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  1. Nodding his head Paul replys "You make a good point. Ill just put it in back in the safe and put a notice on the corkboard of missing money. If they can show me id and tell me how much is in it its theres". Paul walks out back with the wad to the office and walks in a few minutes later Noticeing Tabby on edge. "Tabby are you ok there?"
  2. ooc: Sorry havent been on had a few things going on offline ic: Frowning Paul also looked at the money clip saying "Yeah working perfectly. unless we got a pickpocket in here which I dont think we do I got no idea how that got there. "Retrieving Tabitha's id and money he hands it back saying "Well we do have some new legal moonshine shot whiskey if you really wantto get the hairs risen up but it is strong ill warn you"
  3. Smileing Paul walks from the back of the bar and says "Contry to populer belief ladys and gents this is a neuteral bar. IE Hero's and villans in the neighbourhood as long as you dont cause a bar fight and behave you are welcome. Talking shop in here is welcome of course as well as asking around but please even with the power damperners I have here leave all beef at the door. As far as anyone's considerd like Club D this is neuteral territory" Helping the Cat lady up he ask's "Are you ok? Looks like your near out of breath there"
  4. Leaning on the bar Paul looks down at the picture and says "He looks somewhat familiar. Might have seen him on some of my patrols round kingsrow. Cant say for sure. Mind if I borrow that photo? Ill copy of it and make up a flyer with your contact info and put it up on the message board and the pubs socal page online if you want"
  5. Smileing Paul turns around saying "Give me one sec ive got a coffe maker in a box of kitchen things that did arrive". Walking over to a door Paul dissapers inside for a moment before reamergeing with a coffe maker and pa ck of coffe for it. Walking behind the bar Paul sets it up and rinses out the pot before getting it ready "Give me about 3-4 minutes and theyll be a pot ready for you my Celtic friend"
  6. Smirking Paul replied "He asked her out and a few years later just before the second world war my grandparents maried at 18. Point of the story is that you never know what would happen in a situation like that if you just stand by. You have to takea chance and grab life by the throat and just suck it up. If its a bad choice meh youjust learn and move on. But if its a good choice youll love every minute of it" Smileing Paul turns to the new comer saying "Welcome to the KingsRow arms. Im sorry but we dont serve food at the momentas we havent got a chief just yet and the kitchen equipment hasent fully arrived and been installed so for now its just pub snacks, drinks, and a lot of laughs and craic at the bar here". Aftyer grabbing her a glass and pouring out her cider Paul serves the lady he says "Here you go miss. Opening day special you get one free drink courtasy of the bar man" Before realiseing something. Looking back at Nickeiva Paul says "I am so sorry I just realised the question you asked. Was haveing such a good laugh and enjoying the conversation I forgot to reply back. Yes we have power Damping generators. " Jerks thumb at sign "In a city full of supers and super villans cant afford to have my bar destroyed in some super fight. Insurance costs alone would be so high and near evil that it would put a smile even on Lord recluse himself"
  7. Shakeing his head Paul says "You know... i knew this guy back in Belfast.... young fella. When he was nothing but a lad used to run around and play with this young girl. Became best of friends. Those two were inseperable. But he moved awayt with his family outta the city. He came back as a teenager and wanted to look for that girl as he felt he owed it to her to check on her but he was scared to go see . Kept makeing excuses. Till he decided to grow a pair and went out to look for her. And you know what happend?"
  8. Nodding refilling there glasses Paul replys "Yeah I hear you. Being lonely get's to you. Especilly when your up against the wall with some super villan after your ass because you pissed him off by foiling his latest plot. But sometimes it helps knowing that there is someone that has your back'" Standing up and slideing the filled glasses over he continues "But there are times your also afraid. If you decide to get someone to help you of them getting hurt. Either someone getting to them if there civilian or there family or if there masks someone finding out who they are under the mask and getting them". Paul back's off and leans against wall behind bar arms folded saying " And theres the question. If you decide to fight that loneleeness and give in and trust someone is it worth the risk. For them for you? And can they be trustworthy." Smileing Paul shrugs his shoulders "My answer? Wont know till you try but it can be good to know that there is someone out that that has your back"
  9. Leaning on the bar Paul replys "Unless he gets kidnapped and some crazy good version from a nother dimenshion takes over pretending to be him me neither" Chuckles Paul gets back up saying "Anyone need toped up? Next rounds on me. Opening day special and you got me in a good mood with all this craic"
  10. shakeing his head Paul says "Hench the reason I decided to start up again and help in Paragon. Theres just so much going on and so much help needed. Especilly by this Lord Reculese. We heard about him in belfast. Through the news and on street. When I first heard of him I had started to ask around. No one of the normal thugs would even acknowledge him. One guy started to shake so hard at his name there wa s a litterly yellow puddle at his feet runing down his leg. Hes bad news that one"
  11. Nodding his head Paul reply's "You can say that again. With new lives come new experances. Some of them bad but a lot of them good. Also comes with new friends to meet and make I say"
  12. Shakeing his head he says "Partily. Cop got blown up and I got framed. Managed to clear myname but not all the cops believed I was truely innocent. They never caught the guy who did it. I came to paragon for a fresh start and to try and help with the problems I heard were here". Closeing his eyes Paul chuckles "And the pub here was just a bonus. I always wanted to own a pub so I thought what they hey gives me something to do when im off the clock"
  13. Smileing Paul nods Nikeva for the complament "Thank you we try to stay our best round here bar wise" Listening in he niods his head replying "That skulls case reminds me of what i just told Libra before you walked in. Worked this drugs case in belfast against some drug pushing palamilitary's. Just be carefull as that did not end well for me"
  14. #Smileing Paul Extends his hand to Nikieva sayin# When this place closes up and im on the clock offically Madra Rua
  15. #Nofing his head Paul replys# "Yeah kbow that feeling all to well. Hope it works out ok for you
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