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  1. Allright!!! Was wondering when holiday events start and its starting with my favourite holiday.... HALLOWEEN!!!
  2. Well i got one slot for civilian. Other slots I thought id be inspired by the bat and am working on costumes for differnt rp situations for my hero. Ive allready got a stealth suit designed and am working on ideas for say a winter camo costume and trying to come up with ideas for otehrs
  3. and one last note... i never mentioned reporting anyone. Only ones i would ever report are ones who genuinely grief in game or any other mmo i play just to either annoy ruin or destroy the game for others
  4. I didn't mean to come of antagonistic... I have a hard time explaining thoughts and feelings thanks to my asphergers. I meant was that ive just seen a few players having what i thought was just a thrown together toon with whatever name and at times found it annoying.. when it comes to my toons in any mmo rp wise or D&D wise yes ill admit i can be a little ocd when createing backgrounds for them and maybe a little perfiectionist. If I had offended anyone once more I deeply apologie and ill leave it there with this post. I did not mean to cause any anger or offence whatsoever
  5. ok ill give you that. ive just had a bad experience with people making random characters in mmo games and just gone and tried to take over rp and ruin the game for everyone. I apologies for the content of the argument i was making. It was worded wrong and explained wrong in the opinion of this player
  6. im not holding them up for creativity and origonality in any form what soever my point was that they own the ip for the main heroes in there comics and would legally have the right to take up the likes of homecoming for ip infringement for charecters created on there server that are copys of charecters that they own. This was the origonal argument of marvel V Nc Soft. and as for your second post im talking about those who create charecters on the server and do not try and take the time to really put any thought into there charecters
  7. Im actually gonna have to agree with the team on this stance. Legally homecoming is still in a grey area while talks with NCsoft are still ongoing and right now we cant afford to have the likes of disney who now own marvel to cast there gaze upon us. There lawyers and marvels together are like a scale of Galactis and you know what disney are like with things that are there's. Same with publishers like DC or Zenscope. And before you go saying this will never happen it has before when NC Soft owned CoH and had that huge lawsuit with Marvel over the same issue. Besides to me when i see others copy heroes from comics and go's around pretending there them and not macho its like there taking the lazy route and not haveing an ounce of creativity. Like us that come up with an idea try to find a name not used back ground hide out how we play the character etc etc. People like that dont have that much respect as someone who created there idea either from inspiration and made there own or from scratch
  8. im talking about a deeper form of registration here country wide. in the city of heroes comics it mentions that in a different part of America there is a differnt form of regulation due to a commit. As for the lgbt thing it was a demonstration of just how invasive a lot of registration can be these days as i have heard storys of similar thing happening in real life unfortunately. As for the hero in this scenario yes he was contacted by the cops but chose like the new warriors in the comics not to go with the intel and get in over his head just for the glory thinking he could handle it when in all effect sadly he could not
  9. ooc: Ok here goes. Marvel civil war 1 comic nook series. Those that dont know after a disaster involving untrained reality show heros and some super villans resulting in the deaths of a lot of people including 60 kids the government passes an act that when made into law says that heros have to register ALL details with the goverment. Name age hero id and who they are behind the mask. As you can imagine it did not go down well with some. Im a huge fan of this and ever since homecomeing went live it has me wondering what would happen if this happened all over America in the world of city of heroes? What would cause this and how would heroes react? So this is the only answer to what i can think of. An rp debate by all of the characters we play to debate the pros cons of this as well as what maybe the outcome. Im not going to say outright what side my character is on just yet. I want to hear all sides of this argument first. So heres the scenario. Kings row. A new hero has just taken down a small number of clock work. but based in bad intel he never bothered to research he never realized that one of them had a built in bomb that the police were notified about and had asked him to stay away till the bomb squad got there but he never listens. When it went off took out a packed school play ground as well as half a block including the hero. Time skip two months. the registration act has been passed. this act entails ALL heroes register and be drafted to work for the government. Every details is asked. Name age ethnic back ground are they lgbt and who they are under the mask. As you can imagine this does not go down well with everyone. A number of heroes call for a debate before this bill goes live and is passed into law and the Paragon mayor and council offer the use of the council chambers for this debate... This is where the story begins rp: Madra Rua walked into city hall. This debate had been rumored for a while among the super community as well as the bill it represented. The kings row massacre was the name given to this bomb and that idiot rookie attempting to do the job himself and not wait for back up has been the straw that broke the camels back. Some supported this registration act while other's opposed it. He had decided to not say a word until he had heard both sides of this debate. Walking inside the chambers he looks around to see if anyone else had arrived and goes to sit down at one of the councilor seats waiting for others to arrive
  10. I didn't get much into city of heroes when it first came out. I wanted to but could int at the time until it went free to play. I started to play close enough to he shutdown and was over the moon when I heard of the comeback. I am a huge comic book fan. Ive played other super hero mmo's but to me they never felt the same as C.O.H. With the customizable options for your hero as well as the mission editor where missions can be made like something straight out of a marvel movie or comic book I immediately jumped on. Ive got two certain homes online. World of Warcraft (FOR THE ALLIANCE) and C.O.H. And I say to the homecoming team thank you and keep up the great work and good luck with the negotiations. And if things do go belly up with the negotiations and some way the hammer falls well... they thought they could being us down once and well.... were still here. Paragon fell once and rose like a phoenix im sure it will raise again
  11. ok im going to throw my two cents in on this argument..... in a way i can agree with the ip logging thing and in a way i cannot. Both ways can be abused but let's look at the issue for before we go for against. A few years back I read of a program the feds were ruining in which a bunch of them were playing warcraft during office hours. Why you might ask? To try and catch chatter from terrorists that do secret chatting between them. Laugh if you must but I have been into computers since I was a boy thanks to my father and kept up to date in computer security theories and attacks by hackers online and so forth but A number of years ago I got to thinking this could be possible. I mean who would expect a guy from say isis who preachers against outsiders and there influence to secretly meet in the lions pride in goldshire with his buddy and have a private coded chat with his Buddy on the other side of the world. except I was thinking they would use more like private game servers such like the run we all play on here. Lot harder to identify and track as they are not run by one huge corporation server. Should this happen or anything else distinctly like drug deals and so forth i agree there ips should be tracked and if caught handed over to the cops as well as chat laws. But only if the cops can prove to the admins of that server without a doubt the player name and evidence something is going on. How ever to the part about it being abused. Say you had these ip's and chat logs of say a wealthy well off player happily married and he was caught doing some #ahem# role play with a female player. Or as the saying goes that beautiful girl you see online could be a beautiful man playing one offline lol. Now im not saying nor accusing the home comeing team of this im just saying that say in future you had one bad gm in the bunch. Now he somehow got a hold of these logs and tracked down said married man with his ip address and threatened to black mail him? Or worse. im just making an argument for the prospect of against the logging. That and it would intrude on a holy hell of a number of things privacy concerns chat logging. either way you look at it its a very very very fine line that has to be balanced carefully and one slip could pose a hell of a lot of problems not only for the one that crossed it but our server in general
  12. aaaah ok thanks was just wondering about it.
  13. KINGSROW BUGLE GANG VIOLENCE ON RAISE WITH NEW SUPER WEAPONS AND DRUGS HITTING THE ROW Gang violence recently has started to rise all along kings row. From mass fights breaking out amoungest small time gangs to drive by shootings and bombings. So far officly there has been no explanation for this so called all out war amoungest the gangs. Unofficially word amoungst some information brokers is that a new wave of street level drugs seem to be arriving via smugglers as of late and each of the gangs are looking for a piece of the action in order to get up in the ranks and be re consed. But drugs it seems are not the only things being smuggled in. Weapons as well. From the basic automatic shot gun to high powered rifles that shoot lasers. When asked for a comment the police chief denied such rumors were true but added @If there is any truth to those rumors however we would be acting on them immediately and shut down this pipeline of drugs and weapons. We have also increased our presence on the streets of kings row in order to hopefully stop at least some of the violence". If what happened though soon after words is any indication that they have a way yet to go with this problem as the police chief then took a phone call then excused himself from his office. Thanks to a hot tip it was found that there was a warehouse that had just been destroyed internally on kings row filled with weapons and drugs. All workers in the warehouse were founds unconcise and bound which what makes suggesting that some one gave them a beating. Only clue found at the scene was a card with a insignia of what apperd to be a fox and a crimson Arrow lodged into the wall behind the workers. Is this a new hero come to kings row or just a mercenary hired by others gangs to disrupt the pipeline of weapons going to other gangs and redirect it to there own.
  14. I was going through my city of heros file recently and found a text file that was a log of a private conversation between a freind and myself and was surprised as it had the conveaersation word for word
  15. Skyeye Also thank you for your service. I just saw this post after making the last post. I am so sorry to hear of your son. I knew a vetern once. Only got talking to him once or twice but he was married to a dear friend I consider a second mother to me. He died of cancer offical but unofficaly docs said it was probobly the agent orange in vietnam as thats where he saw action but like everything with the iraq war syndrome it was proveing it. I agree with your statement about all these wars but its profit at the end of the day for weapons companys and there mates in washington that are payed off that are a major part of the problem. that and resources. Ben Franklin once said "there can be no freedom without responsibility" And with the way the government in America currently is especially the fool of a president that is so true at the moment. Half of them are to focused on getting rid of him that to me there forgetting the bigger picture of the needs of the country. Its always about who gets that famous white house office first and were better than you. Well I say this. The public that are out there trying to fix there problems with homeless, vets, those who operate free clinics, helping the poor and deprived, Steping in and helping someone in need as well as the first responders are the real responsible ones and truly know the value and price of freedom and not just the power hungry and those that chase nothing but the almighty dollar. Sorry for the rant
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