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  1. Very cool to hear stories of the old leveling tactics from you guys! Damn it takes me back to the really silly things people would do to level faster. Certainly beat getting lost in Perez Park or stuck in Faultline while you were trying to get to your cool powers at the higher levels.
  2. It really is for the best that it was nerfed, but you're right, it was a hilarious sight to see. Xp was so tasty too hehe.
  3. I remember in the early days of CoH where a tank would gather up a massive group of enemies, typically happened in Brickstown, and would jump into a large container or "Dumpster". It was something like a clown car, where impossible amounts of enemies would all be crammed into this little box and then your Blasters would Build-up and nuke the whole lot. Leveling up back then was quite a slow task and people were pretty inventive with methods of boosting people. Did anyone here participate in this activity back in the old times? I helped my group as much as I could as a Controller with t
  4. T-Shirts would be a great idea too! Get a few budding artist from the community to whip up some cool designs and sell em.
  5. Good points, maybe some other minor streaming site could also work? Anyway I could help support this game would be great honestly, I don't want it to disappear again!
  6. Hi guys, a former City of Heroes player (Illusion/Kinetic controller, Ghost' *US/Mistress Divine *EU) just dropping in to say hello and to offer a possible solution. As we know, giving donations to pay for the game directly is way too risky due to copyright issues etc. What if the creator was to host a steam on twitch every now and then and we could donate to that person directly. That wouldn't be breaking any rules would it? We would be supporting the streamer and not the game directly after all.
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