realize we are discussing ideas and opinions, not attacking peoples personal integrity. I am sure there are things we agree on and and disagree on, as we have discussed, even passionately, but I would prefer to discuss ideas without people twisitng my words into personal attacks... I have always noticed you, @Abraxus, tend toward the same outlook... kumbaya! 🙂 Nothing new, IMO, as most people I have encountered in my life, both physical and virtual, have a very hard time separating a difference of opinion from a personal attack. I usually try and follow the social mirror philosophy - I try to engage others as they choose to engage me...it's not as if I am unable to clap back... 🙂
  5. Well I think you might just have what I call 'healer guilt' 🙂 My main buddy who plays has it bad...whereas I could not care less if others run off and fall down. I think the main thing is more simple though for me... I have not once in this game ever thought "let me explain to others in the team" without being asked how to solve an encounter. If the team does not suit me, I just leave, I simply do not have the wiring or desire to explain things to the team so that it changes to my liking. I really don't 'get' the 'need/desire' to tell others to stop playing or doing something in the game...I just walk away, my PoV is such that I don't want the unsolicited 'advice' and therefore I would never offer such. Obviously, I love to pontificate on my opinion, here on the forums, but in-game I just quietly kill pixels. Well aware that outlook is not universally shared. 🙂 I guess in the end, I prefer players learn on thier own without my intervention...if they can access the game, then IMO they can access Google and therefore don't need my opinion on how to play...I have to do enough 'leading' in my RL... @Abraxus, we can disagree until Judgement Day and I will respect your opinion, because you respect mine. We are, afterall, really just discussing how to respectfully playing a game. 🙂
  6. Not to mention that herding is, IMO, the most boring and tedious possible way to approach the content. Sure, I thin the crowd now and then in big rooms by trying to agro a single group, etc., but herding is just tedious, IME. Many parts of CoH get repetitive and herding, IMO, puts that on steroids, making the game a boring chore that follows a formula for every spawn like some assembly line...ugh. IMO, the 'best' way to play is full of chaos and emergencies, because I run on Funs/per second, not rewards... Well aware after so many years of playing I seem to be the minority, but I cannot last on a herding team for more than a mission, to remind myself why I don't do it.
  7. So, not worrying about faling down or team wipes is 'wrong"? 🙂 If so, I will never be 'right'. 🙂 Really, the way you word this @Abraxus, you are, in my mind, saying they way they chose to play is 'wrong'. 'The satifaction of knowing I was on the right side'. Really? To your own words, they got thorugh just fine, so it seems they did things 'right' to me. It's this kind of pervasive attitude that there is a 'right' and a 'wrong' way to play a game that, IMO, is the root of all Evil in CoH. 🙂 Added to a 'need to educate' sounds exactly like 'get off my lawn' to me, because the 'kids' did not play the way you would have... @Abraxus, I really respect you based on your posts, you seem to really try and be good to everyone, very neutral, so this post made me go 'whut?'...
  8. We definately have a very different view on reality.
  9. IMO, mutually exclusive is a bit extreme but I see your point. To me, it just means some level of restrictions to insure an equal playing field have to be added.
  10. Did I say 'code it'? No, I did not. A project can have many parts, including a person with no coding experience, laying out what they might want, and herding the cats to get the product finished... I said 'create' and I meant 'create'. If you have the experience you claim to have in the service, then you know it takes a team to get big things done. Sheesh.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The comment by coyotedancer is correct, by making content that requires specific ATs, it will prevent players from experiencing that content. I am well aware of the facets of the conversation and the reprecussions of changes made to the core gameplay. As I stated, new content would be awsome! If you think you can do better, then go make some and stop waiting around for other people to produce what you desire. But really, thanks for the afternoon laugh in your attempt to troll me, much love to you, @Shoulung, stay classy!
  12. It's all volunteer. How about you go make the client it would take to change sounds and other client side things on demand? Really, it seems like it's a great idea, I agree, it just takes someone with time and energy to do it...it would even be completely 'server agnostic', useful for all players on all servers. I am trying to find the time myself, but fat chance right now for me, RL is in the way. I would personally prefer the HC and other server teams concentrate on server-side things and get players that want client changes to make them... There is no possible way any server side team will ever make everyone happy, no matter what they do...iMO.
  13. I have always been very sad this did not work out, seems like it would be so cool, think of the possibilities with the new base love as well. Base raiding would be awesome sauce!
  14. You could design groups for the content as a challenge. New content would be very nice - if you like raids and things, why not design some and submit those to the HC team, mock them up in the AE, etc.? While Supes needed help sometimes, we have Incarnate Trials. It's obvious IMO you are really trying to attack the 'gaming integrity' of anyone that does not want to play your way. Don't need a Protestant Work Ethic in my video game I play for entertainment, thanks. If you don't like the fact that people exist that play an MMO who don't really care for group content, oh well, go play one... Pfft. Your 'lowest common demominator' comment shows all anyone needs to see, IMO.
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