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  1. After I updated the database, on launching Mids I get these 2 errors and then a half screen?
  2. I'm trying to remove an old version of Mids Reborn because it will not update, and I cannot uninstall- I keep getting "install server not responding". Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Nope, Tech would be Gadgetry. Jet pack, drones etc. Utility belt was planned more like Bats belt- Bolas, a med-pack, and most important.... a slottable ninja run!!!!! I soooooo want this.
  4. I've been playing Empathy a bit these days, and have put some thought into it- 1) Cool Down on both Auras does need to be tweaked downward. Not so much that it can be made permanent but what about changing recharge to 300 seconds rather than 500? 2) Fortitude- especially with Emp MMs, this really REALLY needs to be an AoE buff! 3) Absorb Pain- Everyone knows this is bullcrap, just completely skippable. What about changing it to an Absorb Version of Healing Aura? Do a long timer but make it an AoE Absorb grant?
  5. I have a 50 SS/Regen Brute fully IOed. Regen is currently bottom of the barrel for Brute secondaries, if not the worst. Not that it's BAD per say but the typical Brute playstyle combined with almost no mitigation and the clicky nature of the set (which detracts from your time punching) means it's a rough ride. Fully IO'ed it can be fun but you really need to plan out your build- I wen't for a combo of boosting Regen/healing more and having decent S/L resists. The one funny thing I can tell you is it is the ONLY Super Strength build where I took and fully slotted Hand Clap! (slotted
  6. It sounds like I missed something good there. Too bad I was taking one of my many breaks to play WoW at the time. Well, most things in the Incarnate trials were +4 and had a lot of AoE. Before the devs addressed this, mastermind pets were -1 and -2 relative to the player. So your pets were facing +6s spamming AoE damage. This made most mastermind pets into instant roadkill. Masterminds were, I think the polite word is "unhappy." LOL thank you for reminding me!! I had totally forgotten about that meltdown. In the beginning really the only thing MM pets were good for
  7. Benchpresser is back on Patrol! Who needs a Tank? (Recreated him to get the Global- but thinking since this is a new City making his son- Bench Jr..... ;D
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